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Posted:Jan 1, 2016 2:56 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2018 3:49 am
The Motel Cuckold, MistressTina's Bitches

The Motel - December 2015

I pulled into the entrance of the motel and walked over to the room that my Domme had ordered me to go to. I knocked on the door and she cracked it open before letting me in. She said “Put this blindfold on before you come in. I did as she ordered and then she grabbed my silver chain neck collar and yanked me into the room. She then announced that her Hubby had gotten her this room and left after satisfying her like a REAL man could.
She told me to strip naked and after I did so she pushed me down onto the bed. “Here
take this from my
hand and put it on”. I stretched my arm outward and felt her put my thickest stainless steel cock collar in my hand. “From now on whenever I tell you to put this on it will be your silent signal from me telling you that you will not be allowed to cum until I tell you that you may take it off”. I put this thick collar on in addition to the one that was already on as I am required to ALWAYS wear one that looks like a silver beaded woman’s bracelet and is adorned by her tag declaring me her property. I felt her move onto the bed and she said for me to open my mouth. I did so and she pushed a very thick dildo down into my mouth. She said “Take it all it little boy. You are going to have to get used to this for tonight”. I felt her push it into me and as it got to the back of my throat I began to gag a little, which made her chuckle. “Is that too big for you? That’s too bad” and with that pushed the rest of it down my throat. She slid it in and out for awhile and then left it deep in me as she moved off the bed and evidently went to her toy bag. She then proceeded to put my wrist and ankle restraints and my thick leather neck collar on me. She then clipped the wrist restraints onto the collar to limit my arm movement.

“There, now you won’t be able to move so much now. You were a few minutes late getting here and so I will have to punish you to let you know I will not accept this behavior!” She flipped me over so that my ass was completely exposed to her and suddenly felt strong stinging pain as her paddle found its target. The loud “whack” it made reinforced the fact that she was giving me a good paddling for being tardy. She stopped after only 5 whacks and I was overjoyed that she had stopped so quickly. I felt coldness at my ass as she started to put cold lubricant onto and in my rectum. I realized she was about to penetrate me with her strap on cock. But instead she pushed a thick butt plug into me and said “This is to get you used to the size you are going to have to take when I’m ready for you to service him.”

Him? What him? I shook with embarrassment to realize that we must not be alone and that some man was evidently watching me be used like this by her. I was restrained, being paddled for being a bad little boy and now had a butt plug rammed up my ass by a woman.OMG, he watched me as she forced me to suck her dildo too! I’m sure the guy was having a great time watching my distress at the hands of a woman. WHACK! Oh gawd, she had started my little boy’s spanking again and even though I could not see it the stinging told me that my ass cheeks must be glowing in a cherry red by now. I could hear the man as he quietly laughed at me. I’m sure both sets of my cheeks were cherry red by now- my face from embarrassment and my butt from her paddle. The stinging was almost unbearable coupled with the plug stretching my rear end. After nearly 2 dozen smacks, she finally stopped and agreed with the man that I looked pretty cute and that she loved making me feel like an embarrassed little sissy. I felt her painfully yank the butt plug out of me as she told the man “Turn him over and you can have him suck you while I fuck him with my strap on cock”. I felt hands on my right side as I was suddenly flipped over. They both laughed as she said “Look! We have made him all hot and bothered and his tiny dicky has a little baby erection!” I felt hands on my penis as I was stroked to full erection and a single time of it going into a mouth and then it was left alone for me to feel my hardness slowly ebb away. I could detect movement on the bed as they both got into their desired positions. “Spread your legs and lift them” she spoke sharply to me. I did as ordered and felt her cock at the entrance to my asshole. With no concern for my comfort at all, she simply thrust the cock into me. As she adjusted herself for her best comfort and angle to penetrate me I felt her push hard as it slid up deep into me. I whimpered from the pain and as I opened my mouth doing so, the man spread my lips open even further as his dick slid past them and entered into my mouth.

