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Oh What a Night. VP Debate - Blowing in the Wind  

Gazmn1 56M  
30 posts
10/7/2020 8:49 pm
Oh What a Night. VP Debate - Blowing in the Wind

I’m not here cheer for any team.
I’m not here cause division.

I am here say That: I’m grateful be an American living in the US today. And this was a good example of 2 different people from opposing views and ideologies, communicating their sides & stories.

I have 50+ years through the thought that tolernce and the ability to live amongst, while living yet let Living with, is Crucial to living well. I wish Success & Peace! As a people - your success is my [our] success! The next phase should be of us prospering!

I yearn for the days when WE could Again, hold hands Together & from filled hearts sing, “We Shall Overcome” or connect over the PROFOUNDNESS of the lyric of “Blowing in The Wind”. Which was formulated & Born on a napkin in about 4 minutes!

Long before today’s divisiveness those words were penned & I have to control myself while singing it publically yet Professionaly, to entertain & get people to perhaps REAson & THink Today!

I’m relieved it’s met Still, with enthusiastic applause.
Let’s Grow & Heal.

Covid should Unite us not Divide us Amereica...
& yes, I Love You, Our Constitution & The USA!

Wherever you are, that’s where you’ll be...

Gazmn1 56M  
32 posts
10/7/2020 9:08 pm

God Bless Us All & The USA!

Wherever you are, that’s where you’ll be...

author51 57F
104838 posts
10/7/2020 10:02 pm

God Bless us all..and hope we alll unite during these trying times...xoxo

DiscreetQuirky 51M  
70 posts
10/8/2020 3:49 am

I am grateful to be an American and I love my country. I also hope to see more loving and tolerance. Still... politicians - including those two - could respect us more by answering the fucking question!

pocogato12 68F  
35657 posts
10/8/2020 4:20 am

Well at least they were more polite than the big wigs were

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DiscreetQuirky 51M  
70 posts
10/8/2020 5:08 am

Well, I'll give you that! And for that I was grateful!

lyavu 47F  
1375 posts
10/9/2020 2:40 am

Harris was amazing Go girl ... Girl power .. it was a good debate .

Gazmn1 replies on 10/9/2020 8:04 am:

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