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Posted:Jul 29, 2012 9:39 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2012 2:26 pm

I stood on the street corner in the chilly December air, patiently waiting for Dave to arrive. Conveniently, he called me on a day that I had told my husband I would be doing after-work shopping, saying he would pick me up so we could “knock off” one of the blowjobs I owed him. Owed might have been a strong word, since the only thing I was getting out of the bargain was his cooperation in not releasing the footage and pictures he had taken of our first encounter, when I had sucked him off in return for a highly sought-after toy during a black Friday sale. Never-the-less, I was eager to get the ten blowjobs over with so that I could get back to my life without the constant pressure from Dave to get together and service him. While the fact that I was being forced to perform fellatio on a relative stranger was obviously less that stellar, deep down I knew a part of me drew some enjoyment from the arrangement. Dave, for all his criminally extortionate faults, was clean, dirty minded, and had a very nice cock. Servicing him was far from the worst job I’d ever had to perform.

I was surprised when a cab pulled up in front of me, with Dave riding in the back seat. I had expected him to pick me up in his own car, and with trepidation I responded to his gestures and clambered in. Sitting down beside him I saw that he was still dressed in a suit, and gathered that he must have come straight from work. A cursory inspection of the cab revealed that we had a middle-eastern cab driver whose license listed his name as “Ahmed.” I gave David a half-hearted smile and attempted to engage him in small talk in order to figure out exactly what he was up to. In response, he mostly ignored me, opening a newspaper in front of him and reading it while I tried to engage him. After a couple minutes I gave up, and sat back to wait out the cab ride to whatever our destination was.

As if sensing my capitulation, Dave suddenly reached out and grasped my left arm at the wrist. I looked up at him as he guided my hand to his lap, and watched for a response on his face as I gave his already hard shaft a light squeeze through the fabric of his pants. Dave played it cool, and the only response I received was a slight lift of his eyebrows as he went back to scanning the paper, removing his hand from mine to turn the page. Sensing what he wanted, and using the upheld paper as a shield against the driver’s prying eyes, I quietly unzipped Dave’s pants, reaching in to remove his throbbing shaft. His cock looked fat and hard jutting out from his fly, and I gently stroked it up and down with my hand, watching as a bead of precum formed at the tip. I glanced up at the mirror, watching for some response from the cabbie. Though he did seem to make eye contact with me a few times, I didn’t see any indication that he was aware of what was happening in his back seat.

Emboldened, I leaned over Dave’s lap with my head. I paused there, waiting to make sure he wanted me to suck him in the cab, and quickly felt his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me down; exactly the indication I was waiting for. Quietly, I began to bob my head up and down on his cock from the side, holding it upright by the base with my left hand. Dave went back to his paper, bringing it closer to me to better shield my fellatious actions from the driver. I reached my right hand into his pants and cupped his balls, kneading them softly, and was rewarded with a soft moan from Dave that he poorly-disguised as a clearing of his throat.

Wetly, sloppily, but quietly, I sucked Dave’s cock in the back of the cab. I jumped slightly when Ahmed began to make small talk with Dave, but felt his soothing hand on the back of my neck, and went back to working his cock as I listened to the two men banter. I couldn’t tell if Ahmed knew what was happening, but if he did he was too polite to say anything lewd to Dave. Resting my cheek on his lap to give my mouth a break, I stroked Dave’s cock rapidly, kissing his shaft while I did. He caressed my back until the corner of his paper collapsed, much to my horror. Ahmed didn’t seem to notice, however, and Dave raised his hand to hold the paper in place again.

I giggled softly at the close call, smiling as I went back to work on Dave’s cock. In spite of myself, I found myself enjoying the naughtiness of sucking him off mere feet away from the ignorant cab driver; growing wet between my legs as I slathered his fat cock with my tongue. Sub-consciously, my hand drifted away from Dave’s balls, and I put pressure against my pussy, through my pants. I stifled a moan as I pressed, my body shuddering at the feeling of my hand against my clit. I stopped myself then, not wanting to make noises that would give us away, or give Dave the satisfaction of watching me cum with his dick in my mouth. I refocused, and doubled my efforts on his member as the cab began to slow down and travel in suburban rather than city streets. I glanced out the window, and from my low angle on his lap, was unable to see anything but tree tops as we slowly drove around, stopping at regular intervals. I was quickly distracted from my looking around as I felt Dave’s hand once again on my head, giving me a squeeze to let me know he was getting close.

I stroked him hard an fast then, holding just the head in my mouth while my hand did all the work to get him off. I felt his ass cheeks and stomach tense, and heard a quiet but sharp intake of breath. I held mine as I felt a copious quantity of Dave’s semen erupt into my mouth, and made suction on the end of his cock to keep from spilling. I felt his cum coat my tongue, and rolled that salty liquid around in my mouth as jet after jet followed the first. Unable to hold any more without swallowing, I pulled him out of my mouth, careful not to lose a drop and swallowed loudly, while still stroking his cock against my lips. I felt it oozing more of his pearly juice, and rubbed the head against my lips like gloss, smearing it all over my mouth and even onto my cheeks and upper lip. I heard him slowly let out a hugely deep breath as he tried to regain control, and I slapped his shaft wetly against my face, teasing him and rubbing cum in a sheen all over it.

I slowly raised myself back up, so that I sat beside him, smiling widely and bringing my hand to my face to wipe off some of the cum as I watched Dave put his dick back in his pants. I noticed that for the first time he was watching me intently, and I looked at him quizzically. I followed his eyes as Dave glanced out the car window to my right, and I turned my head to see what he was looking at. I froze with the shock of familiarity as I saw my neighbour’s house, and my own fast approaching. Out in the front yard as my husband, dutifully raking leaves, and paying little attention to the oncoming cab. I felt the cab begin to slow, and had a sudden fear that Dave was about to drop me off at home, cum-covered face and all.

I glanced around in horror, not knowing what to do, and found myself staring into Ahmed reflection in the rear view mirror. My eyes locked with his, and though I couldn’t see him mouth, I knew he was smiling; that he had been in on it all along. My eyes darted back to my yard as we slowly cruised by, though to my relief we didn’t stop. I stared as we continued past, turning my head to watch out the rear windshield as my husband stood up straight, arching his back to take a break from raking. Just before we turned the corner off my street, I swore my husband looked right at me. Though I knew there was no way he could see me through the glare on the windshield, I shuddered to think of what he was missing: his loving wife sitting in a cab with a relative stranger, face coated with, and mouth tasting of cum. And worse yet; she liked it.

I knew I should be mad, I knew I should scream at Dave and Ahmed both. But instead I found myself biting my lip as I put pressure between my legs again. I didn’t look at Dave, though I could feel his eyes boring into the back of my head as I continued to face the rear of the cab. I pressed into my clit hard, and felt myself begin to shake as I quietly convulsed in the throes of orgasm. When I had recovered and caught my breath, I turned back around, and ungrammatically wiped the cum off of my face, removing it with a Kleenex from my purse. I maintained an icy silence as we pulled up to the lot my car was parked in.

“Seven left!” Dave called out as I exited the cab.
Lunch Break
Posted:Jul 26, 2012 1:48 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2012 1:29 pm
I texted furiously on my cell phone, occasionally glancing up at the classroom to make sure the were staying calm and quiet. I acknowledged that my situation didn’t give me a lot of latitude to argue with Dave, but I felt like he was now going too far. It had been bad enough that he made me suck him off in a public park, blasting his cum all over my face in the process, but messing with me at work was crossing the line. I put the phone aside and tried to refocus on my class, but my thoughts were elsewhere as I awaited Dave’s response.

Not two days earlier, I had been mortified in the staff lounge at work when a fellow teacher began telling a story about something she had seen in the mall the previous weekend. She had recounted a bizarre tale about turning the corner of an aisle in a toy store, only to see a woman on her knees blowing her husband! She had obviously been appalled, and by the time she recovered from her shock and informed the store staff, the couple had disappeared. I made a quick exit from the room once I realized that she hadn’t gotten a good look at the woman, worried my bright reed cheeks might give me away. The story was a grim reminder of the risks I was already taking with Dave, and I set my jaw in anger, steeling my nerve to refuse his latest demand.

My phone buzzed quietly on my desk. I blushed as a few glanced up at me, and discretely put the phone away for a few minutes to walk around and ask how their assignment was going. After a few minutes, unable to wait any longer, I returned to my desk and picked up the phone. Dave’s messages were normally very terse, but this one was well written. In no uncertain terms, it told me that he expected my cooperation, or else my husband, as well as his colleagues and business partners, would be receiving a very interesting email and attachment in their inboxes. I wasn’t sure if he was bluffing, or actually had the contact info for those people, but I knew I couldn’t take the risk. I replied wearily, resigned to my fate, and agreeing to his latest scheme.

“11:30 sharp.” I read, as he responded quickly. “I’ll come to your car.”

My morning lessons flew by as I waiting anxiously for the lunch bell. When it came I was deep in thought at my desk, and the sharp ringing caused me to jump in my chair. I quietly pulled on my jacket as the students left the classroom for lunch, and made my way to the side door, where fewer coworkers would see me leaving the building. I passed by a few of the older and nodded to them when they greeted me. I hurried to my car, wanting to move it to the back part of the lot before Dave arrived. I opened the door and hopped in when I reached it, turning the key and backing out of my spot to make my way to the far end of the lot. As I pulled into a spot there, I glanced in my rear-view mirror and watched as Dave’s approached my car with a wide smile on his face.

“You can’t be afraid of getting caught?” he asked with mock seriousness as he climbed into my car.

“Of course I am!” I replied.

“Well then you better not try to say no again!” he said, this time fully serious. “Or else a whole lot of people are going to watch you sucking my fat cock online.”

I looked down and stammered for a response. None was forthcoming.

“Look,” he said in a conciliatory tone, “I just want to get my blowjobs. There is no reason for us to argue about it. Lets just get the ten done, and you can go back to servicing that husband of yours.”

I looked up into his eyes. “You promise this ends at ten?”

“Promise.” he replied as he began to undo his pants. “Now lets get moving on number two! Lunch break won‘t last forever.”

“Keep an eye out.” I said as I dutifully bent my head towards his lap, my breasts resting uncomfortably on the glove box.

I felt Dave relax into the passenger seat of my car as I took his half-hard cock into my mouth. Rather than the face fucking of the previous two encounters, he seemed content this time to let me do all the work. After a few sloppy, wet bobs of my head, I pulled back and slapped his cock against my tongue, and grinned as I felt him harden in response. Despite my misgivings about the context of or encounters, a part of me revelled in my power over his cock, and the fact that I had driven him to this madness in order to secure my continued attentions. I moaned softly as I stroked his shaft, suckling on the head of his cock and lashing it with my tongue. I tasted his precum as it leaked from his head, and sucked it into my mouth to avoid having it stain his pants. I felt Dave’s hand stroke my hair in appreciation of my technique.

I rotated my hand as I began to bob my mouth up and down the length of his cock in time with my stroking. I felt his shaft, wider and thicker than my husbands, stretch out my lips as I reached the base, and I held him there moaning with mock contentment. Dave encouraged me verbally, telling me what a good cocksucker I was, and how good I made him feel. I responded enthusiastically, edging him towards orgasm with a faster, sloppier pace. I could hear myself as my sucking mouth slid up and down his shaft, and I used my free hand to reach under and cup his balls through his slacks. I heard and felt him getting closer to cumming in my mouth, and moaned louder as I deep throated to push him over the edge.

I felt him pulse once, and then felt a blast of cum hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag. I maintained my composure like a professional, pulling back slightly to let is cum continue to fill my mouth. His cum was thick and salty, and seemed to go on for days as he moaned and bucked his hips in response to my slow gentle stroking. When I was sure he was finished, I pulled off him and swallowed the mouthful in two gulps, and then paused to suck the remaining drops from his cock. Licking my lips, I sat up to check my hair and makeup in the mirror while Dave put himself away.

“Thanks.” Dave said with an honest smile. “I really needed that today.”

“When do you want to meet next?” I asked.

“I’ll text you.” he replied as he exited my car, and headed off into the parking lot.

Glancing at the clock, I realized I had very little time left to actually eat lunch. Well, I thought to myself, this won’t be the first time in your life you’ve let cum serve as a meal replacement.

“Maybe I’ll even lose some weight!” I said aloud with a chuckle as I got out of my car and walked back to work.
Afternoon Jog
Posted:Jul 22, 2012 8:28 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2012 11:38 am
Afternoon Jog

I zipped up my pink hoodie as I reached for the front door, knowing the chilly November wind would feel very cold until I got warmed up. I left my cell phone and keys on the table beside the door, not wanting to have them bouncing around in my pocket while I ran. As I opened the door to leave, I heard my husband call out from the family room.

“Have a great jog hun!”

Nervously, I answered, trying to keep my voice from wavering. “I’ll see you in forty minutes.”

“Wow, long one today! Have a good workout!” he replied as I walked through the door, feeling my cheeks burning with the lie of omission.

I warmed up my legs with a swift walk to the end of the block before taking it up to a light jog, heading down the street in the direction of a nearby nature trail. I normally preferred to jog on the suburban streets near my home; I had a three mile loop all worked out that always left me breathless and with my legs burning. But today I had a specific goal in mind, and I picked up the pace slightly, knowing that I would be hard pressed to make it to the prearranged point at the park for the agreed upon time. I didn’t want to push my luck by being late.

