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The Waitrose Girls III - The End  

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11/27/2012 2:01 am

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The Waitrose Girls III - The End

It had been a busy two months, and he was exhausted. He had been seeing his 'Indian Princess' about twice a week, picking her up from work, meal, then home for a good bout of rough sex. He had also made four films with her. He had contacted the camera man , Charlie, he had some good contacts , and a well stocked wardrobe of costumes. Three of the four films they made were of her, dressed as a Saudi Princess, all in black , covered in jewelery, her head fully covered with only a slit for her eyes. Under neath she was naked.They all followed the same SM theme, her tied to the overhead beam , lots of whipping , mostly faked, as that amount of pain she could not take, and finally her getting taken very roughly in all holes, he being the main actor, however the best film and the most pleasurable, was when Charlie joined in and they had DP'ed her while she was still hanging from the beams, all the time her head being fully covered.

The worse one, but strangely enough the best paid one, was where a Middle Eastern man that had approached them in a hotel lobby, and offered a stupid amount of money just to fuck her for a night. He refused using the hotel room, and took them back to the villa.

Charlie's camera was still set up, and he, the '' had no idea, he was being filmed, not only by the big camera, but all of the security camera's too.
For her it was a boring fuck, and she was very sore afterwards, as he fucked her on an off , for around three hours, mostly up her arse, but finally came in her pussy. He also had an above average size dick, and it was very thick.

He teased her about being a Porn Star, and his best , she loved the role playing anyway, but felt a bit uneasy about being paid.

Alas all good things come to an end, she had to go back to university, so a parting of the ways was inevitable. Secretly we was relieved,as he had begun to feel his age, and he was also regularly seeing his 'Spanking ' daily as well.

Daily because he had given her a job, looking after the office, checking his calls etc, and had sent her to Night School to learn about about property management, she was doing very well at it too. Together with the many spanking sessions that he had with her were also taking their toll on him.

He now had hours and hours of them on tape , just waiting for Charlie to edit and sell them.
He had also put feelers out in the net, for her as a spanking model, this she took to very well, they had a least one a week, that would pay her to give a good spanking, mostly no sex was involved as most of them had come in their pants from the spanking, or just waked themselves off, the others that wanted sex , usually blew their load in a few minuets after she had started to suck them.

In order to set the scene right, (and in his case to get even more out of the , ) she was always dressed as a school girl, they had a great time buying the uniforms in a very exclusive shop in Oxford, which they found , whilst driving the Indian girl to her student digs there. The staff there were bemused as it was clear that she was no school girl, as she popped in an out of the dressing room , to parade her choices.

One evening while they were in their usual eating place, he was approached in the toilet of all places by an older gentleman type, who had cautiously asked him if the young girl was in fact his . He pushed his luck by replying that she was in fact a 'Photo model' for a net web site, and he was her manager. To his further question as to if she took private assignments , he too readily answered 'Yes'.

Back at their table the negotiations took place. It turned out he was a retired school master that had a very keen interest in caning, this she had never had before. So back at the villa, with all the security camera on of course, She had her first<b> caning </font></b>session, he gently leading her into it , and the school master taking over. For the first three later sessions, he was always present, but later she had met him at the villa, alone, or at least he was in the house. These sessions were not on camera, as he had negotiated a very good deal for her.

It developed into a very good relationship. At first , Fully dressed, he would spank her over his knee, undressing her during the session, and ending either with him getting a good blow job, or sometimes he would give her a quick fuck.
later , the school master would begin by undressing himself , and later her ,then pulling her across his lap, with his erect cock between her cheeks, he would spank her hard, and with her moving about and the friction on his cock, he would come. then he would cane her, get stiff again ,and give her a hard fuck, this was helped because she had suggested that he use Viagra, which he did.

His time back in England was slowly coming to an end, and as luck would have it , he had managed to rent the villa to some B status TV celebrity that he had never heard off, that wanted somewhere in the country for weekends away from her 'fans'.

For themselves, he had found a lovely little secluded cottage, he had stumbled across it , while out on his travels, as he saw a removal van pulling into what at first seemed to be a country path, but turned out to be the driveway.
He had talked the owners into leaving all the furniture in it, and letting him manage the property for at least a year. It had belonged to an old lady, and the grandchildren had inherited it, and until all the details of the inheritance were worked out they were happy to have this solution.

It was beautiful, decorated in a sort of Laura Ashley style, and full of well made wooden furniture, that was at least one hundred years old and had a wonderful garden at the back. The School Master was happy to sign a tenancy agreement for a year, and then he and his now business partner lived in it for free, whilst the school master was now visiting at least twice a week, and occasionally bringing various friends along.

He told her his time in England was coming to an end, and encouraged her relationship with the School Master, she was beginning to get very attached to him anyway. In the Months that they had been together, he had watched her blossom into a very confident young lady, she had slimmed down a bit , which made her look a bit younger, was doing well at the job he had gave her, and the owner of the business was also prepared to keep on on, once he returned.

The sex they had together , became more and more extreme, him teaching her more about older men, and pushing her boundaries so far out that she now could take, and in fact begged for more and more extreme canings. This of course pleased the school master too, and he was delighted when she suggested to him that after their<b> caning </font></b>sessions , she would like him to take her arse hard as well.

He knew he would miss her, and was trying to wean himself off her, but they still slept in the same bed almost every night, and on the nights when she had no appointments he would always give her a good spanking and a hard arse fuck.

He had one month left, before he was due to leave, He need a coup, one last operation that would bring him a tidy sum to add the the considerable amount he had amassed. As his young lady was already well financially being taken well care of by the school master, he set his mind to other schemes ,
One last coup was all he wanted ....

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