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FireDominant 46M
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5/6/2021 1:30 pm

Just clearing the doorway,
We engaged in sexual kiss;
She quickly soaked her panties,
In anticipation of much more bliss.

She drops her panties ever so quick,
As we melt our mouths together;
Groping and grinding in longing lust,
As if I’ve been gone for forever.

Telling her she knows what to do,
As I grab her panties from the floor;
She straightforward heads to her bed,
Like the hungriest of whores.

she lies upon her back,
Holding her legs open wide;
Opening her mouth as if I’d demanded,
I shove her panties deep inside.

With my mouth I feast her nectar,
She nourishes me from her twat;
Soaking my face with her sweet desire,
I take it without second thought.

Ravaging what she has submitted,
With fingers that her favorite tune;
Gushing she’s ready take all,
From my cock that she insatiably swoons.

needs rope when I can bind her,
In the strength of a one handed grip?
Vulnerable she lays and begs for me,
use more than just the tip.

She quits counting when she cums,
her orgasms now measured in liters;
Mounting her like it’s the wild wild west,
Our rhythm could not be any sweeter.

The downfall of having a quickie,
Is one party tends be left suffer;
No time for me cum in her,
Next time I’ll have rougher.

pleasure_nymph 51F
3 posts
5/6/2021 5:14 pm

Ok I’m wet

author51 59F  
130010 posts
5/6/2021 11:05 pm

Wonderfully erotic read..Thanks for sharing it..

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