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What is your fetish?  

G000dbuddy 34M  
766 posts
9/10/2021 11:09 pm
What is your fetish?

Comments are welcome
Body paint


G000dbuddy 34M  
1231 posts
9/11/2021 1:47 am



staci_19702 51T
2506 posts
9/11/2021 4:08 am

I went with “feet”.
Heels, legs and feet. Something so sexy about a woman’s foot. Maybe decorated with a ring or an anklet. Will definitely miss summer when sandals disappear during cold weather.
Started to choose other also having a “wet” fetish. But back when figured out what a fetish was, it was about feet.

Have a great day! 💋

PantyCurious865 46T
301 posts
9/11/2021 10:28 am


seoulswing2 38M/28F
148 posts
9/13/2021 5:27 pm

the wife has a sperm mania fetish, loves bukkake, gokken, and eating food covered in cum

G000dbuddy 34M  
1231 posts
9/14/2021 5:54 am

    Quoting seoulswing2:
    the wife has a sperm mania fetish, loves bukkake, gokken, and eating food covered in cum
Not eatable lol


Daron123463 63M

9/14/2021 4:36 pm

i'm into couples, and anything that give all pleasure, talking dirty, role playing, My fantasy is to be open with no limits, we can do each other. I'd love to fuck your wife while u join or watch. Straight black gentleman looking for fir st time with a couple. Dominant and ready to give and receive.
My fantasy is to be open with no limits, we can do each other i will do it all . I am a hot dominant black man who wants to take a couple and make you both happy. Clean, discreet, respectful and naughty.

curvy4utoplay 47F  
8089 posts
9/19/2021 4:54 am

curvy4utoplay 47F  
8089 posts
9/19/2021 4:55 am

G000dbuddy 34M  
1231 posts
9/19/2021 8:50 am

What is that for


G000dbuddy 34M  
1231 posts
9/29/2021 8:53 am

    Quoting  :



790 posts
9/29/2021 6:19 pm

I have a fetish with my own nipples.

Do you have any Primal Urges ... I do, please CUMHANDLEME and explore some of my naughty and nice Primal ... Urges with me !!!

SubmissiveBo832 35M
1 post
10/2/2021 8:17 am

I wana woman to watch as I suck her mans dick and his friends take turns on my ass.

Darkredwalls 46M  
22 posts
10/2/2021 9:01 pm

My secret fetish is underarms, and actually, hairy underarms are soooo sexy to me - the scent - I swear there are sex pheramones that drive me crazy...

G000dbuddy 34M  
1231 posts
10/13/2021 8:42 am

What Fuels Your Drive


lilabner007 67M
26 posts
10/15/2021 1:49 pm

Body part-wise - wrists
Activity - spanking/being spanked, bare bottom otk

juliabihotty 51F
25 posts
10/18/2021 6:58 am

Funny poll. Thanks for sharing.

cici1334 49T
26 posts
10/19/2021 12:38 pm

Smoking sex.

DarkestKnight610 41M

10/29/2021 9:37 am

biting to be precice.

DarkestKnight610 41M

10/29/2021 1:41 pm


Imakeyoucum96 25M

11/2/2021 6:43 pm

Skinny fetish, especially arms and dicks. Had to check "other" as this wasn't listed for some reason!

juliabihotty 51F
25 posts
11/10/2021 8:51 am

Hot question. Thanks for sharing.

DaraTampa 23F  
24 posts
11/23/2021 4:35 pm

BBC and women my mom's age ... maybe a few more things haha

breathelessly 66M  
3 posts
11/26/2021 5:18 pm

I have always loved to look at a woman's feet, especially if they are resting on a table or chair. Arches turn me on. Love to rub them.


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