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A Halloween of a different kind.  

FunPleasurable 56M
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10/31/2018 5:37 pm
A Halloween of a different kind.

She wanted the thrill her Husband couldn’t give.
So she dressed up sexy and waited for me.
I got a Grab and picked her up for lunch.
That’s the time she could only play.
During office hours in the weekday.
Shopping was her excuse.
We went to a cosy quite Japanese restaurant
Tucked in a far corner at an upmarket shopping centre.
We came in after the business people crowds have gone.
1:30pm is when they have to scoot off and that’s when we came
We ordered Teppanyaki with premium wagyu beef and lobster
We were all by our own except for our Teppanyaki Chef.
She whispered into my ear as we made small talk and enjoyed our sashimi.
She pulled my hand to touch between her thighs up her mini black dress.
Nice and smooth and sticky wet.
I rubbed and caressed and then took my fingers out.
And sucked them in front of her satisfied eyes.
She was indeed Horny.
Discreet as possible as we can be, we continued enjoying our lunch.
After lunch, we proceeded to the cinema.
I chose a very movie with a very long run and had the seat a few rows from the front. This cinema had arm rests that can be lifted up so we conviniently lifted them so she could lay down on my lap.
There was no other patron watching this movie.
We were all by ourselves and since it was digital, no one was up at the projector room either.
All fully mechanised.
The movie started and she started to fiddle with my trousers.
She unbuckled my belt and I did my buttons and zip and out sprang my hard cock.
She started licking it and slurping it.
She never had enough and she always wanted more.
We had all two hours of solitude in this cinema for all our fun.
I turned her around and parted her legs and went down on her.
She moaned and pulled my hair urging me on to suck and kiss and lick her.
She convulsed and arched her body and squirted on me. I got on TOP of her and did a missionary with her legs dangled over the chairs.
She love the way I pumped hard, consistently at a certain pace.
Until she urged me to quicken the pace and pound her harder, slamming my groin into hers.
Her pupils dilated as she came a second time.
She was breathless but I continued to pump her as I was not finished yet.
I continued with a constant pace until I detect that she is building up to a massive orgasm. I quickened the pace as I felt my cum is about to release.
She said, take out the condom, I want your seed today. I pulled out the condom and pounded her vigorously and felt her pussy tighten over my cock squeezing spasmodically. She was in her throes and she clawed my back, dug her nails into my back. I grunted and spewed our my seed into her and it slowly dropped out of her very wet sticky pussy.
We continued watching the show naked while I caressed her tits and sometimes stories ther wet dripping pussy. She purred like a kitten satisfied.
Timing the show, with 30 minutes left, we dressed up and exited the cinema, giggling like enjoying the thrill of fulfilling one of her fantasies.
Next time, she wants an audience.
Hhhhmmm.... getting bolder ain’t we?

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LQQK7979 M
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11/8/2018 6:44 pm

Fantastic and well done. Great to see you fulfilling her fantasies

FunPleasurable replies on 11/9/2018 6:09 am:
Thanks. I aim to please my ladies. It’s good to fulfil a deep seated desire in a lady.

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