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Plumbing records
Welcome to my little blog. This is where I share my deranged thoughts in the heat of the moment, usually after clearing some choked pipes. Bathtubs are also my specialty.

Perhaps the fun part of reading my blog is to determine if any of the stories are believable or created from my active imagination, the result of a mind over infused with too much zinc and vitamin C.

I guess I am more valued for my deep tissue muscle relaxing massages. But that is another topic altogether.
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Getting to know you.
Posted:May 2, 2012 8:03 pm
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2018 5:31 pm
Ladies, I am all ears.

If you like a listening ear over a cup of coffee or tea, or some company to watch movies, or even to stroll down the beach to watch the sunset, send me a message so I can contact you.

For free massages, (for women only).... With or without happy endings, do specify your request.

Your comments and contacts will be private and confidential

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Who am I?
Posted:May 2, 2012 10:20 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2014 7:37 pm
To overcome the restriction for some who cannot read my profile, I have taken the liberty to post my profile in here.

I am an athletic Chinese guy with British education and works in USA but now posted in Singapore.

I am easy going, loves to chill out drinking non alcoholic drinks. I refrain from smoking and alcohol as I find them impairing my performance to please you. Instead, you'd find me more at home at the beach or swimming pool completing my endurance swim laps or running 10km to 20km to build up my stamina. I like to watch movies, enjoy sunsets and nice walks on the beach.

As naughty as you'd want me to be, I'd love to use my tongue and fingers to explore all over your body. I will lick you and suck you and tease you at parts of your body you never dreamt you'd feel or considered erogenous.

I like to pleasure you, and focus on you achieving explosive multiple orgasms for hours and hours so that you will feel totally satisfied and exhausted.

So look for me for a great evening. For you ladies who don't want emotional attachments or constant rings and SMS at night, I am discreet.

HNW - Morning Sunrise
Posted:Oct 23, 2013 6:56 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2016 4:57 pm

Having an early sunrise run in the park
No one around in the secluded side.
Adrenaline pumping
Testosterone flooding
Thinking of you a million times over.
And over and over and over.
It is nice to have a passionate time in the thick of the forest.
The lust abound.
The hearts desire.

MMMmmmmmmm the golf course green.
A hole In One.

Come join me now!

A taste from the past
Posted:Dec 29, 2018 7:34 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 11:8 am
A phone call rang.
Two rings and then it stopped.
I looked at my phone and it showed a miss call from a recognisable number.
It’s an old number.

I returned the call.
“Yes? Why did you call me?”
“Need your help!” She said
“What kind of help?” I asked.
“My girlfriend just broke up with her boyfriend and she needed someone to cuddle and sleep over” She replied.
“Can’t any of your other guy friends do that?” I quiried.
“She also wants to be happily satisfied.” She said
“Meaning?” I asked.
“She wants to be fucked senseless and explode into multiple orgasms” She said
“Can’t any of your guy friends do that?” I asked.
“No, not the others. You on the other hand take time to create the mood and desire and make it sensual till the time when you thrusts in, the orgasms are guaranteed” she said.
“What? Me? Come on, you are marketing me beyond what the “product” can deliver. That’s overselling and then you expect the service staff to deliver the impossible” I seriously objected.
“But I told her you will make her cum and cum and cum. And she is expecting you tonight at this address.” She said.
“No, you over promised. Go find another willing guy to help your friend” I said.
“You’d be rewarded with a handsome plumbing contract at a Reno-work of a posh old house that require your expertise and plumbing licence, if you are keen” She baited.

Damn, I knew which project she was referring to and I know she was influential enough to get me on board the lucrative project.

“Okay, you got my attention” I replied.
“Done deal? You deliver your end of the bargain, I’ll deliver mine” She said

So I went to the said address and did what I did. And the lady left a big cheque for me on the side table as she dosed off in her sleep. I cuddled her to sleep until morning. We had breakfast and ended with another passionate time together leaving her gasping and wanting more. I said I needed to work.
(I’ll tell you in another post what’s happened that night, if anyone wants it)

When I got back, I got a contract ready for me to sign and begin work immediately and the project specified that no weekend work can be done on Saturdays and Sundays.

Then I got a message texted to me.
“You are incredible last night and this morning. Will you see me again this weekend?”

