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For her  

FireDominant 46M
6 posts
5/13/2021 7:23 am
For her

He made time for her with a long road trip,
help her curios submissive side out;
With a purpose of enabling her lose herself,
From the burdens she tends carried about.

Nerves have welled up inside her,
From her mind straight through her cunt,
Worried if she could ever be enough,
For Him cherish and want.

she unlocks and opens up her front door,
Welcoming Him into her safe little space;
His presence is stoic as if He belongs,
Brushing a hair away from her face.

Tingling runs rampantly between her thighs,
Her robe she subtly adjusts,
Covering up her insecurities,
But His calmness renews her trust.

she approaches him bravely in silence,
He simply gestures toward the floor;
she obediently kneels at His feet,
As if she’s a starving little .

He inspects the gift that she’s offering,
Saying never a word;
Firmly gripping her by the the hair,
she then rises as if she’s spurred.

He strips her robe with purpose,
she feels His strength from groping her breasts;
Without a hint of hesitation,
He grips her between her legs.

she pleasurably moans at the mighty grip,
That He’s exuding upon her twat;
she’s saturated from his sudden assertion,
Begging Him verbally “please don’t stop”.

As lightning He turns and bends her over,
An are handed spank with authority,
“You will learn not to speak out of turn”
His thunderous whisper spoken Dominantly.

Needing to be resiliently fucked,
Dripping with her own enthusiasm;
Next thing she knows she is on her back,
Throat fucking Him towards orgasm.

His load erupts and gushing,
He quakes a rumbling roar,
Flipping her over He fucks her,
With an intensity she has not felt before.

Swallowing the cum that He gave her,
Tits bouncing from His relentless assault;
Ravaging everything she has offered,
In His ability she finds not a fault.

His hand on her throat as he’s thrusting,
she squirts with an internal shriek;
Not resigning as she continually cums,
Breaking her cunt with His manly physique.

her mind becomes melted and malleable,
her body now battered and swollen and sore;
Still feeling the grip that he had on her throat,
Stunned that He seems thirsty for more.

But her long night is simply beginning,
she will learn that it must be this way;
The freeing of her mind through submission,
her body burdens the price be paid.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
5/13/2021 10:10 am

I Surrender..xoxo

FireDominant 46M
1 post
5/13/2021 1:14 pm

Author51.... you are speaking my language! 😉

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