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A Celebration of Lips  

GalaxyMan1972 48M  
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5/25/2020 8:05 am
A Celebration of Lips

Your lips are sensual and erotic.  I gaze at you and simply admire your beauty.  Your eyes and lustful smile always brighten the day.  I think of the radiance you bring people, making people feel better and causing smiles break out.  Sometimes I catch myself imagining kissing them.  feel your body and feel the smoldering sensuality of your lips…makes aroused and feel many desires.

I imaging your smile as I slowly unbutton your top so I can lean down to lick and suck on your<b> nipples.</font></b>  Feeling your magnificent boobs enveloping my face is but a dream.  I imagine feeling your softness and warmth as I bury my face into your glorious bosom.

When I finally pull back, I glance , and catch your smile.  I’d try it cool, but my goofy smile betrays my lack of suaveness.  It takes my effort not burst out in a happy laugh.  I surge with desire as I imagine you licking your lips as I kiss my down your body.

I slowly lick between your legs, pulling you closer .  I’m my knees, looking into your eyes as I caress your ass and pull you closer to my lips and tongue.  Perhaps I slowly tease, licking lightly, savoring your wetness upon my tongue.

You gasp when my tongue slides fully within you.  I press my face in so close, and love the feel of the spreading wetness upon my face.  You moan as I suck hard on your clit, and yelp with delight as I suck you as I pull away.  The sounds of your wetness astound .  I can sense the trembling in your legs, and realize you’re getting close, so I double my efforts.

My fingers and explore your ass and along your lips.  I slide one inside, feeling your tightness and your warmth.  I slide in a second and curl them around, massaging your sweet spot.  I use my thumb rub your clit as I finger-fuck you hard.

Your legs are weakening, and I hold you tighter, licking and sucking your beautiful pussy orgasm.  You release, as my face presses close.  Licking and kissing your lips as you orgasm is a wonderful feeling.  I feel the wetness covering my face, and smile.

I glance , and love your intense “” face, lingering as your climax abates.  I quickly stand , taking you in my arms.  We kiss with such passion.  You can sense yourself covering my lips, and lick .  You giggle, and it turns immensely.

You nudge me back onto the couch, and kneel before me.  Your hands grab hold of each of my thighs as you slowly lean closer and kiss my pulsing cock.  I moan as you lick and down before you slowly take into your mouth.  I gaze down upon your lips, wrapped around my thickness.  the while, your eyes never break contact.

After slowly taking more of my length in, you get into a slow, sensual rhythm.  Your cheeks bulge out as you suck.  Your lips bring so much pleasure and fuel my passion.  Slurping sounds become louder as you increase the intensity.  Sucking and stroking me my orgasm.

I feel the approaching climax and stiffen as you stroke harder.  I release, as you slowly suck through my orgasm, never backing away.  You feel the exploding streams of cum as you suck.  I groan.  The secondary spurts fill your lovely mouth full of my hot cum.  You delightful moans are muffled as your mouth if full, and you finally release .  I love how some cum covers your lips as you playfully swirl your tongue around, and open your mouth to show me my load.  You allow some to drool down on your lips and chin before you swallow.

You take me back into your mouth to stroke any left within, licking and sucking me clean.  You climb , straddling my slowly softening cock and kiss .  I love the taste of the remnants of my load upon your lips.  I hold you in my arms as we catch our breath.  Sticky, wet, and sated.

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