I scrutinised the project contract and realised the owner of the home I am renovating is the lady’s.
Seaside escapade - baring ones soul on the beach
Posted:Dec 9, 2018 8:14 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 11:8 am
And the heat is not abating. Despite being in the monsoon season, there is not a drop of precipitation to be had in this area. Bummer. Time to get to the beach and cool off. It’s midnight over here so all is quiet on the beach. And the waves crashing in lulling even the most stray dogs to sleep.

So I got on into the water to enjoy a refreshing warm bath. Very therapeutic as the water retains the heat and the surrounding air cools down.


Here is a picture of how it looks like.
Hot day in a hot country
Posted:Dec 8, 2018 9:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2018 9:23 pm
Yesterday, Saturday was a hot and balmy day. Not a rain cloud in the sky. The day was hot and humid despite the weatherman’s prediction of rain.

So I got me a towel and got me to a nice spot under the waterfalls. Normally when there is a heavy downpour, I won’t even dare come here because the flash floods would rain down logs and boulders but since no rain upstream, it’s a good day to be at the pristine quiet waterfall.

So I jumped in the shallow pool and enjoyed my much beloved cooling soak. It’s so relaxing that I almost dozed off with the constant head massage of the waterfall pounding on my scalp and shoulders.

After a nice half hour soak, it’s time to hop down and find some food to eat.

Hope you like my selfie on the tripod.
Legs in Fishnet
Posted:Nov 24, 2018 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2018 6:17 pm
Was wondering whether it would be nice to feature legs in fishnet?
One must appreciate the hard work one does with this trade.
Especially the early mornings and the tiresome times in the rough seas.
So enjoy some pictures of legs in Fishnet today.

However, if these do not appeal to you, you may consider this instead.
Legs in Fishnet

Hot Saturday!
Posted:Nov 9, 2018 10:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2018 10:46 pm
This morning is hot and sultry.
I got a call to Watten Estate.
Plumbing problem at the pool.
After thinkering for 15 minutes, I got the pump working .
The spa was in full force and the system is working.
She came out in her bathrobe.
And dropped it down on the floor beside the pool.
And she dived headon into the pool.
She has a lovely figure.
25 .
Married and lonely in a big house.
Sometimes for weeks.
So she enjoys her private swim and gym in the house.
She swam over to me and with her finger, invited me into the pool.
I didn’t another second invitation.
I stripped off my overalls and jump into the inviting warm pool.
She came over and kissed me passionately.
Come, make passionate love to me, she urged.
She wrapped her legs around my waist.
My hard cock easily entered her well lubricated pussy.
Her hands holding both my cheeks, she guided my face to a deep and passionate kiss with wet tongues entwined within.
All the while she moved her hips to glide my cock in and out of her pussy.
With each pounding, she bit my lips.
She is in heat and deprived.
She pounded as I grabbed her ass and pulled her in hard.
She gasped for air and her body shivered and her pussy tightened on my hard cock making me explode into her.
The semen mixed with her thick pussy juice slowly leaked out of her pussy.
We went to the shallow end and I lifted her up on the edge and spread her legs and licked her leaking pussy.
I sucked up all the juice and she pulled me up to kiss her and pass her some of our mixed love juice.
We slurped and played with the soft silky semen during our deep kisses.
And then we swallowed and got up and she led me to her bedroom for another cunnilingus and doggie fucking session.

