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Meet & Greet Defeats  

Fortpaul 46M
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10/10/2020 10:15 am
Meet & Greet Defeats

I am real, my photos are accur and I am the level with whomever I make contact with, but like the rest of 2020, the meet and greets have been disastrous and the quality has slipped. It also gets irritating for me remain polite and not blast someone things in the moment. I am also a few hundred into fuel, drinks, and even reservations plus precious time with no positive experience, so I need to vent a spell. Enjoy. Learn. Be the one that breaks through.

Some pro tips that win you a testimonial instead of blog rant list

1. Use current photos. From this century even. I get it if it's for reference, but if you lead with that only, it's misleading. I'm not Shallow Hal. However it won't take Sherlock Homes or even Larry Holmes to figure out if you are as wide as you are tall. Even a 10 minute stroll through a liquor store was not going to locate a bottle to time travel that night.

2. Please don't use the photo filter gadgets. Similar sentiment. Yeah, phone apps are cool, but my eyes don't have that program. It makes for a great photo, but a total letdown when you inflate and deflate parts on the photo that just don't match real life. No, it's not a clever camera angle.

3. Show and reasonably on time. No shows suck (figuratively) especially if it follows a couple reschedules. Late shows disrupt a good vibe. Late show couple with a leave early notice, on what planet? It's even worse with the mask era because I have look and guess even further and have the hapless masked expression..

4. Shave your legs. Seriously, dafuq?

5. Wash your ass. Things I thought I would never type. Understandable throw a discernable musk from the front for potential heat. Throwing smell of ass?

6. Put down the phone. If we aren't filming or broadcasting, consider being in the moment. It's not Adult Fone Finder.

7. Ample is Christina Hendricks from Mad Men give or take, not 2nd season Roseanne Barr.

8. Stay on your meds/take your meds. Hot flashes on arrival coupled with a winding and neglected medical history really chase away the urge to rev your motor any further and introduce EMT workers into the<b> fantasy.</font></b>

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