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My Tattoo  

FoxtrotCalling 53M
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6/12/2021 4:50 pm
My Tattoo

I decided to get a tattoo when I was about 35. Over ten years later, I decided on exactly what would be permanently inked to my skin. I didn’t want to be cavalier with my body, the tattoo had to have deep personal meaning for me.
The first decision that was made was what type of image the tattoo would be. I chose a monkey. I was born at the very beginning of the 1968 Year of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac. That also makes me an Aquarius. While I don’t religiously follow astrology, I can connect with the traits various sources assign to the signs. I love that most sources describe both Aquarius and Monkey as advanced and intelligent. I like to think that these words describe me. Other words describing these signs are: creative, curious, humanitarian, positive, compromising, empathetic yet very competitive. However, some criticisms about these signs are: mischievous, playful, stubborn, “apart” and very naughty.
As I was doing research, I wondered if I exhibited many, if not all, of these traits throughout my life, or if maybe once I learned these attributes I started acting them out. At this point, I’m convinced that it is more the former than the latter.
So, some kind of Aquarius Monkey would be the image to adorn my body. But, what does that like?’ Years of research of other tattoos, cultural iconography and symbolic representations went into the decision. Finally, between all of the images that I saw from other sources and that I worked to create with artists, I chose to create an adaptation of a pre-Colombian monkey image from Central/South America.

Once we had the basis for my tattoo, I made some adaptations so that it was more a reflection of me. First, it had to be thicker. I wanted my tat to be very visible. I also smoothed the legs and the arms.
On the head, I made the eyes forward, representing my awareness and vision for the future, as well as my curious nature.

I also made the tongue more pronounced, representing my conversational self and the fact that I like to eat pussy. Finally, on the head, the crown represents the kinky-ness of my hair if I were to let it grow.
I adapted the hands to make them open.

They symbolize that I am ready to receive a friend, shake a hand, enter an embrace, or caress a body or body parts.
The sexual area also underwent some adaptation.

You’ll see the representation of the dangling penis actively intertwined with the vaginal opening and in the womb. I made the penis thicker. I wanted to make that more visible for my love of sex and vaginal penetration. It also represents my fatherhood.
I made the feet open to signify my strength and leverage.

With the toes open like that, I can become rooted to the earth or stand firm on my convictions and values.
The tail area is the fun part. It was also the most painful part of the tattoo as it gets close to my nipple.

My nipple right at the junction of the leg and the tail, I call that the monkey’s asshole. Originally, I wanted the ink closer to my nipple, but the artist told that it would be very painful if the needles were that close to my sensitive nipples. So, we placed the image where it is. Even that close/far away, I teared up when the needles went in. I barely breathed at all. It hurt like hell.
Anyway, when I am with an intimate partner, I tell her the monkey story. The story is that when the monkey shows itself, it demands tribute. She will have to lick/suck the monkey’s asshole. Personally, I don’t really enjoy my own ass to be licked, I do like it when the monkey’s asshole gets attention.
So, for those who asked about my tattoo and what it symbolizes, that is the story.

I have decided that I will get a few more tattoos. One will signify my other sign, Aquarius. I think I want to have a fox represented, like my handle on AdultFriendFinder.

Do you have any tattoos with special significance to you?

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