Dave had texted me the day before, letting me know the plan. In the previous few days he had me send him my daily routine; it was in my own best interest to allow him into my life, so that he could schedule meeting times that would impact my schedule the least. I still ‘owed’ him 10 more blowjobs in order to have him return the video of our first encounter, and wanted to finish them as soon as I could. I was not much of a hand at sneaking around, but his plan to meet in the park near my home had seemed like a good one. It was relatively neutral ground, and gave me an excellent excuse to get away from my husband for a little while, since I was a regular afternoon jogger.

I reached the entrance to the park on schedule, and wondered which parked car belonged to Dave as I continued on into the woods. The clearing where I was supposed to meet him was just up ahead, and I glanced at my watch. Three minutes ahead of the appointed time; my pace had actually been too fast, I thought to myself with a smile. I didn’t see anyone waiting, and took the turn Dave had told me to, down a bumpy trail that lead off to the right of the main one. I could tell immediately from the overgrown weeds that it was rarely used, but even so I felt nervous and self conscious as I looked around for him. Unsure of what to do, and not wanting to look conspicuous, I leaned my butt against a tree and bent down, pretending to tie my shoes.

My head was only down for a few moments when I head the snap of a twig in front of me. Still bent over double, I arched my neck to look up, and found myself making eye contact with Dave less than a foot in front of me. As I tried to straighten up, I felt his hands grasping my shoulders, holding me down so that I came face to face with his belt. With one hand in the middle of my back between my shoulder blades, he held me there, while the other hand began to undo his fly. I glanced past him, towards the main trail, feeling suddenly exposed.

“Shouldn’t we head a little deeper into the trees?” I asked with trepidation.

“No. This spot is perfect.” he replied with authority. “Now grab onto your ankles and open your mouth.”

I did as I was ordered, watching him free his cock from his pants, already raging hard with a bright purple head. It looked like he had been stroking it for the whole morning in anticipation; edging himself for this encounter to maximise the size of his load. I felt my ass being pushed back into the rough bark of the tree behind me, my yoga pants providing little protection from it. While I grasped my ankles, he grasped my head in both hands, bringing his cock towards my lips. I stuck out my tongue to lick his head, but gagged immediately as I found myself licking his balls instead, his cock driving forward forcefully into the back of my throat.

With no pre-amble, he began to fuck my face, hard and fast. I felt my round ass bounce against the tree, and also felt the rough bark pricking at my expensive pants. I could hear myself gagging on his cock as he thrust home into me, and I sensed the copious saliva flowing from my mouth to drip all over his balls and the forest floor at my feet. I heard him grunt with his efforts and it dawned on me that I was taking the face-fucking of a lifetime. It had all happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to protest; every ounce of willpower focused solely on catching brief gasps of air around his shaft when I had the chance. I heard myself moan in lust and anguish as he humped my mouth; a sloppy wet sound barely distinguishable from a gurgle. I began to feel light-headed from lack of oxygen, semi-conscious as I sustained his barrage of cock thrusts, never once letting go of my ankles.

I was only semi-aware, shaken back to reality by a loud groan, as I felt him pull his cock from my mouth suddenly. I stayed in position, gasping for air as I felt his fist bumping into my forehead while he stroked his cock vigorously. I felt a warm surge of liquid begin to spurt messily out onto my face along my hairline, and tried to arch my head back to cover his cock with my mouth. He avoided me, slathering my face with cum before I caught him between my lips, and swallowed the remainder that leaked from him. He pulled his cock back out, rubbing it onto my cum-coated face while he told me what a good girl I had been. I was in a daze, watching him absentmindedly with the one eye not caked in cum as I caught my breath, finally removing my hands from my ankles to rest them on my knees as I straightened up. Dave walked a few feet away and retrieved his cell phone from where it sat on a nearby stump, the camera lens facing us. He approached me, still training the camera on me as he did.

“Look at this cum-covered slut.” he said. “What a good cocksucker she makes.”

Self conscious, I wiped the cum from my face with my hands, not thinking about where I could wipe them afterwards. Dave watched with a chuckle as I finally settled on rubbing it into my hair, not wanting to stain my clothes. I rubbed it all into the skin of my face and hair, hoping to hide it with sweat as I ran home. All I could smell was its chlorine-like odour on myself, and I rubbed my sore throat as I straightened my clothes, looking back to make sure I hadn’t ripped a hole in my pants.

“Seeya later slut.” was all Dave said as he walked swiftly away into the woods.

Glancing again at my watch, I realized more time had passed than I anticipated. Not wanting my husband to get worried, I started home, jogging quickly through the woods before picking the pace up to a run on the streets home. Luckily, by pushing myself, I made it home in just under the forty minutes. I glanced into the mirror beside the front door as I walked in, checking to make sure my husband wouldn’t see a stay splatter of cum on my cheek. I looked ravaged, my lips and cheeks bright red from the exertion and friction of the brutal face-fucking I had sustained. My hair was slicked back to my scalp, wet looking from more than just sweat. I blushed an even brighter shade of red as I saw my hubby walking towards me from the kitchen. Not wanting him to get close enough to smell the cum all over me, I bee-lined for the bathroom with a mutter about needing to pee. I heard my husband lean against the outside of the bathroom door and bite crisply into an apple as he spoke me.

“Wow babe! That must have been quite the workout! You look beat!”

He didn’t know the half of it!
Tis the Season
Posted:Jul 15, 2012 5:30 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2013 12:00 am

Tis the Season

I fought my way through the teeming crowds at the mall, inwardly disappointed that I had chosen to subject myself to the hell that is Black Friday shopping. It was 4:30, after work, and a sea of people milled through the mall, some wandering aimlessly and others marching with a purpose in search of specific items to cross off their Christmas lists. I was one of those, in search of the Bigfoot of toys, an elusive scooter that my nephew simply couldn’t live without. I had volunteered to help out my single-mom sister by tracking down the toy for her while she worked two jobs to pay for it. Unfortunately the hunt had proved much more difficult than expected. Though I didn’t really think I’d find it on the craziest shopping day of the year, I decided I should at least try since she really couldn’t afford the toy without a discount.

I had tried several likely stores without luck, and was about ready to give up by 5:00. I wanted to get home in time to make supper for my husband, whose work had kept him so busy that I rarely saw him of late. I could only hope he would actually make it home for the wonderful meal I planned to make him. I had seen so little of him in fact, that I couldn’t remember the last time we had made love, or even fooled around. Pushing aside those thoughts, I recommitted myself to the hunt, hoping against hope that the fourth time would be the charm in the busy mall.

I held no high hopes as I entered the store, seeing a swathe of empty shelves in several toy aisles. The store was so emptied out that it wasn’t even busy, and even the employees looked bored. I turned down the aisle for bikes and scooters anyway, and was dismayed to see an empty rack where the one I wanted should be. As I started to turn away, a box caught my eye. Up high on the top shelf, in bright blue letters, I saw the chimera: a Razor A Kick Scooter, brand new and still in the box (some assembly required). As I walked towards it, I saw a man come around the corner at the other end of the aisle. Time moved in slow motion as I saw the disappointment register on his own face at the sight of the empty rack. I willed him to move on, but to my dismay, he looked up, and saw the same miraculous box I had. Before I could call out a official “Dibs!” aloud, he reached up, and with the tips of his fingers, began to bring the box down.

“Excuse me!” I said, in a minor panic. “I was actually just about to get that.”

He looked at me in confusion. “Well… uh, obviously so was I.”

“I know,” I argued feebly. “but I did see it first.”

“And I touched it first.” He said, stubbornness entering his voice.

Quickly seeing that I wasn’t going to convince him my taking my current tact, I began to explain to him the trouble I had gone through already to locate this particular toy, and how much it would mean to my sister and her if he let me have it. Despite what I thought was a compelling and sympathetic story, I saw his eyes begin to glaze over while I told it, and caught him taking a rather unsubtle peek at me, up and down. Glancing down myself, I became very aware of our close proximity, and actually faltered as I noticed an unmistakable lump in the front of his pants. Both horrified and a little flattered, I reminded myself that I was a married woman, and began to sum up my five-point argument for why I should get the toy.

Little did I realize the day this particular guy had been through already. My pleas were falling on deaf ears, as he contemplated nothing but bending me over and fucking me in all manner of positions. Unfortunately for my convincing arguments, the poor man had been teased by his own wife all day with promises of sexual favours later; promised which history had proven to be likely to fall through when the moment came. She had even gone so far as to coax him into entering her briefly before he left the house on his shopping errand, bending over the end of their bed as she changed out of her gym clothes. He had pummelled her, trying to finish as quickly as he could, before they were inevitably interrupted by the sounds of fighting between their downstairs. Without a second thought, his wife had pulled herself away and rushed down to be the peacekeeper. Resigned, angry, and filled with pent up horniness, he had zipped up and stormed out of the house, knowing that by the time he made it home she would have developed a headache or other convenient symptom to avoid the deep dicking he desperately needed to give her. Needless to say, he was in no mood to play the sympathetic benefactor.

Thought I didn’t know all the background details, I did quickly detect that his patience for my pleas were running out. I was beside myself, wondering what I would do if I lost this chance to secure the toy of my nephew’s dreams. Without thinking, I found myself reaching back into my past for a solution; using a tactic I had used for many years before my marriage in order to secure the willing participation of men in my plans. Not even fully considering the implications of my actions I dropped to my knees on the hard tile of the store floor, and began to run my hands over the obvious hard-on jutting from the front of his pants. Without realizing what I was saying I made my offer.

“I’ll suck your cock for it.”

For his part, he stood, aghast at my actions. For a moment, I saw his pause and consider what was happening, and in that moment I could have died with embarrassment. What the hell was I doing? Offering to blow a man I didn’t know, right in the middle of a shopping mall aisle, and all over some stupid ’s toy? Even worse: what if he turned me down! Luckily for me, his wavering conscience lasted only as long as a few ragged breaths before he began to fumble with his own belt. My heart skipped a beat as he undid it, and then his zipper, pulling his pants open just enough to allow my hands to reach inside. I undid the button on his boxers, and reached in to pull out his already raging hard cock. As I leaned forward, I detected a strong and familiar odour. Before I could place it, he was pushing his hips forward, thrusting the head of his cock between my lips.

“Make it fast slut. Ahhhhh yes, just like that.” he said.
Without wasting time, I went to work on his cock. I bobbed my head up and down his length moaning softly as I used my tongue to tease the underside of his shaft while I sucked. I reached into his shorts again to pull out his full and heavy ball sack, playing with them in my fingertips. For his part, he quickly realized this wasn’t the quick and dutiful head bobbing of a wife and mother, but rather the insatiable worship of one who truly loves to suck cock. Watching an avid fellatrix slide her lips up and down on him was like watching a masterpiece work of art being created by an artist. He felt he was witnessing something truly remarkable, and yet with my well-practiced skills, it appeared to be only a pleasant but mundane task to me. In short, he stood in awe of my voracious mouth, forgetting for a moment that he was standing in the middle of a toy aisle in a department store populated by Holiday shoppers.

Entranced by my work, I never noticed when he reached into his back pocket to remove his cell phone. Working away on his cock with my slippery, sloppy mouth, I didn’t realised when he started taping our encounter on it either. With my back to the end of the aisle by the main entrance to the store, I never even noticed when a woman entered it behind my back, taking five steps before realizing what was happening and rushing away with her hands over her mouth. It was only later, when Dave showed me the tape he had made that I saw all that. The only change I was aware of was immediately following that incident, when I felt a strong hand grasp the back of my head and felt him begin to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth without a thought to my comfort.

“Take it!” He commanded. “Take this cock you Christmas . Choke on it!”

I gagged willingly on his pole, allowing him to use my mouth, knowing he would cum soon. I moaned a little louder to egg him on, knowing that it would be best to finish up and get out of the store before we were caught. I felt his legs begin to shake, and knew that he was about to cum. Suddenly, and to my dismay, I felt him pull back, and before I could open my eyes or utter a word I felt jet after jet of cum rocket out to splatter my face. His first two shots were incredibly well aimed, plastering both my eyes shut, and his successive blasts proceeded to slather the rest of my face as well. To his credit, he managed to avoid dripping onto my clothes too much, moving in to squeeze the last few drops out onto my upturned face. I opened my mouth to speak, and felt the cum on my lips slide inside onto my tongue. I swallowed his salty seed and before I could say a word, he began to speak.

“Now listen closely, you dirty cum dumpster,” he began eloquently. “I’m going to let you have the toy, but this was just a down-payment.”

“What - ?“ I began, before he cut me off.

“If you do not agree to service me a total of ten times, any time, and any place I want, you don’t get the toy.”

“Okay.” I agreed, obviously thinking to renege on the deal later.

As if reading my thoughts, he went on. “And don’t think you can weasel out of this you slut. I know you don’t realize it, but I just took pictures and video of our fun.” Seeing the dismay on my face, he went on. “I can see from that ring that you’re married, and I’ll bet you don’t want those videos making their way onto the internet, with plenty of ads on Craigslist to guide people to them.”

“Ten blowjobs,” I replied, fluttering my eyelids open to meet his gaze through a thick lens of cum. “and we’re even, and I get to delete the tapes?”

“Now you got it.” he said, holding out a hand to me. “Now give me your cell phone.”

Still in a daze at the turn of events, I did, and he copied my number into his phone.

