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The Punisher  

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11/4/2015 8:33 am

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The Punisher

He arrived on time, and pressed the door buzzer, it peeped and let him in, then he saw her in all her glory. She was naked, perfect pert little breats with her nipples sticking out, lovery pert arse too, ( i won't mind fucking that later he thought) long black hair, powerful black eyes, and a radiant smile.

'Welcome Sir, every thing is ready for you.'
He duly noted that her wrists were chained together as were her ankles, as she shuffled along .
Master was sitting at the dinner table, and had already opened a beer, she pulled out a chair for the new guest, then hurridly shuffeled off to the kitchen.

Still chained she tried hard to serve the food, but just managed it without any disasters. She stood beside him, head down.

'Are you not eating with us'
She looked towards her master, he nodded, she smiled at the guest and sat , but ate very little.

'Very nice my dear' he said to the girl, 'cook it all youself'

'Yes Sir'

'Lets get down to business' said her master gruffly.
They all moved over to the comfy corner, The two men sat opposite each other, The girl stood beside the guest, head bowed.

He pulled onto his lap and put an arm around her, he ignored the annoyed look from her master. One hand around her waist and another squeezing her thigh.

'Do you know who I am, and why I am here?'

'Yes Sir, you are The punisher, and you are here to punish me because I am a worthless slut.'

'How did you displease your Master'

'I'd rather not say Sir'

'Tell him slut, tell him how you got drunk and stoned and let two strange men fuck you'bellowed Master

'Oh I see, that deserves a special punishment , does it ?'

'Yes Sir' she said timidly

He was a little uncomfortable as he was not expecting this.

He took his hand off her thigh , grabed her chin ,pulled her face towards his, and stared deep into her eyes.
'Listen carefully'

'Iam going to start by bare hand spanking you, then I will use some of the paddles, and inbetween I will place a large buttplug inside you'

'Do you understand'


'Then I will probably use the riding crop and then you will receive 12 stokes from the rattan cane'

She nodded meekly.

'If you cry, I will carry on , because crying makes excited and the endorphines flow, If you scream that will excite me even more, and I will show no mercy'

Do you understand?

'Yes Sir'

'Good because your Master has promise me your virgin arse as my payment and reward, I will take it rough and hard, if you stuggle, I will be rougher, and harder.I will not stop until I have finished'

'Are you prepared for this, and ready to take your punishment?

She hesitated, 'Yes Sir , If it be your will'

'What is your safe word?

'Safe Word?

He looked at Master and frowned.

'Tonight it will be 'Sir, STOP', loud and clear'


He let go of her chin,

'This is you last chance, are you ready for me to give you the punishment of your life, and then take you as I will'?

Yes Sir I am ready'

'Good Girl', he said softly. He could smell her cunt, it must be dripping he though and smiled to himself

He did exactly as he had promised, Hard deliberate spanks on her buttocks, she bucked with each one, but he kept going untill his hand hurt, and her cheeks were burning red. He offered her some water, she gulped it down greedily.

'If you need to drink, just say so ok? She nodded.

He let her rest, then beckond to Master to pass him a thin paddle, it made an almighty thump on her left cheek, she cried out, he went straight for the other cheek, she cryed out again, and he felt his cock twitch.

He could see she was begining to bruise, so he changed paddles for a heavier one, but gave her lighter spanks with it. he noticed that she responded well when he hit the bottom of her cheeks just above the thigh, as most women do.

She began to sob lightly, so he gave her two more powerfull strokes of the paddle, that made her scream, and then let her rest. He was now rock hard.

He took an ice cube from the water glass and rubbed it gently on her cheeks,she pulled away, he pulled her back. He placed his hand between her legs opened then a little, and rubbed the ice cube along the crease on her bottom, lingering on her beautiful virgin rossette, she cried out again, he moved the ice to her pussy lips, she screamed as he gently rubbed them, then he slowly pushed the ice into her pussy.

She inhaled deeply then again, then slumped down upon him.

He whispered sofly 'Good Girl, you are doing fine, take a few more deep breaths'.

He lifted her up a little so that she was now on her knees, He opened
his trousers, pulled out his organ, grabed her by the back of the neck, and pushed her roughly down on it, She took it eagerly, much to the disapproval of Master.

