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The Novice - 'To Do' List  

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The Novice - 'To Do' List

He studied the list quite a few times, he thought she was running before she had learned to walk, but he was older, more conservative, and she, he thought would burn out in a month.

He set to work on it.
1. To be present while he went to work on his lady slave wife, no problem, dinner party arranged for the weekend (previously blogged http://AdultFriendFinder.com here

2.To have MSDevine as her Mistress, difficult not his decision, phoned MsDevine anyway and made a date. She is sexually dominant towards men and women but not a Domme.

3.To receive a hard<b> caning </font></b>as punishment. easy She had a regular appointment at 16.00 hrs the next day, and he was in the mood to really let his sadistic side out on this occasion.

It was 17.05 when his doorbell finally rang, he opened the door, she threw herself into his arms and hugged and kissed him. 'You are late , he bellowed, and you reek of sex!' She mumbled something about buying some new studs from MsDevine and it all got out of hand, and she ended up getting a fisting from her.

Just the excuse, as if he needed one, he thought to really let go today. He marched over to the spanking , with out speaking , bound her wrists and ankles to it. He stood in front of her undid his zip, and rammed his organ into her mouth. 'you have been a really naughty little slut, playing around without Sirs permission, you deserve to be punished really hard, Don't you', she nodded 'Ask me to punish you, beg me' 'Please Sir punish me, beat me, make me cry , I am a dirty little cum slut begging for your guidance'
That will do to begin with, he thought.

He withdrew and placed a cane between her teeth, walked round behind her, lifted her shirt, tore her tanga away and proceeded to spank her with hard slaps of the hand, slowly and deliberately until she was nicely pink.
He then used his favorite school ruler, each whack harder than previous one, and with at least 20 seconds between them. She was quietly sobbing.

The doorbell rang, he pressed the button without picking up the receiver, he knew who it was. 'Oh ' said MsDevine as she entered the room, 'what have we here?' 'a filthy little slut that just can't stop whoring her body out' he replied
He reached for the riding crop, and throughly caned her inner and outer thighs, and both her cheeks until he knew it was time to stop.
He let her rest by fucking her mouth again, he withdrew when he felt himself building up. he placed the cane between her teeth again and reached for another one.

'Each time that you drop the came you will receive an extra two stokes, Do you understand?' she wildly nodded. he began with what he called 'Medium Stokes' and every third stoke was a hard one, he didn't really count the stokes after that ,each one was harder than the one before. She dropped the cane, he picked it up and, without a word carried on with the<b> caning.

</font></b>Her cheeks were bright red, with lots of darker stripes across them, he felt he was building up to an orgasm as he gave her the hardest stoke yet, and then another that almost broke the skin, with the next stoke , she screamed out 'STOP' half a second later the cane lashed across her cheeks and knocked the breath out of her.

He them rammed himself into her soaking wet pussy, after a few thrusts, he pulled out and took her anally, hard and forcefully, she was sobbing loudly, that turned him on even more, until he finally pumped her full of his seed.

Turning towards a horrified MsDevine he said, 'she's all yours take her as you please.'

He returned from the bathroom, wearing only a silk dressing gown, Little Miss novice was snuggled up on MsDevines lap, they were kissing, He grabed his camera and took a quick shot, 'Take her to the guest room' her said, and led the way, once inside, he open the large wooden wardrobe, that held his complete collection of toys, canes , and whips. 'All clean , sterilised and ready for use' he said and he left the room.

He smoked a few cigarettes, and popped his head around the door of the guest room few times to see what was happening. After they had been alone for a least an hour, he went back in to find them furiously licking each other in the '69' position. Mind if I join in ?' he said, They just carried on , so he took that as a yes and mounted the novice from behind. he could feel MsDevines pierced tongue along the shaft of his organ and she gave them both long licks, The two girls came together, then collapsed on the bed. He pulled the novice back up on the doggy position and entered her anally, MsDevine positioned herself, legs wide open and began pulling novices head hard and fast on to her vaginal lips, he took novice hard and fast, she began to play also with her vaginal lips, and both girls more or less came together.
He then sat on the edge of the bed position the novice in front of him, with her back to him, and slowly guided his organ once again in her anal passage, he pulled her legs wide open exposing her to MsDevine, and she eagerly began to lick her again, he came first, the novice squirted into MsDevine's face.

All three of them then showered separately and sat together later on the large sofa, and novice was gushing on about her new experiences, remarking that she had now two more things crossed off her list, a MFF session and a girl on girl session. As the girls were leaving he said, to novice ' Don't be late on Saturday ' She nodded meekly, 'I will be there' 'Can you film it for me' said MsDevine smiling, 'Maybe ' was the reply..

*This and some other posts are purely the product of my own perverted twisted mind, any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or indeed the living dead are entirely coincidental*.

*Some are based on people we have met, and thus inspired by these meetings and people, and are products of my fantasy*.
* Some are entirely products of my imagination and fantasy.*

*If you like this or any of my writing , please leave a comment,or a / feedback is always welcome*

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