“When I text you, you’ll have an hour to answer me. Remember, we meet whenever, and wherever I choose.” He stipulated.

“Okay.” I responded.

He leaned down and placed the box on the floor in front of me, giving me a condescending and patronising pat on the head as he stood back up.

“That was pretty damn good, but be ready to go longer next time, I will want to really take those lips for a test drive, slut.” he said with a laugh before turning and walking out the aisle the way he came.
Official Fan Fiction Story Request!
Posted:Dec 20, 2011 2:33 pm
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Hey everyone! Probably not the best time of year to ask, but I just had a great story idea today that I don't have time to write myself! i'm currently working on a 10-part storyline, with 5 compelted and 5 more to go, so i simply don't have time for this new one... so I thought, lets see what you guys can come up with!!

So this idea popped into my head today, a little role reversal for Lucia. I was thinking maybe I/she could be the boss, and ends up plying her talents to her male assistant! I'll leave the how/why up to all your delicious minds! Could it be that her assistant catches her servcing a , and she needs to shut him up? Perhaps he catches her embezzling money? Maybe she forces him to submit his cock to her as part of the application process, or in order to keep his job. Excite me!

I'm officially calling in all favours. If you've enjoyed my stories in the past, please show me how much by contributing here! If you aren't able to send me your story, comment here to let me know you have one, and Ill send you my contact info!

I'll even sweeten the deal! The best few stories I receive will get an exclusive sneak peak at my new audio story... and if I get a REALLY impressive submission, I promise to make it INTO an audio story

Come on guys and gals.... show me what you've got!!
Good Neighbour
Posted:Nov 12, 2011 5:58 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2012 5:26 pm

Good Neighbour

Lucia had only been living in her new house for a few months when she first noticed her neighbour, Jeff, watching her from the windows of her home. In different circumstances, that would have led her to pick up the phone, but Lucia was living a deeply unhappy married life with his husband Pete. Though she had ensnared him with her penchant for wild sexual exploits and an insatiable hunger for his cock, two years into married life it was Pete’s libido which had taken a sharp dive. Though she struggled to keep their sex life exciting and spontaneous, Lucia found herself in a losing battle with Pete’s Xbox; a fate she had certainly never expected in the years they had dated prior to marriage, during which she had regularly serviced him two or three times a day. Lucia was well beyond sexual frustrated; she was sexually infuriated. Given that, when she realized that Jeff could see her through the windows, she felt a sexual excitement that had remained dormant for the last two years, and a desire to fulfill her more voyeuristic fantasies.

It began very low key, with her doing the dishes, sans bra, in cold rather than hot water. Wearing just a thin white t-shirt, her nipples became rock hard as she worked, giving Jeff a show while leaving Pete none-the-wiser. In fact, the one day Pete had walked in while she did it, he didn’t even notice her clearly visible nipples while he asked her to make him some pizza pockets. Disgusted, Lucia took it a step further that night, this time towelling off in full view of her bedroom window after a shower. She was always careful not to give away that she had caught on to Jeff’s peeping, but stole enough glances to be sure he was there, once even catching him swiftly turning off the light in his attic as she moved in front of the window, so as to not give away his position. With subtle moves like that, a super-spy Jeff was not.

It made Lucia wet to think of Jeff sitting in his attic, stroking his cock while watching her towel off her glistening naked body. Jeff was middle-aged, and a nice, respectable looking widower with a beautiful and well-maintained house and pool. On several occasions, he had invited Lucia and Pete over to swim in his pool when he wasn’t using it, and Lucia had always jumped on the chance to parade herself in her smallest bikinis, knowing he would be watching from a window somewhere. Sometimes, at night while lying beside Pete, Lucia would rub her pussy thinking about Jeff watching her, wishing he could see what she was up to under the blankets, and wondering what he was hiding inside his pants. More than once, she made herself cum in silence beside her husband, while picturing her neighbour’s cock and cum being fed down her throat.

Lucia began to obsess over her fantasies for Jeff, thinking about them all day while Pete was at work, and wondering periodically if Jeff was watching her even while she went about her mundane tasks. On a few occasions, she travelled through the house cleaning wearing nothing more than her bra and panties, dancing around to music while she worked in a horribly predictable cliché. By the end of the day, she regularly found her panties soaked through, and redoubled her efforts to get Pete into the mood when he came home from work. For a few weeks, things seemed to get better, as she threw herself at Pete the minute he walked through the door. Before too long, however, he found excuses not to let her service him, going back to his normal routine of playing with his Xbox, rather than her tits. Infuriated, Lucia finally took matters into her own hands.

One night, while Pete was deeply involved in a particularly bloody multiplayer game, Lucia made a show of walking upstairs to bed, turning off lights behind her as she went. When she got up stairs, Lucia pointedly got undressed in front of the bedroom window, lingering as she pretended to perform some calisthenics that were more posing than they were invigorating. She then took a hot shower, emerging from the bathroom dripping wet, having only towelled off to a bare minimum. She felt the cool night air harden her nipples, and already, she felt heat growing in her loins. After parading around the room naked for a few minutes, Lucia rummaged through her drawers to find her vibrator, which had seen far less use the last two years than it had prior, when she used to get Pete to use it on her. Lucia pointedly tested the batteries in front of the window, holding it up so that a watching Jeff, whom she assumed was currently beating his meat furiously, would be under no misunderstanding about what she held.

Lucia laid herself on the bed, and traced the vibrator slowly up her thighs, teasing herself as she spread her legs wide, pointed towards the window. She squirmed as she rubbed it all around her opening, just grazing the lips of her pussy. With her free hand, she began to rub her breasts, pinching her own nipple until she bit her lip with pleasure. Unable to wait any longer, she pressed the vibrator against her clit and had to stifle a scream of ecstasy as she did so. As she pleasured herself, Lucia pictured Jeff, sitting alone in his attic and rubbing what she imagined as a massive cock, dripping precum as he stroked it. Lucia imagined herself on her knees before him, naked on the dirty attic floor, bobbing her mouth up and down on his impossibly hard cock. She moaned as she thought of how wet she would make his cock, how sloppy she would suck him, and how she would make him groan with pleasure. Already she felt herself quickly approaching climax, and she bit her bottom lip hard to hold in her howls of pleasure. Speeding up her mental image to keep up with the pulsing in her pussy, Lucia imagine laying down on the floor with Jeff standing over her, straddling her hips while he stroked himself to completion. She flinched at the powerful realism of her fantasy as she imagined his cum spurting from his cock to fall several feet down, splattering heavily onto her whole body, leaving her face, tits, and stomach covered in thick globs of pearly white cum. Unable to hold back, she screamed as she climaxed, gyrating her hips up and down on the vibe as she subsided into a low moan of relief.

Finished, and now feeling both shame and embarrassment, Lucia carried out the final part of her plan. Lifting her head to stare directly at the small attic window in Jeff`s house, Lucia slowly drew the vibrator, now covered in her own juices, to her mouth. Sensually, she licked it once, before gently sucking on the tip, all while maintaining eye contact with the invisible Jeff behind his dark window. To her delight, he responded. The light in his attic flickered on and off twice, revealing his silhouette in the window, and showing his appreciation for her performance. Lucia laughed deeply to herself in post orgasmic bliss, throwing back her head and squirming into the sheets. Without a doubt, she knew this would not be the last show she would put on for her good neighbour.
Strangers and Lovers
Posted:Nov 4, 2011 7:21 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2012 11:35 am

Only fifteen minutes after being picked up, Lucia already found herself bored nearly to tears by her thin and awkwardly-tall date Mitchell. She was begrudgingly giving him a second date only at the behest of her mother, who was good friend's with Mitchell's parents through the church. On their first date, Mitchell (never Mitch, as he had felt the need to explain to her) had taken her to an unfunny PG-rated movie, and then made awkward small talk with her on the way home. The date had left her feeling tired, bored, and somewhat hopeless of ever finding a good man if this was what she had been reduced to. It wasn't that Mitchell wasn't a nice guy; frankly it was just that he was too nice, and without any character that would make him either intellectually or sexually appealing to Lucia. Coupled with his bland personality, his physique did nothing for her either; to Lucia's sardonic eye, his narrow and emaciated frame promising only a night of awkward and uncomfortable sex, bereft of any hint of excitement or pleasure.

Now they were headed out to dinner, a prospect that filled Lucia with a mixture of mild dread and crippling apathy. She had resigned herself to the displeasure of this evening ever since the conversation in which her mother convinced her to go out with him again, with the promise that he would "grow on her". And all this after Lucia had spent over an hour extolling his lack of virtues to her mother. If she didn't know better, Lucia thought, she would swear her mother must of Mitchell's mother from some bridge games to be pushing her so hard take the second date. Lucia turned her head and looked up at Mitchell as she walked; suddenly realizing that he had stopped talking and was now staring at her awaiting a response. Hoping that the flush of her cheeks from the chilly air would disguise her embarrassed blush, Lucia struggled to remember what he had been talking about before she tuned out.

"Ummm... I'm not too sure?" she settled on as a reply, hoping it would make sense.

"You're not too sure how you feel about the government defunding agencies that work to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa, because they also offer abortions?!?" Mitchell demanded, incredulously.

Geez, talk about your light conversations for a second date Lucia thought to herself.

"Oh no, I just meant. I'm against it. Not the agencies! I mean the government thing. Right?" Lucia stammered, feeling like an idiot, and knowing she looked it to.

"I know! It’s unconscionable!" Mitchell stated with finality and feeling. "I hope somebody does something about it."

Lucia sighed to herself. Just passionate enough to care, but not enough to do anything about it; typical, she thought. As he went on to discuss the economic standing of a variety of African nations, Lucia found herself tuning out again, being sure to pay just enough attention to know when to nod or shake her head and say something agreeing with him. Mitchell liked to be agreed with, she noticed. He also liked to talk. And talk. And talk. Which he did, for the entirety of the rest of their walk to the restaurant, never again asking her opinion, so as to not embarrass her obviously inferior intellect in his eyes. Fine by me, Lucia thought, as long as he for dinner and a few bottles of wine, he can lecture me as long as he wants.

They entered the restaurant, a middling-expensive Italian place with a reputation for good Alfredo sauce and bad breath. Mitchell gave his sport coat to the waiter, revealing a wrinkled t-shirt underneath, while removing Lucia's jacket revealed a tight halter top over tight black dress pants that hugged her curves. Mitchell didn't even blink to take her in as he continued his lecture all the way to the table at the back of the room. The hostess looked at Lucia with a mixture of sympathy and disbelief as she left them to their table, and smiled when Lucia rolled her eyes in response. Settling in, Lucia resolved that she would need an entire bottle of red to herself tonight, just to survive.

As she anxiously searched the room for a sign of their waitress, Lucia was shocked out of her trance as her eyes locked with those of a man three tables away from her. His gaze was intense, and oozed an inherent danger and sexuality that instantly caught her attention. Though he was sitting at the table with a woman, her back was to Lucia, much like Mitchell's back was to him. Lucia glanced at Mitchell to make sure he hadn't noticed anything, and saw that he was busy staring off into space as he waxed philosophical about the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian parliamentary system. Looking back again to the brooding stranger, Lucia was pleasantly surprised to see that his eyes had never wavered, and still took her in with the look of a starving man eyeing a steak. She felt herself begin to blush, although her cheeks were not the only place she felt her temperature rising.

He was broad, almost stocky, and although fit, he still had the look of a man who knew how to truly enjoy food. He wore a well tailored and expensive suit, which contrasted with his smooth-shaven head that gave a dangerous edge to his look. He looks like the kind of man, Lucia thought, who would order the most expensive item on the menu of a high end restaurant, and then fuck the waitress in the dirty alley behind it for desert. Lucia found herself biting her lip at that thought, and wondering if the restaurant had any job openings. Focusing back into the present, she found the sexy stranger responding to her unconscious lip-bite with a knowing grin, and saw what she thought was an almost imperceptible nod of his head to the right.

Turning the way she thought he had gestured, Lucia felt herself blush again, realizing he had indicated the restaurant washrooms. Feeling a surge of excitement, she grinned back, glancing again at Mitchell to see if he was paying attention. She found him gazing down at his cell phone, still prattling away while he looked up a news story to quote for her. Looking back at the stranger, Lucia pushed her tongue into her cheek on the right side, and raised her left hand vaguely towards her face. In one brazen movement, she signed the universal symbol for "want a blowjob?" by moving her hand towards her mouth and pushing her tongue into her cheek twice. The stranger's eyes flashed with glee as a broad smile spread across his face. He nodded slightly, and looked away for the first time in order to address his date, who also seemed to be buried face deep in her cell phone.

Watching him make his way towards the bathroom, Lucia felt incredibly alive, as she moved her napkin to the table and politely excused herself to Mitchell. He sighed as she left, commenting that he would continue his arguments for the abolition of the senate when she got back.

"I can't wait." Lucia replied as she hurried towards the bathroom as fast as her nervous legs would allow.

