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Baby Girl  

Fila_boxLion 30M
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9/8/2021 3:54 pm
Baby Girl

Baby girl loves begging for cum but she can’t because daddy’s hand is around her throat. She squirms and begs with her hands wrapped behind her legs and gasps no more, but<b> daddy </font></b>knows what baby girl likes. He overpowers her with his passion and her gasps become moans of glory from her past as he continues to have his way. “Daddy needs to concentrate baby girl, just be good and stay put.” Daddy has no desire to cum for her yet,<b> daddy </font></b>will do what<b> daddy </font></b>wants at this time. He continually monitors his frequencies and as he is full to the tip, his motion slows, with his dick hard as a rock,<b> daddy </font></b>searches for baby girls softest and deepest spots. The ones that make her crave. He can see that baby girl is lethargic with frustration but that’s what<b> daddy </font></b>likes. He feels energized and needs to fulfil her cravings. He gradually increases his speed so as not to give into her intensity. This is not easy for<b> daddy </font></b>but he knows he needs more out of her so he pulls out.

His dick Flexed hard as ever, he calms his internal warmth but she looks angry and that get<b> daddy </font></b>going even more. He falls right back on her and smothers her face with his shoulder. “Baby girl, put me back in, he says in frustration.” baby girl can hardly move with all of<b> daddy </font></b>on her but she manages to slide it back in. This time<b> daddy </font></b>wants to treat baby girl. “How is this for you?”, he asks as he fuck her with his hips. She loves it and she feels in perfection but<b> daddy </font></b>knows better. He knows baby girl is always ready for more so he tells her, “Its ok baby girl, we’ll use your mouth soon.” Daddy loves to be in baby girls pussy but he knows she needs more.

“lets compromise daddy, Its your turn now”, she says. Daddy is Flattered but this just intensifies his instinctive desires. He has to climb through her curves to find her glorious mouth. Once filled with gospel, its tragic to see that now its nothing but a place holder for daddy’s cock. Daddy is cautious but he doesn’t feel her energy so he pumps his cock more rapidly but still not enough. “lets see what she can handle”,<b> daddy </font></b>thinks. With his dick around baby girls lips, he lightly slaps her face to arouse her emotions. This reminds her that<b> daddy </font></b>is going to take control. Baby girl opens wide thinking to satisfy all of daddy’s desires while he slowly forces his dick down her throat to find her edge before he begins face fucking baby girl with force, “this is all for you baby girl”,<b> daddy </font></b>says. What<b> daddy </font></b>really wants is for baby girl to scream his name when he releases in her pussy so he is motivated even further to continue monitoring his pulses.

Now that baby girl has had her fill,<b> daddy </font></b>can now do what<b> daddy </font></b>does best. Now<b> daddy </font></b>has all the time in her world to caress her emotions but<b> daddy </font></b>wants to cum. Daddy grabs baby girl by her armpits and throws her to her back. He can see the dismay in her eyes but<b> daddy </font></b>has things under control. Daddy grunts as he says “Daddy’s going to cum in you baby girl, are you ready?” She wants it all and she’s ready now. “Cum please<b> daddy </font></b>cum for me now”, she moans, “I need your cum daddy, please.” Daddy, full with cum, asserts to baby girl, “I want to, and I will but<b> daddy </font></b>want to suck your tits now, baby girl”. As she least expects it, with her face is full of desire, he release fitting his cock as deep as it can go. Daddy’s dick throbbing sporadically, She screams as her passion flows down daddy’s balls. Still clinched to baby girls tits,<b> daddy </font></b>remains on top giving her every last bit. Her moans turn into a smirk because she knows that<b> daddy </font></b>just had his way. Daddy likes that and he slowly gathers himself to see his love flow out her cunt. Daddy then polishes her drenched pussy with his hand to make sure to leave her wanting more for next time.

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