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Femaleplaything9 45M
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6/17/2020 11:55 pm

My lips weren’t made for kissing.
I fear they’ve forgotten how most times
It’s been years
since I practiced
speaking the language
of bodies
of heated palms and parted lips
of skin on skin

Would you be willing relearn with me?
Spend long nights with
our heads bowed over foreign textbooks
I promise add
my knowledge yours
if you promise<b> stroke
</font></b>my spine
whisper and gasp this language
as it comes back me

I’ve never pulled an all-nighter
study a subject
but I swear
that learn this language
I’ll meet with you
every night
like there’s an exam the next day

I’ll spend hours on each sound
whole days on single words
mouthing my way
until I’ve memorized
that week’s vocabulary
then go just a bit longer,
never hurts be sure,
just in case I’ve missed something

I’ll use my tongue as a highlighter
brightening spots
I never want to forget
with color that rises
from beneath your skin
and revisit them often
to make sure
they stick in my memory

And when we need to run through the lists
we can press our lips
(to make sure we’re
pronouncing it right)
We may even
have to keep it up
for hours
to get the whole list right
until we’re entirely in sync.

Everyone knows it takes years
to learn a new language
but I’d sacrifice decades
to be fluent
in you.

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