As she rounded the corner towards the bathroom she found herself face-to-face with her stranger, and adopted a wide grin to match his own. She felt like a mischievous student playing hooky from class as she took his hand in her own and led him towards the door to the men's room. She quelled the butterflies in her stomach as she pushed her way inside, glancing nervously left and right to ensure the room was empty. Seeing her pause, he took the initiative, and led her along into the farthest stall, closing and latching the door behind them. She turned to face him, and he wasted no time in running his hands up her taut stomach and sides, to her heaving breasts. She gasped slightly, legs quivering as he kneaded her chest, groping her like a fleshly released convict getting a lap dance. Biting her bottom lip to stifle her moans, lest she attract attention, Lucia reached gently behind her head to undo the tie of her top. Soundlessly, it feel from her neck to reveal her frilly white bra through which her hardened nipples were clearly visible. A low growl escaped his lips as he tweaked them, and he smiled as she let out an appreciative whimper in response.

Suddenly feeling like her legs could no longer safely hold her weight, Lucia fell to her knees in front of him, her hands immediately and instinctively searching for his belt. Unclasping it, she paused to rub her face against his growing bulge, imprisoned behind silky-smooth dress pants. She moaned slightly before pulling away and undoing his button and fly, and letting his pants fall to the floor by his ankles. Drawn by the weight of his belt and wallet, they hit the tile floor with a crash, the sound echoing in the small stall. Flinching inwardly, Lucia never hesitated outwardly as she began to caress his rock-hard cock through his underwear. Knowing time was short, she looked up and met his steely gaze, smiling as she pulled down on the elastic waistband and freeing his bouncing cock and balls in one smooth motion. Reaching up from underneath with her right hand, she began to gently tickle his balls with her well-maintain fingernails, watching as his cock seemed to jump in response, and smiling up at him in return.

As he began to caress her hair, Lucia reached up with her left hand and began to slowly stroke his cock from the base. Using this hand to guide it, she smoothly leaned in and took his cock into her mouth. First, she merely slathered the head of his cock with her tongue, rolling in circles around the crown and wetting it with her saliva. Next, moaning, she dove deeper, taking his thick venous cock into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down the shaft in time with her stroking hand. Her hand on his balls began to gently cup them, and juggle them in her fingers. Rolling her head from side to side, and glancing up at him from time to time, Lucia set a slow pace, building it faster and faster, for several minutes. The sounds of her slurping and sucking on his cock to prevent her saliva from slathering her chest filled the small stall.

As she pulled back to pause and catch a breath, she felt his hands grip her hair tightly on either side of her head. Smiling, she reached up, grabbing the back of his butt with both hands in response, digging her nails in slightly and making eye contact to signal her permission. With a groan, he thrust himself home slowly, pushing until he felt his cock head enter her throat. He held himself there, in awe of her discipline over her gag reflex as she maintained her eye contact with him throughout. Pulling back just as slowly, he began to build his own pace, fucking in and out of her mouth, alternating shallow and deep thrusts as he began to work his cock into her mouth. She left her mouth relatively loose, just taking the face-fucking at whatever pace her wanted, and egging him on with the occasional squeeze of his cheeks. She gagged here and there occasionally as he thrust deeply and quickly, building up a massive wad of sticky saliva in the back of her mouth.

Without warning, he suddenly pulled his cock all the way out, before she had the chance to restart her sucking action and prevent a spill of saliva from pouring out. In a stream that rolled over her bottom lip, Lucia felt her spit and his precum slide down her chip to splatter onto her bra-covered tits. She gasped for air and licked out at the long wet string of it that attached her mouth to his cock, trying to catch it before it fell onto her pants. Quickly she sucked it back and leaning in, taking the head of his cock back into her mouth. This time she fell on him with abandon, using the thick saliva as a lubricant to stroke his cock quickly in her hand, and bob her head up and down the first half of his cock in time with it. She felt, rather than heard him approach his orgasm, his cock becoming impossibly hard as his balls drew up close to the base of his shaft. She moaned and looked up into his intense gaze, nodding subtly in answer to his unasked question. He squeezed her hair in his fist as a warning, and then began to empty himself into her mouth.

She tasted his delicious cum filling her mouth and revelled in its salty flavour. She swallowed as he came, taking in his pent-up load as his legs shook and he squeezed her shoulders in his hands. She pushed her mouth forward till her lips reached his balls, allowing him to pulse the last few times inside her throat, before pulling back again to suck the remaining drops from the head of his cock. Swallowing loudly, she pulled her mouth off slightly, squeezing out the last drop and licking it off of his cock with her tongue. She smiled up at him and moaned contentedly. He patted her head in appreciation before offering her a hand to help her up. Before she took it, she reached down and lifted his pants back up where he could reach them with his other hand, and then stood before him. She began to speak, to thank him for the load, and he reached out to place on finger to her lips.

He helped her to wipe her chest clean with toilet paper, taking the opportunity to grope her tits one last time. She smiled as she fixed her shirt, and he watched as she made sure her bra was back in its proper place. With a last parting hand-squeeze, she led the way out of the bathroom, making her way swiftly to her seat before she was noticed leaving the men’s room. Mitchell began talking before she even regained her seat, and she sighed inwardly. She watched as she saw her stranger sit back down across from his date, meeting his gaze with her own and winking at him. Surreptitiously, she reached up with her napkin to wipe her mouth where she felt some saliva and cum lingering in the corner. She smiled to herself at the thought of the thunderous orgasm she expected to have the minute she got home and started rubbing her clit. The powerful, sexually charged memory would get her through quite a few lonely nights; a memory made all the hotter by the fact that beyond not even knowing her sexy stranger’s name, Lucia had never shared even a single word with him.
How NOT to talk to women, Part 2
Posted:Oct 13, 2011 3:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2011 12:34 pm

Okay, I just had an idea. To follow up my blog post, i will post a few wonderful male attempts at contact that have come in SINCE I posted that blog post. To be fair to these boys, I don't expect them to have read my blog prior to writing me... but it should still be a fun endevour. Again, all names will be redacted and replaced with suitable nicknames I create.

apatheticdonjuan says: Wow your a really good looking girl, love to meet for a drink or blow a load, what ever

youngcutiewithpoppedcollar says: hey, how's it going? here's my pic, let me know if you want to hangout sometime

lazygrammarian says: How r ya 2nite
AND: What r u looking 4 tonite

cheeseburgerrandy says: hey i live in fredericton and i got a massive load for ya if ya want it (I'm normally not shallow, but lets just say his purported load wasn't the only massive thing... sorry hun)

And lastly, as I typed this blog (not even kidding)

sunglasseskid: hey would you wanna hang out? add me if you want to email
How NOT to talk to women, Part 1.
Posted:Oct 11, 2011 2:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2012 5:26 pm

So I am going to let you all have a peak at an email exchange I had the other day, with the other party's name redacted. I wasn't entirely sure who this guy was when he emailed me, I assume we chatted on AdultFriendFinder a while ago and never connected. Here is the email exchange. I will let my cuggestions within stand for themselves without further comment. Without further adieu: How not to talk to women:

Him: haven't talked in a while, love your new photo. you on facebook?

Me: nope, not a facebook gal

Him: would you like to ""hangout" sometime?

Me: least sophisticated come on ever

Him: and when has sophistication ever been.... a positive thing

Me: Probably just about since the viking age ended.

Him: haha, i see someone likes jokes..... try not to get too prissy, you're on a adult sex site

Me: How does the fact that i enjoy sex also mean that I don't enjoy conversation, jokes, or intellectual sexuality. I am on a sex site where I blog, publish short stories, and exchange ideas with others. I prefer a little more than a grunt and a head nod in attempts to get me into bed.

Him: You're so funny! Anyone "blogs", don't put up a front that your publishing of "short stories" is anything more... Hustler does the same thing... doesn't mean its a Classy or Refined magazine. Also your afront that a "grunt and a head nod" is all that was being put forward is neither accurate nor just. People can enjoy sex, be monogamous or at least not broadcast there permiscuosity with the world, in fact most normal people do. Congratz on trying to degrade me, but it'd take someone of a little higher moral standards to make the icing stick.

Me: I didn't degrade you, i merely suggested that a polite approach, one that assumes I'm more than a walking vagina, would be much more likely to elicit a positive response. I responded in a way that I was hoping would be taken as both gentle chastisement and humour, and had thought that we were having a light-hearted verbal exchange. Your last email shows for certain that this was not the case.

I use the "blog" only to post my actually stories, which are actually published elsewhere at literotica.com. the AdultFriendFinder blog is little more than another means of publicity for my stories, maybe to direct people who wouldn't otherwise find them to their source.

"Wanna hangout some time" is the current modern equivalent to a caveman grunt and nod. It is both accurate and just as an analogy.

You know nothing about my "morals", and in fact a little reading would show you that I reject even the ideal of absolute morality. I would suggest to you that if you think your own "morals" are so high and mighty, you should probably not be trawling a sex site for casual encounters. Just friendly advice.

I'll give you another piece, free of charge: women in the real world don't drop anything to fuck a guy they've never met based on his asking if they want to "hangout" some time. If you real goal is to actually meet someone, you should probably adjust your approach.
Our story continues...
Posted:Sep 9, 2011 9:52 am
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2012 1:02 pm

Lucia grinned shyly up at Angelo as she licked his cock clean of the residue of his fluids. With a fatherly pat on her cheek, he guided her up out of his lap, and began to redress himself. He took one last lustfully satisfied look at Lucia’s naked body as she re-wrapped herself in her blanket, and smiled contentedly as he recalled the earth-shattering orgasm she has just brought him to.

“And now that we have had our pleasure, bella, I must attend to business.” Angelo announced with a wry grin of disappointment. “I wish that I could spend eternity with you and your luxurious body, but alas, work beckons.”

Lucia stood in the centre of the room, unsure of what she should do, or where she should go. She wondered if in his mentally addled state, he would leave her alone, giving her the chance to escape. Despite her enjoyment of sucking him off, she was under no false impressions about the likely end this night, and had no intention of going willingly into an early grave. To her disappointment, Angelo went to the door and beckoned, calling for Giovanni.

When his lackey arrived, Lucia overheard Angelo giving him quiet instructions. “Gio, lock her up in the bathroom... separate from the boy... be gentle.” The last part she caught had a severe finality in his voice.

Gio nodded and strode towards Lucia confidently. “Get into the bathroom.” he said, his voice a low rumble.

Lucia meekly led the way, holding her blanket tightly around her body. She shivered in the slightly chill air, and hoped that she would find a way to escape the bathroom once she was left alone. When she entered the bathroom, she paused at the sink and leaned over, cupping her hands under the water flow to take a drink. She rinsed her mouth, trying to remove at least some of the acrid and salty aftertaste of Angelo’s cum from her mouth. Gio looked on with a mocking grin.

“I’ll bet the old man’s cum is pretty potent.” he mused. “The old guy probably hasn’t cum since 1985 HA ” he guffawed at his own joke.

Lucia sincerely doubted that was true, but his cum had been very potent; something she had noticed in a few older men she had sucked over the years; as if their cum became more concentrated over time. She spat one last mouthful of water into the sink, and then moved to sit on the toilet, perching on top of the seat.

“That’s a good girl, now hold still.” Gio commanded, producing several zip ties.

With a surprising speed and dexterity, Gio fashioned two sets of shackles, one for her ankles and the other for her wrists, and zipped them into place. So much for escape, Lucia thought to herself.

“Fuck, Ang doesn’t have bad taste though.” Gio said as he manhandled her body in to position to be tied.

Lucia quickly realized where this line of thinking was headed, and shot Gio a dagger-like stare. “And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your hands to yourself. I’m Angelo’s property.” Lucia announced, hoping to nip his ill intentions in the bud.

“Is that so?” Gio demanded. “Oh, well then, I guess I better be careful huh?” With a mocking laugh, Gio suddenly reached out and pulled down the front of her blanket where it covered her chest. “Nice tits hunny.” He said with a grin.

“Hands. Off ” Lucia exclaimed, near tears.

“Listen bitch, you’re going to shut your fucking mouth, or I’ll stick my fist in it and claim you were trying to escape. Angelo is busy with work, and you’re going to do what I fucking tell you.” Gio emphasized his statement with a sharp slap across her face, not hard enough to leave more than a pink cheek, but enough to mentally alert her to his violent temper.

He began to knead Lucia’s large breasts with his hands, as tears rolled down her cheeks in reaction to his slap. She found herself growing hot in the face, dismayed and ashamed at the way she was forced to let him treat her.

“That’s better.” Gio said, standing up in front of her. “Now lets see what Angelo was so weak-kneed about when he came to the door.”

Without further elaboration, Gio unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out. Lucia held in a smirk as she saw his slightly less than average size, knowing that angering him at this point wouldn’t be wise. He must have caught a glimmer of the thought on her face though, for he suddenly grabbed a handful of her hair at the back of her head, and used it as leverage to pull her head towards his musky member.

Lucia gagged slightly at his scent as his hard cock pressed into her face on her left cheek. He had the distinctive odour of testicles that had been sitting in a car and driving all day. Lucia resisted slightly as he tried to guide himself into her mouth, and in response Gio reached down to cup her chin with his other hand.

“Open your fucking mouth slut.” Gio ordered.

Sensing his violence near the surface again, Lucia complied, and found it filled instantly with his short cock. With a pent up aggression that surprised her, Gio immediately began to fuck her face, with gusto. Though he wasn’t long enough to gag her, Lucia found it hard to breathe as Gio buried himself to the hilt, her nose plugged by his stomach, and mouth filled with his cock. She opened her mouth and gasped for air as he pummelled her, and the sounds of wet, sloppy, mouth fucking filled the room as a result.

“Yeah... take it you fucking bitch. Eat my cock. Big enough to choke your slut throat, eh bitch?” Gio asked rhetorically.

