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Any takers?  

Fuckmenow_007 38M
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5/23/2020 11:43 pm
Any takers?

Lately I’ve been having a recurring thought. It’s not always the same place (office, classroom, anywhere with a desk), but always the same thing.

Holding her close, pressing her body against mine as I kiss her, my hands grabbing her ass. I feel her against me as I move her back and she presses up against the desk behind her. I slide my hands down, and lift her skirt. My hands drift down slowly over her ass, down further until I can hook my hands under her thighs and lift her onto the desk, spreading her legs wide as I do so.

Here is another difference, sometimes she’s wearing a thong, sometimes simple white cotton panties, and sometimes nothing at all. Whatever it is I drop to my knees and start kissing up her inner thighs, lifting her legs over my shoulders. If she’s wearing her thing or panties I kiss her pussy through the thin fabric before slipping them aside and running my lips and tongue over her wet pussy, if she’s not wearing anything I skip straight to that wonderful moment when my tongue tastes her sweet pussy.

Her legs locked against my back, holding my face against her wet pussy, my tongue alternating between flicking over her clit and darting in and out of her wet hole. My hands slide up over her waist, under her top and over her belly until they find her hard<b> nipples. </font></b>I don’t stop playing with her tight pussy until she cums hard on my tongue, reaching her hands behind my head to hold me over her convulsing pussy (not that she needs to, I don’t want to stop until she cums on my face a few more times).

Eventually I stand up, her legs still over my shoulders as I bring my hard cock rubs up against her waiting pussy. I slip inside her, fucking her good and hard right there on the table. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock as I cum deep inside her cunt. Flipping her over I slide my cock back into her pussy, fucking her from behind with just as much enthusiasm as before. Feeling her push back against me as I slam deeper inside her. We cum together again. Slowly I pull out and we straighten up our clothes.

All this is just in my head, but i really want to bury my face between a woman’s legs, I want to taste her sweet wet pussy, I want tease her clit until she cums on my face, and I want to fuck her hard and deep. Shaved, trimmed, or natural, I don’t care, I just want to satisfy someone’s pussy. Any takers?

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