'Enough' , he called out , pushed her back on to his lap, he signaled to Master to pass him the lube and the medium dildo, it was of silicone, about 7" long but with a wide base, and a thinner stem leading to the plug end, he lubed it up , pulled her cheeks apart, and slowly pushed it in, then slowly out and in again ,with each stroke he pushed it futher in until she had taken it's full length.

She was gasping for breath. he stoked her head, and gently whispered , 'Good Girl you are doing fine, Master will be proud of you'
He began to bare hand spank her again, but harder than before, she sobbed, she cried out, but she didn't brake. His hand was burning as so were her cheeks.

'We will take a little rest, and then will come the real punishment' he said.
He and Master went on to the balcony to smoke, she lay sobbing and wimpering on the sofa.

'Ok so far?'

Yeah super I didn't think she would last this long'
'Theres a lot more she can take,' he said, as he also smiled to himself, as he could see she had dripped cum all over his best suit trousers.
'She is really into this I think'

'I just want the little worthless slut to get her comeuppance' he growled in reply.

They came back inside, He took of his Jacket and demonstratively rolled up his shirt sleaves.

'Come here slut' he called out

He grabed her By the neck , pressed his mouth against hers and forced a tongue deep into her throat, and the same time grabbing between her legs, and holding her pussy tight.

'You are NOT suposed to be enjoying this slut, you are dripping with slutcum'

'Yes Sir ,Sorry Sir' he gave her a sly wink that Master could not see, she returned a puzzled smile

'Take another drink, and then stand over the spanking bench there'

He fixed each wrist and ankle to the bench, she could not move.

'If you need help, and need to stop and you cannot speak, raise your right hand a bit, I will keep my eyes on it ok?'

She nodded 'I can't hear a nod' he shouted,

'Yes Sir'

'Now the final part, this will hurt, you will hurt badly, and I will enjoy this, I will not stop until I have finished with you, the more you cry and scream the harder I will hit'

'Are you ready?

'Yes Sir , please punish this worthless slut'

He began hand spanking her, hard on alternate cheeks, the hard slapping sound had really turned him on, he was in his element.

She was sobbing hard now, and he was loving it, and he had convinced himself that she was too.

He took the riding crop, hard strokes alternatly on each cheek, carefully avoiding the buttplug, that was still firmly in place.

'Mercy, Mercy' she cried out

'Thats not a safe word' he said firmly

Her cheeks were nicely red again , and almost ready for the cane.

He slowed down a bit, he was getting tired, as was rapidtly whipping her with the crop, not hard but he knew it would sting.

He put down the crop walked over to her Shoved his cock almost down the back of her throat and said, 'Time for the<b> caning </font></b>now, are you ready, and can you take it'

She nodded her head up and down. he withdrew bent down a bit and whispered 'Good Girl, it's nearly over now, you are very brave, you have done better than we ever expected,'

He put his hands on her cheeks, kissed her very gently on the lips, and said in his softest voice, 'I never ever want to hear you call yourself a worthless slut again, you are a very worthy slut, and I am very proud of you, and from now one you will be proud of yourself, Understand ?'

''Yes Sir' she sobbed, cane me now,' and then as an after thought said, very quietly 'I want to cum , please sir'

He smiled and winked at her.

Master had returned from the bathroom and had another beer in his hand, not what we arranged , he thought to himself.

He picked up his cane, swished it in the air, she drew in a deep breath,
'Count the strokes' he said in a loud clear voice.

'One', then she let out a long 'aaaaahhhhh'

Number two was a bit softer and landed a tiny fraction above the first stroke,
she let out a scream, and gasped for breath, he waited.

Then number three, fully on both cheeks, She struggled but made no noise, he checked her hand ,then walked around and looked into her eyes, they were pleading, 'Good Girl, not much more now.'

Number four was a bit too hard, he thought she had passed out,but was just breathless . He let her deep breath for a bit,
then number five, it land square on the dildo as planed, that knocked her breath away again.
Number six was softer but still hit the plug momentarily pushing in a bit deeper.
Number seven , hit her half way up her cheeks now, and made a loverly thin line across both buttocks, she was sobbing.
Number eight was higher up and took her by surprise, she screamed out very loud.
Number nine was as far up on her cheeks as he could safely hit, She gasped.
Number ten found its place between where eight and nine had landed, that really hurt, as she was sobbing uncontrollably now.
He checked her out, no hand signal, he gave her a small sip of brandy.

'Only two more to go: you are doing well, good girl'
Number eleven hit the base of the plug again, as did number twelve.