Needless to say, electronic transfer for my plumbing fee with a triple bonus is a happy satisfied housewife until another week of deprivation and I am sure there will be other stuffs to repair.
A Halloween of a different kind.
Posted:Oct 31, 2018 5:37 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2018 3:57 am
She wanted the thrill her Husband couldn’t give.
So she dressed up sexy and waited for me.
I got a Grab and picked her up for lunch.
That’s the time she could only play.
During office hours in the weekday.
Shopping was her excuse.
We went to a cosy quite Japanese restaurant
Tucked in a far corner at an upmarket shopping centre.
We came in after the business people crowds have gone.
1:30pm is when they have to scoot off and that’s when we came
We ordered Teppanyaki with premium wagyu beef and lobster
We were all by our own except for our Teppanyaki Chef.
She whispered into my ear as we made small talk and enjoyed our sashimi.
She pulled my hand to touch between her thighs up her mini black dress.
Nice and smooth and sticky wet.
I rubbed and caressed and then took my fingers out.
And sucked them in front of her satisfied eyes.
She was indeed Horny.
Discreet as possible as we can be, we continued enjoying our lunch.
After lunch, we proceeded to the cinema.
I chose a very movie with a very long run and had the seat a few rows from the front. This cinema had arm rests that can be lifted up so we conviniently lifted them so she could lay down on my lap.
There was no other patron watching this movie.
We were all by ourselves and since it was digital, no one was up at the projector room either.
All fully mechanised.
The movie started and she started to fiddle with my trousers.
She unbuckled my belt and I did my buttons and zip and out sprang my hard cock.
She started licking it and slurping it.
She never had enough and she always wanted more.
We had all two hours of solitude in this cinema for all our fun.
I turned her around and parted her legs and went down on her.
She moaned and pulled my hair urging me on to suck and kiss and lick her.
She convulsed and arched her body and squirted on me. I got on TOP of her and did a missionary with her legs dangled over the chairs.
She love the way I pumped hard, consistently at a certain pace.
Until she urged me to quicken the pace and pound her harder, slamming my groin into hers.
Her pupils dilated as she came a second time.
She was breathless but I continued to pump her as I was not finished yet.
I continued with a constant pace until I detect that she is building up to a massive orgasm. I quickened the pace as I felt my cum is about to release.
She said, take out the condom, I want your seed today. I pulled out the condom and pounded her vigorously and felt her pussy tighten over my cock squeezing spasmodically. She was in her throes and she clawed my back, dug her nails into my back. I grunted and spewed our my seed into her and it slowly dropped out of her very wet sticky pussy.
We continued watching the show naked while I caressed her tits and sometimes stories ther wet dripping pussy. She purred like a kitten satisfied.
Timing the show, with 30 minutes left, we dressed up and exited the cinema, giggling like enjoying the thrill of fulfilling one of her fantasies.
Next time, she wants an audience.
Hhhhmmm.... getting bolder ain’t we?
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An evening to remember
Posted:Oct 28, 2018 11:26 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 11:8 am
It was 5pm when the message came.
“Require my regular plumber to clear some blockages. Have a girlfriend who wants to watch and may join in”.
“Sure, will be over in an hour.”

So I was over at her place within an hour.
It’s a big double story bungalow with a sprawling innercourt with a garden and a big koi pond. She opened the door and invited me in and guided me to the kitchen. There her female friend was giggling enjoying herself a glass of champagne while I set my tools down and approached the kitchen sink. There is and always be a plumbing problem that do need some fixing. Soon I realised the reason is due to something that has dislodged from the main water source and has now clogged up the flow of water into the faucet of the kitchen sink. I had to lie down and face up into the dark underside to get access to the fixing nuts of the tap mixers. After removing a small pebble from the tap, I began to fix the tap back. Still on my back and under the sink, I felt a pair of familiar hands around my trousers stroking my hard on and later releasing it from my jeans and conveniently being administered with the most loveliest of licks. Well, I had to finish my work or else I can’t concentrate further so I tried as I might to focus while the lovely mouth continued to lick my hard cock. I was about to finish tightening the nut when I felt a wonderful wet warmth descending on my cock and started to rock. By now my jeans were pulled off and there was the familiar moans. She was rocking back and forth faster and faster squeezing my cock tight as she slowly but surely built up to an explosive orgasm which could be felt as she is a copious squirter.

She got up and I slid out from under the sink and was pulled to the bedroom with her girlfriend tagging along. She pushed me into the bathroom and I stripped and begin to shower when she called me and when I got out of the shower, she and her girlfriend were in the big whirlpool jacuzzi and invited me in. I got in and she gave me a deep and passionate kiss while stroking my hard cock. Other hands were caressing my body as I strive to focus on who should I be pleasuring. Her girlfriend, Alicia had lovely A cupped breasts and my left hand begin to fondle her nipples eliciting moans from her as she in turn caress my nipples. My other hand focused on my lady, my middle finger buried deep inside her pussy lips now stroking up and down her engorged lips. She got up and straddled my face, planting her pussylips against my lips urging me to lick her while Alicia got on top of me and and lowered her pussy lips onto my hard cock. Alicia prefered the in and out motion so she rode me like a rodeo while I was impaled still with just my tongue licking my lady’s delicious pussy. The more I licked, the more she pulled my hair and directed where she wanted to be licked and how fast. Alicia pounded on me faster and faster while my lady was on the verge of another climax. Her legs trembled and she gave a loud shriek, clammed up her legs so much so I couldn’t breathe. Alicia pumped faster and faster and within 3 minutes, she exploded and came.

