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Phrases of endearment  

FireDominant 46M
6 posts
5/13/2021 8:48 am
Phrases of endearment

I reviewed her sexy profile, if looks could kill; she’d give me a fate worse than death, she’d have found my Achilles heel.

This diamond in the rough, so beautiful and so bold; but reflecting upon old lessons, all that glitters is not gold.

The stars aligned in my favor, she made an offer I couldn’t refuse; arousing both of my heads deliberately, with ease in one fell swoop.

she invited me to come see her, it was better late than never; between a rock and a hard place, whatever made her wetter.

Between you and me and the bedpost, she was horny beyond a shadow of a doubt; her panties brand<b> spanking </font></b>new, created to more than arouse.

Hesitance began to subside, as passionate kisses broke the ice; burying my head in her sand, her body arriving on cloud nine.

her mind began deeply racing, thinking it wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat; this mans skill must be kept top secret, no reason to let the cat out of the bag.

He obviously knew shit from Shinola, as she cummed and squirted and writhed; her orgasm piquing in the red, finishing in the nick of time.

He entered her with authority, relentlessly laying it on thick; her left hand didn’t know what her right hand was doing, as she came again lickety-split.

He came in her as if never before, with a shot heard ‘round the world; without a shadow of a doubt she was tickled pink, her tensions completely unfurled.

Agreeing to make this a thing, I mean seriously, what’s not to like?; redefining all terms of endearment, of things that go bump in the night.

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