'Good Girl' almost over now', as he slowly removed the buttplug, Master has suddenly sprung to life, and was choking her with his cock.

He took off his trousers and the rest of his clothes, put on a condom, lubed it up , and very very slowly entered her, she gasped , cried out, and then screamed.' Fuck me'

As he increased the speed of his strokes, she let out a loud sigh, and squirted, and after a couple of more strokes squirted again. The juices were running down his and her legs. At that point Master had shot his load into her mouth ,and she nearly chocked on it, as Master held her head up a little and screamed 'Swallow it slut, take it all down' .

He withdrew, and untied her, but master was trying to get his now half limp cock into her arse, he succedded but only for a minuet or so.

He held her tight , kissed her, whispered what a good sub and slut that she was, then bent her over the sofa, and took her analy again , but this time a little more gently, He pulled her hand around and whispered, 'Bring your self off, hard' she did, as he felt her coming to orgasm he pumped her harder and harder, after she came three times in a row, he sat her on the sofa and rested.

She then took her turn at sucking them both ,one after the other, Master then forced her onto the floor and fucked her pussy hard and fast, she came , he though but maybe she was faking it.

He laid back on the sofa, master had disappeared, and he put on a fresh condom and told her to sit on him, she did, and rode herself to anther orgasm, without warning master reappeared , pushed her forward and rammed it up her backside, she rode herself and both of them to orgasm.

She laid her head on the punishers lap , while he stroked her hair, and whispered soft words to her. They both could hear her master on the phone, telling someone else all that had happened.

He suggested they both shower and clean up, they did both together, he soaped her down washed her hair, and generaly played with her,. when they emerged from the shower, master was still on the phone, but with his laptop on too.

They sat for a while, not talking, he just holding her tight, and stroking her.

After a while , she whispered 'I have to go home now, his has been a lot for me I need to be alone'.

They both slipped quetly out of the house, and he drove her home.

A week after, he was in his studio, the phone rang, and angry voice said, 'She's left me, ran away, I can't find her, she left her flat , they dont know where she is.'

'Calm Down , who what ?

That worthless slut, probably gone back to her worthless ex, the little toe rag; or is she with you?'

Of course not, I'm married you know that'
'Look I can't talk now I've got a in the studio, I'll phone you tomorrow', and he hung up.

He went back into the studio, and there she was, sitting on her ex's cock, while his best friend took her mouth, he put on a condom and some lube jumped on the makeshift bed and slowly entered her from behind.

They quickly found the right rhythm, the cock in her mouth squirted first, then he could feel though that thin membraine that seperates the arse from the pussy that the boyfriend was cumming too, all three of them exploded, almost at once , but not quite.

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GB_Cple 70M/58F  
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12/29/2015 5:43 am

    Quoting 08540Tantrafun:
    Love the way you have painted the scenes with your words.
Thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated

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12/28/2015 8:53 am

"manchmal , ja manchmal haben Frauen ein bisschen Haue gern ..."

08540Tantrafun 56M  
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12/20/2015 7:21 am

Love the way you have painted the scenes with your words.

"Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”― Immanuel Kant .

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    Quoting GB_Cple:
    Thank you very much , your feedback is always appreciated
you are most welcome and I appreciate yours as well....

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    Quoting Trapper69:
    A wonderful story, and very well written. I'm not really into playing D/s games, but occasionally I'll meet a couple who enjoy that kind of fun. When I do the Dom role, I know enough to never act like that foolish "master" in your story....
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Trapper69 63G
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11/11/2015 12:22 pm

A wonderful story, and very well written. I'm not really into playing D/s games, but occasionally I'll meet a couple who enjoy that kind of fun. When I do the Dom role, I know enough to never act like that foolish "master" in your story....

GB_Cple 70M/58F  
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11/8/2015 8:51 am

    Quoting author51:
    even though I am not into that lifestyle it was well written and I could envision it all...
Thank you very much , your feedback is always appreciated

author51 57F
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11/7/2015 3:39 am

even though I am not into that lifestyle it was well written and I could envision it all...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...


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    Quoting citizen4722:
    It seems I have a lot of catching up to do regarding reading your highly erotic blog posts
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It seems I have a lot of catching up to do regarding reading your highly erotic blog posts

GB_Cple 70M/58F  
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11/5/2015 10:03 am

lol my arm still hurts lol

GB_Cple 70M/58F  
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Glad you liked it

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That's a punishing read!

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