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Do you believe this is true?  

Funandplayful4u2 57F
29 posts
11/24/2014 4:49 pm
Do you believe this is true?

So, I saw this online, it actually made me smile, and I was so intriqued by it and was wondering if most men whether your married or not feel this way...is that what you want?

I look forward to your response!

Funandplayful4u2 57F
35 posts
11/24/2014 4:52 pm

just like that..

ScorpioNOV1972 48M
415 posts
11/24/2014 5:00 pm

I'm sure a lot of people will instantly say, "No, that is absurd" but that's because we are still living in the dark ages when it comes to sexual escapades. That's right folks, it's ok to like sex and it's just as ok to show it.

This goes for both men and women. Stop pretending to be good and just be yourself. Of course, this only applies to people who actually do like sex.

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groovydude4_u 61M  
29 posts
11/24/2014 5:33 pm

I have a gal pal that lives a sub lifestyle. She will never go back to the vanilla world again. It's really about your desires as a female. Many men love and seek women that desire the role play you have suggested here. Happy playing.

Funandplayful4u2 57F
35 posts
11/24/2014 6:20 pm

Yes Groovydude, I completely agree with your comment...I honestly wouldn't know what it would be like to be in a vanilla world...

partygald 38F
1840 posts
11/24/2014 6:30 pm

Well, I'd have to agree and disagree with this. I agree that it helps. I really do. But there's so much more to a relationship than sex, so much more than just the physical nature of it. If something fucks up (pardon the pun) in another area, the relationship's kinda doomed too. Sex can only carry it so far (admittedly, still pretty far)

MagnumHighlander 34M
83 posts
11/24/2014 8:50 pm

i want to be able to physically express my feelings for someone. So yes. It is true. There is no need anyway for a woman to hold back just because they are married. What is the point? We are humans. And humans love sex. It makes them feel good. Why hold out on something that not only makes you feel good, but keeps your man well, in line. (For most relationships that is. Some dudes are greedy a holes.)

Steve_Austin1969 51M

11/25/2014 2:09 pm

I don't care much for how this is presented but the concept is mostly accurate. The idea of enjoying shared pleasures is the foundation of intimacy. I don't agree with the statement that giving him what he wants will get her what she wants every time. This is along the same lines as partygald stated. It isn't so simple.

Now for me my ideal lover is one who can feel free to be themselves in everything. That also means fully expressing her inner slut. Being able to discuss any and all fantasies knowing she will not be ridiculed or taken advantage of because of her thoughts or actions.

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goodbadbikertoy 54M
1 post
11/28/2014 3:48 pm

If a man is satisfied and stimulated both sexually and intellectually then he shouldn't be jerking to porn all the time. You have to satisfy and stimulate her too and then there is reciprocation.

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