Lucia was uncomfortable, but it was far from being the most brutal face-fucking of her life, so she took it all in stride, knowing he wouldn’t last long. She knew his type, all anger and swearing, but without the staying power of your truly dominant sexual male. Gio’s lack of self confidence was to blame for his behaviour, rather than an honest fetish for control and dominance. Proving her right, he stopped taunting as his breathing became more ragged and desperate.

“I’m gonna paint your face, .” Gio managed to gasp between breaths.

Knowing that to protest would be useless, Lucia merely sat still while Gio pulled his cock out of her mouth, still holding her head in place with a grip on her chin. He tilted her face upwards and stroked his cock with his other hand, groaning with finality. At the last second, Lucia closed her eyes as she felt several jets of cum begin to spurt onto her face in distinct strands. The first rope landed from her forehead to her chin by way of her left eye, the next splattered into her hair and forehead. Four more bursts liberally basted her face, landing to cover her nose and right eye as well. She felt the viscous liquid begin to run down her cheeks and onto her shoulders and breasts as Gio gasps and rubbed the head of his cock onto her lips.

“Taste it.” He commanded.

Lucia snaked out her tongue to taste his cock. She was surprised to find that it was much thinner than Angelo’s and actually quite sweet. She licked her lips.

“Good slut. Clean it all up.” Gio ordered, as he began to use his fingers to scoop the cum on her face towards her mouth.

Lucia gagged slightly as she swallowed several more mouthfuls, as the cooling consistency of the semen became less palatable. She sat still while Giovanni used a towel to wipe the rest of her face clear, intent more on covering up the evidence of his transgression more than out of sympathy, she didn’t doubt.

“Thanks.” he muttered as he zipped up and left the bathroom, closing the door behind him, and leaving Lucia alone in the dark.

To be continued...
The Cabin
Posted:Jun 15, 2011 10:53 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2012 5:26 pm
“This is wonderful.” Steven opined as he snuggled up to Lucia by the fireplace.

“Mmm it definitely is.” she responded, sinking herself deeper under the blanket they had brought over to lay on the floor before the fire.

The young couple had rented the isolated cabin far from town for a reason. Although they had been dating only a few months, the couple shared a love of escaping the city and spending quality time alone. He had won her over after a long campaign in the workplace; Steven, the consummate gentleman, emphasis on the gentle. Though he was very different from her usual ‘type’, Lucia loved having him make her breakfast in the morning or rub her feet at night. Though many of her baser sexual urges were left unfulfilled, Lucia liked him enough that she was willing to overlook it, at least for the short term.

Though she was feeling more than a little aroused by the romantic setting, Lucia kept her hands to herself, knowing that her as the aggressor had a tendency to emasculate Steven. She sighed, knowing that after the blowjob she had given him in the car on the ride up to the cabin, he would be totally drained, and uninterested in sex until at least the next afternoon. She resigned herself to an intimate cuddle instead, and planted a kiss on his cheek before drifting off to sleep.

At some point in the night, they both awoke, cramped from the hard floor, and moved into the bedroom of the cabin to sleep through the rest of the night. Lucia was not asleep long before she was awakened by a noise. Unsure of what it was, she lay in bed listening intently. Suddenly she recognised it, the sound of a car engine, pulling up very near the cabin. Knowing there wasn’t another town or settlement around for twenty miles, Lucia wondered who could possibly be arriving at their quiet retreat at three in the morning. She gently shook Steven awake, and got up to investigate.

Confused and mildly alarmed, Lucia wrapped a blanket around her naked curves before walking to the bedroom window to peer out between the blinds. Steven stood back nervously, asking what she saw. “Nothing, just lights.” Lucia replied, straining for an angle that would allow her to see what was happening. Walking as swiftly as the swathe of blankets would allow, Lucia moved to the main room of th cabin to look out the front window and get a better view.

As they walked, Steven trailing a few feet behind Lucia, the distinctive sound of several doors closing in succession rang out from the front of the cabin. Lucia crossed the remaining distance to the window quickly, and swept the curtain aside. She let out an involuntary yelp of alarm, as she saw three men, two of them large burly goons, just outside the front door and approaching quickly. They came up short as they noticed the pale skin of her face and arms peering out of the window, highlighted by the moonlight against the background of the darkened room.

“What is it?” Steven asked, the nervousness unconcealed in his voice.

“Bolt the door Quickly ” Lucia commanded, thinking fast. Hearing her through the glass, one of the men bounded quickly forward, reaching the door mere moments before the hesitant Steven, and kicking it open with a resounding *BANG*. The unfortunate Steven managed to scuttle backwards before the door caught him with its full force, but was still left standing holding an injured hand when the two bigger men entered the room. Lucia backed away from them slowly, towards Steven, trying to place the couch between them.

“What are you doing here?” She demanded, her voice wavering, just as the smaller man entered the room.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He replied confidently. By the moonlight shining in the front door she could make out few features, but enough to see that he was an older man, though still upright and with a very confident bearing. The silver streaks in his hair gleamed in the low light, and she could tell from just the cut of his overcoat that it was expensive.

“We’ve rented this cabin for the night.” Steven attempted to protest. “You can have it when we leave in the morning...”

“I think not.” The old man cut him off. “We have business here tonight, and we will be completing it.”

“Then we will get out of your way.” Lucia offered. “We’ll jump in the car and go.”

“Again, I think not.” He replied. “The nature of our business is not one which I would like to have the police preemptively interrupt.”

“But we wouldn’t report it Just a misunderstanding in the booking of the cabin I’m sure ” Steven exclaimed.

“Alas, I cannot count on your cooperation.” The old man replied. “It appears you two are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Lucia shivered at his tone, so cold and calculating. Despite the unexpected presence of the young couple, he seemed utterly unperturbed, and seemed to already have developed a plan in his mind to continue despite them. Steven babbled in fear as the two henchmen walked toward him at a motion from the older man’s hand.

“Calma riggazo. Calma.” The old man shushed. “You are not going to be harmed. You must simply be our guests for tonight, and as long as you stay quiet and do nothing stupid, you will leave in the morning without incident.”

“How do we know if you’re telling the truth?” Steven blurted out petulantly.

“Ah. You do not. But as I see it you have little choice but to trust me, capire?” The older man spoke this sentence with a tone of finality that conveyed further protests would not be met as kindly. “And now,” he followed up “you sir, will go with my associate Paulo, and he will secure you in the next room. Do not struggle, and he will not harm you. If you do...” He let that thought linger in the air as Paulo approached Steven.

“What about Lucia?” Steven asked weakly, as if compelled by societal ideals to at least inquire after her safety.

“She will not be mistreated. We will keep you separate only to prevent you from trying to plot escape. No go.” This time he was less than cordial in his command, and Paulo grasped Steven firmly by the arm just about his right elbow, leading him away. Steven looked back over his shoulder only once, locking eyes with Lucia and shrugging helplessly.

“What a gallant hero.” Lucia muttered to herself, pondering Steven’s less than virtuous defence of her honour.

“What was that?” The old man asked, eyes now taking in Lucia’s silhouette in the darkness.

“Nothing.” Lucia replied. “Which room will I be locked in?”

“Not so fast, not so fast ” The old man protested with a grin, half hidden in the shadows. Snapping his fingers at the remaining thug, the old man indicated a lamp on the coffee table. Deftly pulling out a matchbook, the man lit the lamp, and a warm orange flame flickered to life, bathing the room with its glow.

Lucia blinked as the light strained her eyes. Taking a better look now, she saw that the old man had a lined face, with the consistency of leather from years spent in the sun. His face had a hard edge that made him looked older than his years, which Lucia guess at early-60's. When he smiled, as he was now while he appraised her in return, his face cracked with a spider web of wrinkles. Despite his age and hard looks, there was still something decidedly attractive about him, Lucia determined, likely a result of his self-assured confidence and the air of dignity with which he held himself.

“Ah. This is much better, in the light.” the old man said with his cracked grin. “So bella, tell me, what is your name?”

Lucia paused before answering. She felt as if he was testing her, and she had the distinct feeling that her answers could effect the outcome of this night, and make the difference between her escaping alive and well, or... the alternative.

“Lucia.” She replied curtly, meeting his gaze.

“Oh What a beautiful name ” the old man exclaimed. “And tell me, bella Lucia, where is your family from in Italy?”

Lucia was slightly taken aback by his question. Did he already know something about her, or was it mere an educated guess. Seeing her hesitation, he probed further.

“I ask because you have the beautiful curves of an Italian woman ” he said with gusto. “Not Sicily though, or the north. You have the look of a southern bella ” he flourished his guess with a lewd wink and a confident smile.

Lucia, mildly bewildered, stammered to answer. “You’re right, my family actually comes from Taranto. I have only visited once though, as a .”

“What a shame You would make an excellent statue on the beaches, sunbathing that magnificent form of yours ”

Lucia blushed at his over-the-top compliments and looked at the floor, not wanting to spur him on. By now, Paulo had returned from the bedroom, and he and the other goon stood watching, leering as the old man questioned Lucia.

“Oh come bella You cannot be as shy as all that A beautiful Italian woman like you knows how irresistible she is She exists only to torment men with her sultry gaze and spectacular curves ”

At his comment about her curves, Lucia held the blanket closer to herself, suddenly very aware of her nakedness underneath it. Oh a warm summer night in the un-air conditioned cabin, she had slept in the nude, and was now regretting that choice. She did not respond, but stood looking uncomfortable and nervous before the old man.

“Oh but how rude of me ” He exclaimed. “I have not yet introduced myself to you. You may call me Mr Barroni, or Angelo if you prefer. After all, we will be spending the entire evening locked in this cabin together No need to stand on formalities.”

He reached out his hand, offering it to her. Shuffling forward a step, Lucia reached one hand out, her other grasping the blanket tightly to her neck. She was surprised, when rather than simply shaking it, he grasped it in both hands and bent low, planting a wet kiss on the back of her hand. He held on, and looked up at her, his aged lips still hovering over her knuckles.

“Ah, what a pleasure to meet such a stunning young Italian girl, bella Lucia. Your complexion is so perfect, your hands so soft. You invigorate me ” He added, with a lusty grin.

Lucia chose to ignore the implications of his last comment, and shuddered inwardly at his advances. Determined not to show weakness, she attempted, and failed to maintain an imperial gaze downwards at him. He facade broke as she flinched while he launched a second barrage of kisses on her hand and wrist, kissing up higher than decorum would normally allow. Determined to set boundaries, Lucia tugged her hand away gently. He looked up and met her gaze, a mocking hurt look on his face.

“Thank you for the compliments. They are very kind.” she began. “You are a gentleman. Lets keep it that way.”

“Oh-ho You have fuoco, the fire in your belly.” he grinned widely, seeming to approve of her attitude. “You are a strong lady in public, yes? And then in private...” he grinned even wider, his face a mask of cracking lines.

“Which room do you want me to stay in while you do your... business?” Lucia asked again, this time with a tone of finality. She was desperate to remove herself from the situation, and hoping that out of sight, she would remain out of mind until his business was completed. She could only hope and pray that after that, she and Steven would be released unharmed.

“There is no rush, bella.” he responded with a wave of his hand. “Paulo and Giovanni are more than capable of handling the details while we chat for a while. Besides, I would not deprive myself of the opportunity to enjoy the fortuitous luck of your company.” He added with a wink.

Lucia stood awkwardly, unsure how to proceed. Not wanting to do anything that might provoke his baser passions, she gripped the blanket tightly around herself and shivered despite its warmth. She kept her eyes low, and glanced around only briefly while Paulo and Giovanni appeared to get to work, unpacking equipment from duffel bags, and making a quick search of the room with some sort of electronic wand. She almost stifled her gasp as she saw Paulo pause to place a large pistol on an end table while he crouched on the floor and unzipped another bag. Angelo’s eyes lit up at her surprise, and he grinned widely at her.

“Do not be nervous, bella. As I said, you will not be harmed. This is only for our self defense, in case our associates choose to do business in a less than ethical manner.”

Lucia gulped and nodded, returning her gaze to the floor. Angelo seemed content to merely stare at her from where he had seated himself on the couch while the other two men worked, taking her in with his lingering gaze. Wordlessly, Paulo and Giovanni headed outside, and Lucia heard the car doors opening and closing as they worked. Now alone in the room with Angelo, Lucia looked up again briefly, eyeing the bedroom door for any sign of movement from Steven. Silence and stillness reigned, and Lucia began to feel a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. As if reading her thoughts, Angelo injected.

“Your friend; boyfriend? No matter. He is alive. Paulo would not go against my word and harm him. He is merely bound and gagged to prevent any untimely outbursts or foolish attempts at heroism. Though from that one, I would not expect any.” He added with a smirk.

Lucia blushed slightly at the implied criticism of Steven, but given his behavior so far that night, she really couldn’t disagree with Angelo’s assessment. Steven hadn’t proven much use in a crisis.

“Enough about him though my bella Lucia.” Angelo showed his teeth in a pseudo-smile as Lucia looked up to meet his gaze. “I have decided. I must have a better look at what you are hiding beneath your blanket.”

Lucia’s mouth moved, but no words came out. Her mind raced furiously for a way out of the situation, to no avail. Angelo merely watched her internal struggle, clearly both amused and pleased to see her so flustered. His tone had conveyed no room for argument or negotiation. It was a statement of intent.