We all three just laid back in the warm jacuzzi and relaxed while we chatted before we adjoined to the bedroom. There my lady wanted to watch me fuck Alicia until she was a total fucked up rag doll, which I obliged.

Then it was my lady’s turn and she wanted my seed this time. She said it is her safe time and she needed my hormones to give her her lustrous hair and the sparkle in her eyes and the after glow.

I was happy to oblige by coming twice in her. I left both of them totally fucked up naked on the bed as I got out of her house and returned home.

The following day, I received my regular plumbing fee and a truly big tip via online bank transfer.

How I love my job.
Breasts Awareness Week
Posted:Oct 15, 2018 6:23 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 11:8 am
Enclosed are some of the delicious looking breasts I have ever tasted. What is the best breasts you have ever tasted?

An evening of bliss.
Posted:Oct 14, 2018 11:59 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 11:8 am
A WhatsApp message blinked on. I had a look. Strange number but hey, I am no stranger to strange numbers from strangers. “Help fix my new shower heater”. So I posted back my fees and time and the other party agreed.

Time to rush off and in 15 minutes time I was at a nice 3 storey landed property, in short, a house that has three floors.

When I pressed the doorbell, the door opened and a gorgeous lady in her 40s greeted me. With my tools, I proceeded to follow her up the stairs noticing that she has very nice curves and a lovely ass.

She directed me to the bathroom and the new instant heater to be installed. Piece of cake or is that pie? Anyway, it took me just 10 minutes to fix it and I was done. After showing her how to operate the shower with the instant heater, she asked if I could wait a while for the payment.

She brought me down to the living room and offered me a glass of wine and ask me to wait. She went upstairs and I heard the shower turn on. So I sat there drinking my wine when suddenly I heard a scream. I quickly rushed up to the bathroom and saw a cockroach running out of the bathroom. I just stepped on that cockroach and it was game over for that little terror. She was naked and she rushed to me hugging and sobbing. She had a irrational phobia for cockroaches. Well, since my clothes are now entirely wet, she invited me to wash up. She proceeded to remove my short as she kissed my lips. Now, this is new. A very assertive woman in a hurry to strip me naked. I like!

Sensually, we bathed under the shower and with soap and bubbles all over, I was kind of enjoying this extra curricular activity. I played with her nipples as I caress her wet slippery shaved pussy. She moaned as I continue to caress her and bring her to orgasm. She collapsed on the wet floor after an earth shattering climax. I washed up and also washed her up, lifted her and placed her on the bed with two towels below to soak up the water.

That’s when she asked me to lick her. And I slowly parted her legs and dived down to begin slowly monotonously licking the entire pussy but then slowly focusing on the very swollen clitoris. She began to breathe heavily and started to arch her back. Her legs trembling involuntarily and she howled in climax. I went on top of her and cuddled her. She fell asleep. I waited for 30 minutes before she woke up and wanted another round, this time she wanted me to penetrate her. I was more than happy to help. I slowly entered her and continue with my regular strokes until I detect her eyes to open wide as her body shook uncontrollably. She squirted copiously and she grabbed me by the ass and wanted to be fucked hard. I pounded her over and over again until I reached the point of no return. I pounded one more time and buried my twitching cock into her, ejaculate and all, while she had multiple orgasms.

She whispered to me thank you, handed me a King’s Ransom in cash and I was off my way.

She was at the door to send me off and she hinted that she would call me again.

Yup. Sometimes one just got the luck.
A weekday in the countryside
Posted:Oct 3, 2018 3:56 am
Last Updated:Oct 5, 2018 10:43 am
With all the hot days in the equator, it’s about high time to just drop everything and just relax and hang loose. Have you ever just dropped everything and relaxed and watch it the world go by?

This is how I chill.
How about you?
How do you chill?

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