I gave a half-hearted act of struggle to this to make him feel like he was sexually forcing himself upon me but the truth is that I was incredibly excited to have a man’s erect cock in my mouth to service, I heard him let out a long moan as he told my Domme that this was going to be a fucking great blow job. His cock was only 5 or 6 inches long but oh so thick. At least it’s not her HubbyI thought to myself, that would be so much more embarrassing than a stranger. His cock was longer and slimmer than what slid in and out of my mouth right now. I whimpered again as if I were begging him to take his cock out even though that was the last thing I wanted. I slid my tongue along his shaft giving him that much more intense a feeling as he pumped in and out of me. I heaved a deep sigh and he evidently felt that was a signal of resignation from me and he sank his cock as deep into me as possible and held it there for awhile letting his libido grow stronger as his cock felt me licking it lustily.

My Domme was groaning loudly as she fucked my ass. She moved in and out of me at a quickening pace. The pain she inflicted on me was there but not as bad now and the excitement from having this thick anonymous cock in my mouth seemed to help wash away some of that pain from below. The man had started moving his shaft in and out my mouth again and he was moaning with intense lust. My Domme was saying in a quiet but intense voice “Oh gawd I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”. The man started pumping my mouth furiously when he heard her say that. She pounded me harder and faster as the strapon slid in and out of my butt. Her body went rigid with it planted deep in my ass. Her back arched backward to push the strap-on against her clit even harder and she practically yelled as she groaned “Oh my gawd, I’m cumming” and dug her nails into my chest until her orgasm slowly subsided. She grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard hurting me badly. This made me whimper loudly and this evidently put my male lover over the edge as my lips and tongue felt his thick cock throb in a deep intense orgasm. That throbbing cock started pumping his thick warm cum into my mouth. His massive cock, and his cum soon filled my mouth. “Don’t swallow yet!” my Domme hissed at me. I whimpered in compliance. My male lover kept his cock in my mouth as he moaned in satisfaction at having given me his load of semen. I felt a few more random throbs as he pumped what was left of his warm man cream into my mouth and his beautiful shaft slowly went soft. He finally withdrew my new love object, his cock, much to my disappointment.

“Open your mouth and show me his cum! I want to make sure you really satisfied him enough!” my Domme growled at me. I opened my mouth but there was so much cum in it that some dribbled off my tongue as I showed her my prize. She said “Okay, you may swallow it now”. I swished it around in my mouth and tasted it greedily once more before finally allowing it to ooze down my throat. She took her finger and caught what had dribbled out of my mouth and wiped some of it on my forehead and then pushed her finger in my mouth making me lick it clean. “Be very gentle and lick all his yummy cum off his cock. When my real man here tells you it’s okay, I want you to lick and suck him until he’s nice and hard again. He has just the kind of cock I like to fuck. I am going to allow you to hear us fucking but your blindfold is staying in place. I felt hands on my balls and my erect penis. The hand on my balls was obviously my Domme but I soon found out that the hand on my little dick was his. “That’s it, stroke it slowly so it frustrates him. If he tries to stroke into your hand then take your hand away and I will slap his balls. It felt so good to have them both giving me their attention and making my cock jump with pleasure. But at the same time the frustration just got that much worse especially as the thick collar drew tight around my penis and balls. I felt it constrict as I swelled up, almost painfully so. It reminded me that I would not be cumming, I moaned in pleasure and forgetting myself I arched my back so that I could pump my dick deeper into his hand. He suddenly let go and then I felt my Domme’s hand leave as well. Monstrous waves of pain surged through my body as she slapped my balls letting me know I had done wrong. “You dare to disobey me, especially in front of company?” She hit me 4 more times each time causing me to raise my legs and curl up in pain as if to protect myself from another slap. Each time hands roughly pushed my legs back down as the next slap smacked into my balls. I cried openly and felt embarrassed knowing a man was watching me cry. “You should have accepted the pleasure you were being given and not tried to have more. That collar will be staying on you for two more weeks now. After that insolence your duty to be allowed to cum will be sucking 3 men and being fucked by one”. What happens tonight will not count toward that. I whined in disappoint and that brought another laugh from the man as she hit my balls much harder this time bringing tears to my blindfolded eyes.