“There is no use in stalling young lady.” Angelo said in a calm, even tone that conveyed his cold logic with a harsh certainty. “I have all night, and you really do have no choice. I would much rather enjoy this time alone with you, rather than be forced to have Paulo and Giovanni encourage your participation.”

His use of the word ‘encourage’ in a threatening way sent shivers down her spine, as she realized how easily it rolled off his tongue. She did not doubt that he was both capable and experienced at ‘encouraging’ people to do what he wished. Lucia felt tears begin to well up in her eyes, and in feeble protest, her hands reflexively gripped the blanket even tighter about her. She shook her head in a silent refusal, even while her mind realized what the logical end to this would be.

“Unfortunately, bella Lucia, refusal is not an option available to you.” Angelo’s face took on a much harder look now, his weathered face shifting from his thus-far constant smile to a narrow-eyed look of intensity. “Now. As I said, I want to have a look at those luxurious curves. Lower the blanket, slowly. I want you to tease me, and show me that innate style and grace of your Italian blood.”

Lucia trembled with fear and rage, wanting so badly to defy the arrogant old man, but knowing that she could not bear to live with the consequences. Though the thought of making the choice sickened her, Lucia knew she would far rather be ogled and groped by Angelo than be beaten and by his goons. With shaking hands, she slowly loosened her grip on the top of the blanket, and then let it fall away from her chest.

Lucia didn’t raise her eyes, even when she heard Angelo’s sharp intake of breath in response to her unleashed breasts. Looking down, she saw her own large round globes, bathed in the orange glow of the candle. Her nipples slowly hardened as they were exposed to the cool night air, and the flickering light cast long shadows into her cavernous cleavage. She took a deep breath to steady herself, and raised her eyes.

The old man sat, eyes wide, smiling ear to ear as he took in the creamy complexion of her 36 D’s, wondering at her dark pink nipples, areolas the size of quarters with a nearly dime sized hardening nub in the middle. He found his mouth watering, and licked his lips as he staring intently. He nodded his approval.

“As I said. You are a perfect specimen. The prototypical Italian goddess. To see you on the beach, lounging before a crowd of young men, would be divine.” he gushed. “And now, I show me more Show me your wondrous hips and thighs and bum ”

Resigned, and disgusted, let go of the blanket all together. I fell in a swirling pattern as it slid from her shoulders, tumbling down off the curve of her hip and onto the floor around her feet like a puddle. She stood, in all her naked glory, bare in the lamp-light. The slight tremor of nervousness in her legs translated into a general quaking of her curvaceous body, setting her tits, love handles, and butt a-quiver. Placing her right hand on her hip, Lucia thrust her hips to one side, and stood staring into Angelo’s eyes. Spur of the moment, Lucia decided to appease the old man, and play up to his game in the hopes that he would be quickly satisfied. She grimaced with satisfaction as she saw his jaw drop, and his face momentarily lose its air of superiority and confidence in the face of her spectacular showing.

“Dio santo...” Angelo whispered to himself, his hand twitching reflexively as if to cross himself after a lifetime of Catholic upbringing. “Che bella regazza, you are a truly magnificent woman.”

While Angelo watched, awestruck, Lucia began to pose for him, shifting her weigh from side to side with her hips, locking eyes with him, and puckering her lips. She strained to hold in tears and maintain her composure as she debased herself for his enjoyment. Reaching above her head, she piled her long brown hair on top of it, holding it there with both hands, accentuating her breasts with the position. She paused for some time there, shaking her tits slightly from side to side, their heavy fullness swaying in time with her hips.

“Come closer.” Angelo urged in a deep insistent voice. “Come closer so I can see you better.”

Hesitantly, Lucia took a couple paces closer, carefully stepping out of the blanket piled at her feet. She could see that Angelo was now breathing deeply and rapidly, and a bead of sweat was visible on his brow. He paused his leering for a moment, just long enough to remove his over coat and suit jacket, so that he sat in an expensive dress shirt and slacks, a bulge now clearly visible in the front of his crotch. Not bad, for an old fella, Lucia mused sardonically.

Standing a foot away from where he was slouched down on the couch, Lucia felt powerful, as even at 5'7 she found herself towering over the seated old man. The feeling was a fleeting one, as Paulo came back in through the Cabin’s front door. Looking back over her shoulder in alarm, Lucia saw him pull up short and stare are her wide bare bum that was facing him.

“Wow boss, you really didn’t waste any time here did ya?” Paulo asked with a loud guffaw.

Angelo’s anger was as instantaneous as it was ferocious. Sensing Lucia’s discomfort with his presence, and enraged by Paulo’s familiar tone, Angelo let loose a torrent of profanity in Italian, gesturing for Paulo to leave at once.

“Testa di cazzo Get out ” Angelo shouted with a final flourish of his hands towards the door.

Paulo quickly retreated under the intensity of his boss’s anger, sheepishly returning outside to the front of the cabin. Turning his gaze back to Lucia, he smiled.

“You see bella, there is no need to fear. You continue to play nice and I will protect you from gorillas like Paulo. That philistine could never truly appreciate your beauty anyway. He was born here in North America, and likes his silly bleach blonde sluts. No respect for a real woman. And what a woman ” Angelo exclaimed, taking in Lucia’s body for the hundredth time.

“So if I do what you ask, you promise you will not give me to them?” Lucia asked, looking for reassurance.

“Never ” Angelo proclaimed. “As long as you are mine, I would never let them touch you.”

“Thank you.” Lucia said, in sincere gratitude. While she certainly did not revel in what she was doing for the old man... wait. Was that the truth? Was she secretly enjoying playing young goddess for Angelo? The moisture Lucia felt building between her legs would say maybe, but it was so wrong

Lost in thought, Lucia did not see Angelo’s hands reach forward until she felt his rough, callused fingers grasp her full breasts, one in each hand. She gasped aloud as he began to use his strong, thick fingers to knead her soft tits, squeezing them and hefting them him his grasp. Lucia bit her lip to stifle a moan. She was enjoying some part of this In confusion, she forgot herself for a moment, and let a small sigh escape her lips. Angelo’s eyes went from her chest to her face in a flash, locking with her own.

“Ah bella, now we are seeing the real you The untamed sexual animal Do not be ashamed. Enjoy it ” he urged, pinching her hard nipples sharply between his thumbs and forefingers. Lucia moaned involuntarily, and pushed her chest forward, subconsciously willing him to keep going, and roughly play with her breasts.

Lucia bit her lip again, this time because she was overwhelmed with the sensations of his hard play on her tits. Angelo’s rigid hands were extremely powerful from a lifetime of labor, and she reveled in the feeling of a real man squeezing her tits, so unlike the way that Steven tenderly caressed them. Pinching her nipples, squeezing the whole tit, and even lightly slapping them, Angelo made Lucia moan aloud though his ministrations.

While still playing with her tits, Angelo gave Lucia instructions on what she was to do next. Without even consciously deciding to obey, Lucia found herself turning around. It was only as Angelo stopped rubbing her breasts that she became fully self aware, as she faced away from him and bent over, presenting her pussy to him at face level.

“Oh bella Lucia, I can smell your sex already ” Angelo said joyously. “You are truly a perfect woman, to be so aroused by a wrinkled old man like me.” he added with a wink.

Bent over as she was, Lucia became embarrassed to realize she could smell her pussy’s arousal as well. Her embarrassment was short-lived, and she bit her lip yet again, hard this time, as Angelo’s strong hands began to slowly knead her ass cheeks. Much like he did with her tits, the old man worked deep into her flesh with his fingers, almost giving a deep tissue massage to her ass. Lucia’s legs trembled with pleasure and she grabbed onto her ankles as she struggled to stay upright. Looking between her own legs, she watched Angelo’s fascinated expression as he played with her. Lucia opened her legs a little wider, and he took the hint, sliding one hand down between her legs, where he gently grazed her short-trimmed pubic hair before cupping his hand over her entire slit.

“I can feel the heat from your pussy.” Angelo announced. “You are as hot inside as you are on the outside, bella. And as wet as a rainforest ”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Lucia let out a long low moan as he began to put pressure on her pelvis from below, pressing on to her pussy hard, without actually penetrating it. “Oh my god ” she exclaimed, drawing blood as she bit her bottom lip yet again.

Gone mad with pleasure, Lucia wasn’t even aware that Angelo had stood up until she heard him unzip. Looking between her knees, she saw Angelo’s pants drop to the floor, his belt hitting the hard wood with a jingle. Thinking quickly, before he moved on to the next step, Lucia turned around in a flash, and threw herself to her knees on the floor on front of the old man, trying to make it appear as if her legs had given out at last.

In a deep husky voice, she blurted out, “I want to taste your cock ” before grasping at Angelo’s briefs like a tigress.

“Yes bella Show me how well you know how to use the male member. Use those thick succulent lips and pleasure me ” Angelo urged.

Wasting no time, Lucia pulled his briefs down to the floor to join his pants, and examined his dick with interest. Like the rest of him, Angelo’s dick was dark toned, with what looked like a permanent tan. Even his dick looks weathered, Lucia thought as she reached up to gently stroke it. He was about three quarters hard, his cock thick and heavy looking, but still soft to the touch. His loose foreskin slid back easily as she began to softly stroke the base, revealing a large purple head beneath its folds. She lightly tickled his balls with her free hand, feeling them pulse up and down as she stroked. His balls were larger than average, but hung very low in their sack, gravity haven taken its toll over the years. All told, his cock matched him perfectly, and if its better years were behind it, it still looked powerful, exuding a masculine odor that was distinctive, but not unpleasant.

“Put it in your mouth my bella puttana Italiana.” Angelo commanded. “Succhiare il cazzo, bella Lucia.”

Lucia ignored him, and continued to slowly explore his cock. It began to grow harder now, becoming a rigid shaft in her hand. Lucia licked her lips and watched it grow to it’s full impressive seven inches. Although not the longest cock she had ever held, it was certainly close to the thickest, seeming almost comically wide by comparison to its length. Despite being fully hard, his foreskin remained loose, something Lucia had never seen before. As she stared, she saw the flaring slit on his head begin to ooze precum, the clear liquid flowing to drip in a long line, slowly towards the floor.

Stretching out her long tongue, Lucia leaned in and caught the droplet before it hit the ground. Angelo groaned as he watched her savour her first taste of his cock juice. She licked her lips, and make a satisfied smacking sound, exaggerating her enjoyment of it for his pleasure. Lucia raised her face higher, so that it was directly underneath Angelo’s cock as she continued to stroke it. As the next bead of precum formed, she remained where she was, looking up into his eyes as this drop leaked out, and dangled from the tip of his cock before coming to rest in a line from her top lip to the bridge of her nose. She massaged his balls wit her free hand, juggling them back and forth in her palm, never breaking eye contact. Angelo moaned again as a third heavy stream of precum surged from his cock to splatter onto Lucia’s face. He shook with the pressure he already felt building in his balls, causing the line to waver and splash in drops all over her cheeks and forehead.

Unable to stand the strain of her teasing any further, Angelo fell backwards onto the couch, slouching down so that his balls dangled just at the edge near Lucia’s face. Lucia leaned in closer, never ceasing her slow, steady stroking of his cock. She pointed it straight up in the air, and watched breathlessly as his precum began to cascade down the length of his cock, globs of it escaping his foreskin on every downstroke. She was amazing at the sheer volume of it, and the fact that it nearly matched the amount produced by her once-lover Jim Bean. It flowed like a faucet, lubricating her stroking hand, and giving off the pungent aroma of male sex. Unable to restrain herself any longer, Lucia leaned in to plant an unbelievably sloppy kiss on the head of his cock, smearing his fluid all over her lips in the process.

“Ohhhh yes bella. That’s it. Kiss my fat Italian cazzo. Rub my seed all over your face.”

This time Lucia followed orders to the letter, and leaving her mouth open with her bottom lip stuck out, she began to baste her face in his sticky precum. Lucia slathered her face in it, rubbing the leaking head of his cock all over her forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, lips, neck, and even chest. It dripped and ran in places, and stuck like glue in others. She began to slap his heavy and oozing cock off of her big round breasts as she stroked him, unleashing still more precum. Angelo was practically comatose now, his eyes open only in tiny slits that watched her whenever his eyes weren’t rolling back into his head with ecstacy.

At long last, Lucia slowly lowered her lips again to the head of his cock. Pulling back his foreskin all the way with her hand, Lucia exposed the shining head of his cock and opened her mouth wide, moving downwards to encompass it in her warm wet mouth. Angelo shuddered and for once was at a loss for words. Lucia held her lips loosely around his cock, and sluiced her mouth up and down his shaft. She could feel her hand begin to prune as she stroked his soggy cock in time with her bobbing mouth, feeling his foreskin slide back and forth with her tongue.

Taking advantage of his extra skin, Lucia ran her tongue in circles inside of it as she sucked, slathering the head of his cock underneath. At this, Angelo’s eyes shot open, and he let out a manly wail of pleasure and surprise. He began to murmur under his breath, though Lucia caught only bits and pieces of what he said. She kept at her work, swallowing down his precum by the mouthful, actually struggling for the first time ever with a blowjob that felt too wet. She hadn’t thought that a possible adjective for a blowjob, but as Angelo’s cock continued to pump out copious quantities of the liquid, she found herself swallowing over and over to keep her mouth free enough to suck. Already a sodden puddle had formed under his balls as they practically ran with precum and saliva from Lucia’s cavernous mouth.

