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The Release  

GalaxyMan1972 47M  
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5/26/2020 11:46 am
The Release

The scent of her hair sent shivers through . Surges of passion and arousal flowed between us. I love the feel of Jennifer’s body in front of , so warm and shapely. A slight turn of her head exposed her neck , her flowing black hair shifting off the side, and I kissed with deep hunger. I wrapped my hands around her boobs, cupping both as we merged together.

She pushed her ass back into me and started to playfully grind. The soft moans escaping her luscious lips, so close as I licked and playfully bit along her neck. She reached up behind her, untying her top. As it fell to the floor, I ran my fingers along her<b> nipples. </font></b>I love how she gasps at the first touch when I do this.

My right hand drifted down her stomach, slowly meandering. She clasped a hand atop mine, as I drifted down further. Seemingly pulling me down faster, and I rubbed her hard. I could feel the wetness as I rubbed, listening to her heightened moans. The pleasure continued to build between us, a beautiful sense of anticipation.

I slid my hand in, feeling her wet lips. I ran fingers along her lips, up and down, each time pressing a little harder. Teasing with slight penetration before I focused on her clit. She moaned loudly as I the spot, using my finger press down with gentle, yet firm touch. Massaging in swirls, the while kissing her. I worked into a furious rhythm. Her cries were a song to . I closed my eyes, centering my thoughts and sensations on her wetness, and the sound of her moans. I rubbed faster, almost holding her with my left arm as her legs weakened and quivered.

I removed my hand, moving it upward relish the sight of my coated fingers. I licked and sucked them clean, always taking the time enjoy her taste. I took her hand and led her to the couch. As she stood facing away, I knelt behind her and slowly pulled down her bikini. My eyes zeroed in her delightful ass before .

With a kiss each of her cheeks and a squeeze, she turned face . I looked into her hungry eyes and sensual smile. I looked down to her boobs, and slowly moved my sights down further. Her pussy was trimmed and was so sexy. My mouth watered. My heart beat faster. I leaned in for a kiss, feeling and tasting her.

She sat back the couch, spreading her legs wide and I move straight in. Kissing harder upon her wet lips, I craved her taste. My face was covered as I devoured her. My tongue sliding up and down her lips. I sucked on her clit, kissing and tonguing. I slid my tongue inside, moving it back and forth, feeling the wetness coating . I was in Heaven.

As her moans escalated, I felt her muscles twitch and spasm as I varied the rhythms. I finally reached in with a finger, then a second finger-fuck as I kissed, sucked, and licked her clit. I felt her hands pull in closer as she cried out. With curling movement inside her, I triggered a scream, a pent- rage of passion and desire.

And I pressed on. Harder and more intense. Never wavering. Relishing the wetness upon my face. The glorious mess. This was perfection. More rhythm. More intensity. She cried out. Moaning with every breath.

Then she released. The tremble began as a slight twitching in her legs, but the force resonated through her body. Her pussy pulsed with the release. The orgasm was amazing. So messy, yet beautiful. I felt the warmth upon my face. I closed my eyes, savoring the moment. Her legs relaxed and I gave her a kiss, tender and affectionate. This was the moment I lived for. I smiled at her beauty, my face wet and sticky. It didn’t get any better than this.

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