I felt movement on the bed and felt the man’s soft cock fall upon my lips. I whimpered in a feigned opposition to his sexual advances. I knew I would be doing all the sucking and licking, which was nice in and of itself but that my Domme would be getting his cum as she took his then erect cock into her pussy to be fucked to satisfaction by him. I served him as he expected and in a servile act rapidly opened my mouth and with a sucking action took his flaccid cock inside. Air hissed past his cock as he slipped inward and my lips closed down around him. “Oh yes, baby, take it deep and run your tongue along my cock like you did the last time. I clamped down tightly on his cock so he couldn’t move it and then moved my tongue along his now hardening length. He moaned in pleasure as I did so and I felt his shaft thicken as well as grow toward the back of my mouth. I started to bob up and down on his now turgid pipe and he groaned even loader. “That’s it you cum hungy boi bitch. You want some more of my sperm? I’ll give it to you good!’

“Okay, that sounds like you’ve had enough of his mouth for now. Get off him and come give me that cock of yours. I want you to fuck me until I cum good and hard” my Domme ordered him. He practically jumped off me and out of my mouth in his anticipation of getting to spread her legs and push his cock shaft into her hoping to stroke it into her hot pussy fast and hard. He climbed between her now open legs and aimed his body and raging hard shaft toward her pussy. Then she pushed him back with one of her legs and said “Oh no, not until you lick me until I’m really nice and high first”. He dropped down into a prostrate position and moved his face toward her pussy. She told him to push his tongue as deep into her as he could. I heard her moan as she said “Ooh yes, that’s nice. Now lick downward on my clit very gently and then push it back into me each time if you want to put your cock into to me too. Oh yeah! Good boy! Keep doing that until I tell you that you can stop”. I heard his licking and tongue fucking her and her praises as he did as he was directed. His lust for fucking her had him doing anything she wanted him too. Her breathing became deeper and more labored and she finally she cried out “Oh gawd you bastard get that fucking cock of yours in my pussy and fuck me hard!” I heard quick movements on the bed as she groaned in ecstasy at his penetration, slowly pushing open her pussy lips with his fleshy hardness, and then fast rhythmic movements as he slammed his fuck stick into her tight pussy quickly and as deeply as he could. They both moaned loudly nearly screaming at each other about how good their fucking was. I felt the bed moving and that was enough for my penis to harden again. I was still unable to reach myself to play with my penis so I could not stroke it or even watch as their bodies writhed in orgasmic delight. I felt a hand grab my cock and stroke me hard- almost to the point of pain but my body reacted as I was brought nearly to the point of orgasm. I knew I had to hold it back as I was pleasured and tortured at the same time. The hand finally left and somehow I managed to cool down without shooting my cum all over myself. I still have no idea if that hand belonged to my male lover or my Domme.

She suddenly screamed “I cumming you fucker! Fuck me harder! He shouted I’m cumming too! Both were groaning and swearing in ecstasy as their naked sweating bodies froze and he pumped his cum deep into her lusting cum hungry pussy. I felt his body collapse onto her as he kept his cock deep in her pussy until finally going limp.

As he rolled off of her she slowly regained her composure and then heard her say to me. “Well little boi, did you like hearing us fucking? Did you have fun joining us? I bet you’d love to be allowed to cum right now wouldn’t you?” And then she laughed, rather wickedly. I knew my cum would be staying inside my balls tonight. No cumming for her little subby boi this time. I whimpered a reply that I’d like to cum too but she just scornfully laughed at me. “You want some more sex? Fine - then lick my pussy nice and clean so you get all his cum and then suck his cock clean too. When you’re done with that we’re going to sleep for awhile. Now get off the bed and go lay in a corner somewhere out of our way. When we wake up I’ll do YOUR job and suck him nice and hard for you so he can fuck that little boi pussy ass of yours!”

“Just think about it little boi, you know the man who you pleasured tonight. And you see him on a fairly regular basis. Now you’ll flush with embarrassment anytime a man smiles at you and says hi. You’ll wonder if he was the man that watched you lustfully suck a dildo, get a good spanking and that you also sucked off and who then came in your ass filling it with cum too!”

The End


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