“Oh yes. Oh bella puttana Lucia. Oh YES ” With a final exclamation, Angelo suddenly surged upwards with his big fat cock, grabbing the back of Lucia’s head in both impossibly strong hands, and holding it place while he thrust upwards into her mouth.

Lucia coughed and gagged simultaneously, struggling to cope with the sudden change of pace and depth. The immense girth of his cock staggered her as he pummeled her face choking her without mercy. Finally, after less than a minute of his onslaught, his hands eased off, and he resumed petting her head lovingly, whispering dirty endearments at her in English and Italian. Lucia pulled herself off of his cock, gasping for air, saliva pouring over her bottom lip and running down her neck and chest.

Thinking quickly, and wanting to avoid being strangled to death by his huge cock, Lucia decided to use the saliva and precum covering everything around her to her advantage. Moving in closer to his lap, Lucia hefted her tits, one in each hand, and squeezed them together around his upright cock. Holding them firmly together, Lucia began to slide her chest up and down on his dick, fucking him with her tits. She moaned as he reached up to pinch her nipples while she titty fucked him, her sopping-wet breasts gliding effortlessly up and down his length. Angelo began to grunt as he watched, his breathing coming in ragged gasps, wheezing from his chest. He scrabbled with his hands for the back of her head, wanting to impale her on his cock once again, but lacking the fine motor skills required to do so as he found himself teetering on the brink of sexual insanity.

“I want you to fill my mouth with your cum.” Lucia announced lustily. “I want you to gimmie your load, pump it onto my tongue, let me taste your manly seed.”

“Yes bella.” he replied. “Yes, eat it all. Eat it all. Eat all my cum.”

Letting go of her breasts, Lucia slid seamlessly back down to fuck his cock with her mouth, pushing herself to the limits of her endurance, taking him as deep as she could handle before coming up for air. Her nostrils flared as she picked up the pace, her chest heaving with the strain. She stroked his cock with one hand, rubbing his balls with the other, putting gentle pressure on their sensitive underside. She felt his balls tighten, and his cock pulse. His breathing came in ragged gasps, and his hands clenched and unclenched in her hair. His legs began to straighten and squirm as if trying to escape his body, and Lucia prepared herself for the inevitable flood of cum.

No amount of mental preparation could truly have gotten Lucia ready for the surge of cum that followed. Angelo’s load went from zero to sixty in one second flat; one moment Lucia was pressing his cock head against her throat opening, gagging on its girth; the next she was coughing up and entire mouthful of cum that seemed to have exited his cock like a cannon shot, all at once. Cum spewed out the edges of her mouth all over Angelo’s stomach as he grunted and heaved, thrusting himself wildly towards her throat. Two much smaller shots of semen followed, both of which Lucia was able to handle and swallow down in quick succession. Her stomach gurgled in protest at the amount of cum and precum she was swallowing, but Lucia kept her mouth glued to Angelo’s cock, milking out the last drops.

Slowly, the old man’s breathing began to return to normal, as Lucia continued to suckle at his now softening cock. His eyes began to open and again, and he ran his fingers through her hair gently, caressing her scalp. Locking eyes with her while her lips remained wrapped around her cock he made a heartfelt confession.

“Bella Lucia, that... was incredible. I have not cum in a woman’s mouth, or from a woman’s mouth since I was . You make me feel like a young man again, and if I was one, I would be fucking you again this instant.”
Lucia briefly took her mouth of his soft, yet still thick cock to answer briefly. “Your cock is amazing and it is a shame that you haven’t been treated properly in so long. No man of mine would ever have to wait so long.”

“Oh bella puttana, I believe you.” Angelo answered in earnest. “I think if you were mine you would send me to an early grave... but what an exit ” he added with a feeble grin and a wink.

To be continued...
Making Rent
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A new story where our fellatious heroine is having some financial difficulties!

“I’m dwn stairs now blue civic w/ lites on. - C” was all the new text said, as I read it from my cell with trembling hands. ‘This is getting out of hand’, I thought, as I none-the-less began to slip on a pair of flats and prepared to leave my apartment. Taking a last glance around as I paused before walking out, I reminded myself that this was why I was meeting a guy I didn’t know downstairs in his car outside my building.

I’d been laid off of my good paying salary job for almost a year now, and with my EI having run out, money had gotten very tight over the previous three months. Although I was able to pick up a couple shifts a week at a local greasy spoon, that income was barely enough to keep me in food and gas money, leaving my rent, and student loan payments up in the air. Already as I struggled to make rent each month, I found myself defaulting on loan payments, and getting nasty messages from the bank on my answering machine.

In order to make rent, I was lucky enough to cut a deal with my landlord. He was an older gentleman, in a loveless marriage with his wife of 25 years. Although he was getting up there in years, he still had a healthy sex drive, and apparently his wife was no longer as interested in physical intimacy as he was. One night, after a few glasses of wine, I called him up and made my offer to him, knowing from the fighting I had often heard from his apartment door that his wife and him were going through a rough patch. I offered to watch him masturbate, and even help out with my hands if he would knock some cash of my rent each month. We finally agreed on a $100 discount for every orgasm I helped to give him, and so each month I ended up owing only a couple hundred bucks in rent.

I began to enjoy helping my landlord out, watching as he stroked his smallish cock, wearing sexy outfits and talking dirty to him in my apartment while he pleasured himself in front of me. I did not need to lie when I told him how much I enjoyed seeing him stroke, as I had discovered a long time before with previous boyfriends that I loved watching them masturbate. As things progressed, I began to help him out, spitting on my hand and stroking him slowly when he got close, letting his cum spurt out all over my hand and arm. Once, in a fit of particular passion, his cum flew further than usual, splattering onto my heaving chest. I was so excited by this, that after he left I rubbed my own pussy raw, smelling his cum still on my cleavage.

Though my experiences with my landlord excited me, I never crossed the line to doing more with him physically. Though I was tempted, I never took his manhood into my mouth, giving him head like I used to give it to my boyfriends. Fellatio was by far my favourite sexual act, something I had learned at the young age of 16 with my first boyfriend. Ever since then, to the surprise of the guys I dated, I had been a voracious and insatiable cock sucker, though only when in a relationship. The fact that my landlord was so much older, and married, kept me from placing my lips around his cock, and tasting his cum, though seeing him cum so often had awoken in me a hunger for my old love. Having been single for several months, this meant I generally relieved myself alone, either in bed or watching porn.

This is where “C” came in. Knowing I was still not making ends meet, but merely treading water, I started to explore the possibility of supplementing my income by giving handjobs or blowjobs for money. To my surprise, finding guys who were interested was very difficult. Since I was totally unwilling to risk street walking or approaching guys in person for fear of prosecution, I generally tried to set something up online, through dating sites. Most guys lost interest immediately when I revealed my motives, and those that didn’t generally either wanted a whole lot more than a blowjob, or made my skin crawl with their creepiness. After a few weeks of trying, I began to despair finding a normal guy who would want to pay me for a simple blowjob, with no other expectations.

While chatting on dating sites, I actually ended up making friends with a few guys who seemed honest, up front, and like all-round decent guys. In these cases I was actually too embarrassed to make my proposal, for fear of rejection. I was thus very pleasantly surprised, when after admitting to C that I was having financial difficulties, he made the offer himself to “help me out.” Having exchanged pictures, I knew that C was, aside from being a gentleman in our conversations, an extremely hunky black man, with wide shoulders and a body to die for. In the course of our discussions, he had admitted to me that he was as into fellatio as I was, although I didn’t let on to him how much I was into it. Knowing my dire financial straights, C offered to give me some cash in exchange for my “services.” I had agreed, and given him my number, making plans to meet the next day.

Still unsure of this new situation, having never even had a one night stand before, I decided that I wasn’t comfortable inviting C up to my place to do the deed, or with going back to his place, outside of my comfort zone. We settled on the parking lot in front of my building, which was fairly secluded, dark, and often deserted. Though C would then know what building I lived in, I felt safer that he would at least not know what apartment I was in.

My legs shook as I walked down the stairs, nervous for the act that would certainly be crossing a line I had never expected to in my life. Though I was afraid of the consequences of being caught in the act, the fact that was so taboo actually excited me as well, leaving my pussy wet and pulsing as I got closer to the front door. I shivered slightly as I felt the draft from the door, the cool night air giving me goose bumps up to my thighs. I had dressed for comfort, in a tight t-shirt and knee-length skirt, with a loose sweater on top, and flip flops on my feet. As I walked out into the parking lot, I immediately saw his car, and be-lined for it, hoping to warm up quickly.

C smiled as I reached for the door handle with a trembling hand. I opened the door slowly, and with great care not to bump my head, climbed into the passenger seat. Closing the door behind me, I finally glanced up at C, smiling nervously.

“How’s it going?” I asked awkwardly. “Did you find it alright?”

“Yeah. No problems girl.” C answered in a deep, manly voice. “You sure you want to do this?” He asked.

Taking in a deep breath while looking over his well shaped body, I answered. “I need the cash, and I somehow think its not going to be much of an inconvenience.” I managed a sultry wink as I finished.

“Well you’re gonna work for it baby, that’s for sure.” C said with a mischievous grin. “I don’t pay out for poor work ”

“No worries there.” I replied, pausing as I applied a nice thick layer of shiny lip gloss. “I’m going to blow your mind.”

“Mmmm that’s what I like to hear.” C said as he began to undo his belt and unzip his fly.

I watched with growing excitement as C slid his butt into the air, and pulled his pants down to his ankles. With glee I realized he wasn’t wearing any underwear when I saw and heard his fat cock, half hard, slap against his stomach. It was huge and heavy looking, with a set of large balls dangling between his thighs as his cock head rested near his belly button. I leaned over slowly, and took a deep sniff of his manly scent, and at the same time felt his hand run to the back of my head, applying slight downward pressure. Taking the hint, I began to kiss the shaft of his cock wetly, letting him feel the warmth of my breath on his member.

I felt C’s cock begin to twitch and grow as I kissed it more passionately, letting my tongue escape my lips to wet the length of his shaft, drooling so that my saliva began to coat his balls as well. I moaned softly as I felt his hands begin to rub my back and cup my butt, pulling it into the air so that I assumed a downward position, my head buried in his lap. I ran my lips up and down his shaft now, using my lubricating spit to slide smoothly from balls to tip, teasing the entire underside of his cock. Unable to take it any more, C reached down and lifted my head up, using his free hand to lift his cock to an upright position. I paused for a moment, and looked up at him, my mouth open and hovering an inch from his cock.

“Do you want me to swallow your cock?” I asked.

With only a grunt as an answer, C pushed my head down, and I let his cock head fill my mouth as I began to bob up and down on his meat. I let my mouth remain loose and drooled my saliva all over his shaft as I bobbed on him, sluicing up and down and making wet contented slurping noises all the while. I heard C groan with pleasure as I serviced him, and began to take him deeper and deeper, until I felt his wide cock head begin to batter the opening to my throat. I gagged slightly at his immense girth, and let more and more thick saliva begin to lubricate him so that he would fit into my throat. With an extra effort by me, assisted by a thrust from C, I felt his cock enter my throat at last, pulsing as it did.

After deep throating him several times, I pulled back a bit, and began to work on his cock with my hand and mouth together, twisting my hand as I stroked him up and down. I felt and saw his balls begin to tighten in their sack, and moaned as I tastes his precum. C now had one hand underneath me, squeezing my full tits, while his other had hiked my skirt up over my butt, and was kneading the ample flesh of my bottom, occasionally rubbing my soaked pussy. I moaned louder, and felt C’s cock begin to pulsate in response. Working like a woman possessed, I redoubled my efforts on his cock, running my tongue in circles while I bobbed, gagged, licked, slobbered and stroked his cock wildly.

With a fantastic groan, C began to pump his cum into my mouth. He thrusted into my head with each pulsing jet of semen, both hands pressing down on the back of my head, holding me in place while he dumped shot after shot of cum into my eager mouth. I swallowed willingly as much as I could, feeling his load fill up my mouth and start to leak from my lips. C continued to pummel my mouth slowly as the last of his load leaked out, and I took the opportunity to swallow down his salty cum, leaving my mouth lingering with its bitter aftertaste. I felt his cock begin to soften, but he kept it in my mouth, allowing me to suck it clean of his cum, and tasting the remaining drops. Finally, he let go of my head, and I slowly lifted myself off his cock, massaging the crick from my neck.

“Fuck baby girl. That was amazing. I needed that.” C said as he began to pull up his pants.

Leaning down to plant one last wet kiss on his cock, I continued to catch my breath as I sat back in the passenger seat.

“I have to admit, I think I enjoyed that as much as you did ” I exclaimed. “You have one fantastic cock hunny ”

“Well its always good to love what you do for a living.” C replied. “And on that note, as promised...”

C held out a wad of $20's for the agreed-upon $100. I smiled at him as I stuffed the money into my bra, winking at him as I did so.

“Any time you’re feeling in need...” I offered, “My mouth is here waiting for you.”

“Fuck girl, I could go broke in a month with that kind of service ” C laughed.

“Call me.” I said as I got out of the car, and legs still quivering, walked back to my building.
New Story
Posted:Jan 24, 2011 3:13 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2011 3:45 pm

Hey all, long time without a post, but I have a new story for everyone!

Most of my stories are now posted here:


**Note: replace AdultFriendFinder above with literotica!**

The newest was written for a member of AdultFriendFinder, so here it is, long overdue!

Les Alouettes

Although the brisk fall air was stinging my cheeks a rosey pink, I wore a giant smile as I basked in the energy of the crowd at my first CFL football game. I cheered and booed along with the home town fans, having no team loyalties of my own, despite growing up nearer to the Alouettes’ rivals, in Toronto. I was attending the game alone, just one more face in the crowd. My attendance was a suggestion given to me by a friend who had learned of my business trip through Montreal, and rattled off a list of places to visit and things to do. While I doubted I would be able or willing to visit some of the events, I had chosen the football game as an exciting way to blow off steam after a long week of conferences.

I clapped along with some music designed to rile up the crowd as half time approached, with the Alouettes in a commanding 21-3 lead. I shivered slightly despite being bundled in my thick winter coat and decided to take a bathroom break and warm up during the half time intermission. I doubted I would be alone in that decision in this frigid Canadian weather, and stood up to begin my journey a few minutes before the whistle to get a head start. Filling through people milling about on the concourse, I headed for the bathrooms nearest the entrance, knowing they would likely be the least busy.

Crowds thinned out as I left the concessions area, and by the time I approached the bathrooms there were very few people walking to and fro. As I approached the narrow entrance to the ladies room, I head a deep baritone voice call out behind me. Assuming it was for someone else, I kept walking, and paused just as I reached the door and heard a second shout.

“Hey yo Wait up ”

As I began to turn towards this new call, I felt a very firm hand grasp my shoulder, and I jumped slightly and spun to face whomever was behind me. I found myself looking at a man’s chest, and had to arch my neck to look up at his face. Handsome, and the colour of rich dark chocolate, the man’s face was beaming ear to ear with his gigantic grin.

“It IS you ” he said with breathless excitement. “I knew I saw you across the field.”

“Excuse me?” I asked in confusion. “Do we know each other?”

Seeming not to hear my question, the man excitedly went on, his massive hand still clasping my left shoulder.

“I knew it was you Wow. Such a small world.” he said. “And you’re looking fine baby. Damn them curves just pop ”

“EXCUSE me? ” I say louder this time, and more forcefully, shrugging his hand off my shoulder.
“No need to front girl. I know who you are and what you’re all about.” he replied calmly, with a sly grin. “I would recognise that face anywhere. Your pink cheeks even look like they been cock-slapped recently, just like your pics ”

Shocked, I felt my face immediately flush with embarrassment, my wind-burned cheeks burning as warm blood coursed through them.

“I think... you must be mistaken.” I stammered. “I should be going.” I started to back away towards the bathroom door, only to have the tall powerful man follow me slowly.

“No baby, its no mistake. I’d recognise those cock-gobbling lips anywhere. Damn you lookin’ fine girl I think maybe I should help you fulfill your fantasy.”

I was beside myself with embarrassment. I had been ‘made’. I quickly realized that the man who was quickly cornering me in the women’s bathroom was a fan of my online blog, and probably knew that I had a long-unfulfilled fantasy to suck a big black cock. I looked left and right, and seeing no security guards nearby, made the snap decision to act on my long-held fantasy. Face still burning, I ignored my shyer instincts and reached out, sticking my fingers into his front pockets, and tugging him along as I stepped backwards, pushing through the door ass-first.

“I think you should follow me.” I said in my best impersonation of a sultry voice.

“Oh fuck yeah girl.” he replied “I would follow that ass anywhere ”

As we entered the bathroom and the door swung closed behind us, I changed the direction of my pulling, and pushed him up against the closed door so that his body would hold it closed and prevent any sudden intrusion. Wordlessly, I slid to my knees, and began to unbuckle his belt with trembling hands. I was beside myself with excitement that I was finally about to see a black cock up close and personal. I looked up at him as his belt unclasped, and smiled widely.

“I cant wait to taste you.” I said, feeling incredibly naughty about what I was about to do.

“Girl you better be ready to open wide, cause I got the biggest black dick you’ll ever see in your life.” was his reply.

If it was even possible, my smile must have widened even further at that. I hastily undid his jeans, and slid them down to his ankles. Leaving his pants on the floor around his feet, I ran my hands up his dark legs, squeezing his powerful thighs lightly. His boxers were loose, but a massive bulge was already tenting them out in front of him, doing little to hide the meat within. I reached up and gave the bulge a squeeze, and was shocked by the sheer width of it. Moaning, I leaned in and began to mouth the fabric of his boxers, letting my warm breath pass through the material as I planted wet kisses on the heavy object within. Quickly a wet spot began to form, and I felt his hand begin to caress my hair as he moaned.

I leaned back and looked up into his eyes, and he smiled down at me. With only a curt nod, he gestured back towards his member, a silent order for me to get back to the task at hand. With a wink, I hooked my fingertips inside of his boxers, and after a small pause, yanked them quickly downwards. My jaw nearly followed his boxers to the floor when I saw what he had encased within, and I gasped involuntarily.

His cock can only be described as absolutely massive. Slightly lighter than the skin around it, his enormous rod dangled heavily downwards, its wide head flaring outwards, somehow even thicker than his perfectly cylindrical shaft’s amazing girth. It was big enough to make a porn star blush, fully ten inches of glorious throbbing black meat, and nearly as thick around as I pop can. I shuddered involuntarily, and felt his cock jump as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it, my forefinger and thumb nearly an inch apart as I squeezed.

“What do ya think of that girl? You like my big black cock?”

I was speechless, breathless and dizzy with excitement. Looking up, all I could do was make eye contact and nod, jaw still hanging slack in amazement. I gripped his cock by the base, and shook it lightly, feeling the weight of it in my hand. His cock was so large that it didn’t seem to get fully hard; though solid near the head, there was simply not enough blood in a body to fill the whole thing, and his cock remained slightly spongy near that base, making his cock dangle downwards rather than stand straight out. I wrapped my hand firmly around the base, and began to swing his cock sideways, feeling its weight slap heavily against my right cheek.

*THWACK* *THWACK* His cock bounced loudly off my face. It felt like being hit by a tennis ball as his softer base allowed his cock’s hard head to whip into me with increased force. I glanced right to where I could see my reflection in the bathroom mirror, and saw my cheek begin to redden after only four blows. I smiled up as he moaned, and stuck my tongue out as far as I could, my mouth open wide. Maintaining eye contact, I began to swing his cock up and down, letting it slam wetly against my extended tongue. I moaned as a trickle of precum oozes from his hole and slides down my tongue. Tucking my tongue back into my mouth to savour the taste, I continued to sap his cock up and down on my face, hitting it loudly on my nose, cheeks, and forehead.

“Suck on those balls you dirty girl.” he commanded me.

With a smile I leaned in, and still mildly stroking his gigantic shaft with my hand, began to mouth his egg-sized and loose-hanging balls. I could barely fit one into my mouth at a time, and used my tongue to swipe back and forth over the short and curly hairs of his sack. I sucked on each ball, back and forth, moaning to let the vibration of my sound tease him. I felt his balls begin to tighten upwards in their sack as I continued to sloppily kiss and lick them. I let his heavy cock rest on my face, stretching from my nose to the top of my head, where it leaked precum into my hair. Glancing over at the mirror again with a mouthful of scrotum, I felt my pussy grow wet at the sight of myself on my knees with his massive tool covering half my face.

“Its time baby-girl.” he said in an even tone. “Time for you to get to work on that dick.”

Pulling his balls out of my mouth with a wet *pop* I smiled up and replied “I can’t wait to taste your great big cock.”

I glanced to the right again, to watch the reflection in the mirror as I held his cock by the base in my fist. My fingers did not even come close to touching each other as they wrapped around his massive shaft, and I smiled as I flicked my tongue out to tease the tip of his cock. I watched the mirror closely as a bead of precum formed at the head of his cock, and saw his ab muscles contact involuntarily as I scooped up the sticky liquid and swallowed it gleefully. I marvelled at the stark contrast between my bright white skin and his luscious dark cock, and licked my lips before plunging my head forward.

Within two bobs of my head, my jaw began to ache as I struggled to take in his massive girth. I lost the ability to watch my reflection as my eyes squinted involuntarily each time I gagged, and turned all my focus to the task at hand. His cock was so big I was barely getting half of it in my mouth, and I struggled to regain my composure and handle his cock with professional care. As I began to calm my contracting throat muscles, I was suddenly surprised to have him reach down and pull my head hard onto his cock, impaling my face with his massive meat. I gagged fiercely, and felt an uncontrollable spurt of thick saliva spurt from the corners of my mouth and land sloppily on my clothing, smearing my chest and lap with spit.

“You gotta get more in than that girl, if you wanna be an expert with black dick ” he said mercilessly, as he began to slowly thrust his cock into my face.

*UHCK* I gagged hard as he ground his cock into my throat in a failing attempt to force the massive head inside. His hands held my head in place like a vice as his monestrous cock head battered at the entrance to my throat. I felt thick, viscous saliva from the very back of my throat begin to lubricate his meat as more and more saliva spilled from my mouth around the edges of his cock. Unable to even open my eyes, I gripped his thighs in my hands as hard as I could and made every effort to loosen my throat to allow him entrance. Finally, with a great exclamation of pleasure, he forced the head of his cock into my throat, and sunk his big black cock to the hilt in my mouth.

“Oh FUCK girl Your mouth makes a goooood pussy for my big black cock ” he very nearly yelled at me in his excitement. “Take it alllllll ”

Unable to breathe even slightly around his massive tool, I fought to control my impulse to push him away, and instead focussed with amazement on the enormous cock I had managed to deepthroat. His cock, now thoroughly lubricated from tip to base with the thick, slick saliva from my throat, still paused at each entrance to my throat as I struggled to accommodate it. It became only slightly easier as my throat began to expand and allow easier passage, and despite my horniness, I was very aware of the sore throat I was guarantee to experience the next day. It took every bit of focus and restraint I had to keep from biting down on his cock involuntarily as he slowly fucked my face.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s a good chicken head.” he said roughly, never breaking pace.

Small bubbles of spit formed around the edges of my mouth where my lips strained around his shaft, as I moaned with pleasure at feeling so full of cock. My pussy began to pulse with pleasure as I took his cock deep time after time, but as difficult as it was I was unable to reach down and rub it, my hands feeling locked gripping his thighs, holding on for dear life. I could feel his huge heavy balls pressing into my chin as he drove every inch of his cock deep down my throat, feeling like he would enter my lungs he was so deep. My nostrils flared for breath each time he pulled back, and I felt myself becoming woozy from lack of oxygen. Knowing he was too into the moment to stop now, all I could do was pray that he would be ready to cum sooner, rather than later.

Luckily for my life span, I didn’t have long to wait. After what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably less than five minutes, I felt him begin to shudder and his thigh muscles quiver with exertion. Finally, he pulled back, leaning against the door, and grasping his cock in his hand. A wave of saliva followed it out of my mouth, and I coughed and gasped for air at the sudden freedom, the spit sliding down my chin and dangling off of his cock in a thick sticky line.

“Rub your pussy while I cum on your face.” He ordered.

Unable to reply, I was only too happy to comply. Not bothering to undo my pants, I thrust my right hand down my pants, rubbing my clit as I quickly approached my own orgasm. With my left hand, I reached up to rub his balls while he stroked his cock, aiming directly for my face. My eyelids fluttered with pleasure as I felt my pussy begin to flex, and at that same moment I heard his loud groan, and felt his first huge blast of semen hammer into my face. I felt his balls contract with each explosion, and within two blasts my eyelids were pasted firmly shut by his cum. I could feel it streaming off of my face, and opened my mouth in time to catch a thick spurt as it shot into the back of my throat. I closed my mouth to swallow, only to feel another jet smack into my face just above my mouth, filling one nostril with cum.

As I swallowed, and tried to dislodge the cum in my nose, I felt two or three smaller shots hit my forehead and cheeks, sliding down to coat my face in a thick sheen of cum. I felt his cock head slap heavily onto my face, and then rub his cum around, smearing it across my face. The feeling of this was too much for me, and I felt my whole body rock with a massive orgasm. I rocked my pelvis back and forth, fucking my fingers with it, and moaning aloud, gibbering nonsense, thanking him for his cum, telling him what a huge black cock he had, and generally losing myself in the moment. Several minutes passed as I came down slowly, still gasping for air, tasting his cum on my lips and smelling it all over my face.

I attempted to open my eyes and failed, forced to reach up and scoop the cum out of my eyes. As I cleared it away and opened them slightly, I heard the door swing open with a quiet rush of air. Looking up, I was startled to see a middle aged woman standing there staring at me, jaw gaping open, eyes bulging wide. My erstwhile companion was leaning against the wall to my side, trying to regain his own strength, his softening cock still dangling free, and still a heavy 8 inches or more. As the woman retreated from the bathroom, I stood and examined myself in the mirror.

My face was a masterpiece, painted thickly with yellowish-white cum in thick lines from my chin to my forehead, in my hair, and stuck in my eyelashes. I could see huge wet stains on my jacket and pants, intermixed with drops of cum. I grinned uncontrollably as I turned back to my companion and thanked him for fulfilling my fantasy. Unable to regain enough breath to reply, he simply held out a business card to me, complete with his phone number and address.

“You need to come see me before you leave town.” he said.

“I can’t think of any sights I’d rather see more.” I replied with a wink.

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