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Ginger goes to Nashville, Part 4  

Gingercat13 51F
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3/23/2021 9:10 am
Ginger goes to Nashville, Part 4

Aunt Nancy (not really my aunt-just what I called her) was due to come back tomorrow. I was really nervous because Uncle Bob (not really my uncle- but her husband) and I had been very naughty all week long. From the moment I woke in the morning until late at night, Uncle Bob devoted his attentions to training me.
He taught me how to be able to suck on his cock for a long time and the many various sensations my mouth and tongue could provide for his pleasure. I learned that different positions would allow his cock to go deeper in the back of my throat without hurting me. But he also slowly introduced me to enduring a certain of pain and how that could lead to another plateau of my own pleasure. His spankings were the introduction. Then he would roughly pull my hair when he entered me from behind doggy style. Sometimes he would gently press his fingers around my neck, partially (never fully) cutting off some air supply to my lungs. The blood supply would be redirected to my lower body and whether he was stimulating my clit or massaging my pussy with his cock inside, I would feel this incredible intensity in my soft mound.
I liked playing cowgirl the best. Riding his cock, grinding my pussy mound to feel his engorged balls against my ass. He showed me how to ride him in reverse without hurting him because I tended to get a little wild playing cowgirl. He would always tell me how beautiful my ass was in this position, rocking my hips back and forth until my cheeks, thighs and pussy were clenching and shaking uncontrollably. He would grab my cheeks and spread them open to see my little asshole, sometimes wetting a finger and rubbing it around and just inside the entrance. But he didn’t push me to go any further than I was comfortable.
Many times he mentioned that he could only teach me so much and that I needed to learn how to be with a woman. I was pretty sure that was not my thing but he insisted that it was a pleasure he was going to make happen.
The day before Aunt Nancy was to arrive, I was cleaning up my room and I found some pieces of sexy lingerie that Uncle Bob had given me to<b> wear </font></b>when we were together. I had not put on all of them yet, so I decided to try them on before putting them away. I laid them carefully on the bed, eyeing the delicate laces, the see through mesh fabrics, the garter belts and hosiery. I quickly slipped out of my clothes and put on the set with garter belt. The bra was a shelf bra and a bit too small for me so my nipples peeked over the top of the lace. It made my boobs look huge! The garter belt framed my pussy mound perfectly and the belts lay across my ass as I hooked them to the black sheer hose. It felt so sexy to have these straps binding across my bottom torso. I slipped on some high heels and stood in front of the mirror taking myself in, feeling so grown up, turning around bending over at my hips to feel the straps pulled tauter against my ass. I imagined Uncle Bob licking my pussy from this position and I suddenly felt consumed with desire. My whole groin area ached so began stroking my slit which was already soaking wet from the erotic fantasy. I knew Uncle Bob would not be home for a while so I would have to take care of myself (which he had also enjoyed watching me find my pleasure touching myself) Soon I was on the bed writhing, my clit swollen, my pussy lips begging to be pulled.
I was abruptly interrupted a harsh voice! I looked through my spread thighs to the doorway and saw Aunt Nancy standing there. She had come home a day early and she was not happy. Apparently, the lingerie UB gave me to<b> wear </font></b>was hers! She asked me why I was wearing her things. I didn’t know what to say, I stuttered as she moved closer to the bed. Standing over me as I tried to pull the coverlet over my body, she told me to stand up. Like a good girl, I did as I was told. I had my hands covering my nakedness as best I could but she told me to let her see how ill-fitted I was in her lingerie. She made fun of my breasts poking out of her bra and plucked my nipples out. She said “ they might as well be all the way out.” I was so embarrassed and afraid that she would guess what UB and I had been up to. She turned me around and popped my ass with the garter straps a few times. I felt them snap hard against my cheeks and it seemed she wanted to hurt me. She turned me back around and slapped my pussy mound over and over with the palm of her hand. “You were playing with yourself in my lingerie, getting your pussy juices all over my clothes.” Then her hand slipped between my thighs and she brought her fingers up to my face and showed me the viscous liquid covering them. She told me to lick them and shoved her fingers in my mouth moving them around feeling the inside of my mouth and my tongue and to my surprise my tongue responded. Then she pulled them out and with a triumphant smile told me “ Today you are my little slut, Slut.” Then her mouth covered mine and her tongue found mine waiting and ready to return the pressure the rotations. Her lips were so soft, I felt unable to resist. How could this be so wonderful? She moved her lips to my neck and bit my earlobe none too gently! She moved her mouth hot and searching down my chest to my breasts and then bit my nipple before sucking it hard. Was this really happening? She moved back to my hungry mouth all the while massaging my breasts that she had pulled out over the fabric. I could feel her breasts pressing against mine through the thin fabric of her blouse. I was consumed in the moment and wanted to touch them so badly. She pushed me down on the bed and unbuttoned her blouse. She had on a sheer mesh push up bra and her huge nipples were staring at me begging to be sucked. I was so excited. She was maybe not as big as me but her tits were amazing. She looked at me and said “Do you want to suck them, slut?” I nodded and she slipped her skirt off and straddled my body holding her tits over my face. I eagerly took them in my hands and began kissing and sucking her nipples until she was moaning loudly. She said “Bob told me you were a good little slut but I had no idea!” She was grinding her pussy mound against mine and I could feel her hard little clit as it made contact with mine. I arched my back to feel the pressure harder as she yelled “Suck my titties harder, slut!” She pulled her panties off and I could feel her wetness against mine as she rubbed her pussy against mine mixing our juices, her smooth shaved outer lips brushing back and forth across mine. Then she slid down my torso kissing me along the way until she found my bud throbbing. Her skilled mouth began working its magic with my clit my lips, sucking them gently. Then she inserted her finger inside while her tongue flicked my clit. I came almost immediately, my whole body tensing, my pussy clenching her finger. She looked up at me, her face covered with my juice and smiled that smile again as she watched the waves of pleasure roll over my body.
Now what? I knew nothing about pleasuring a woman! Just then as if on cue, Uncle Bob was standing there, his bare cock standing at attention, just wearing his t-shirt. He said “Thank you ladies for the stimulating show.” Aunt Nancy laughed as if in collusion with him and then said “What shall we do with her now?” UB said “ I think she needs to learn how to eat pussy, don’t you?” She said “ most definitely!” I told them apologetically that I did not think I would be good at it and maybe UB should show me while I watched. To which he replied “ I don’t think so. Sink or swim- that’s how we do things around here.” And they both laughed again. Uncle Bob pulled me my feet to the end of the bed and then flipped me over like I was just a hot cake on a griddle and pulled my hips over the edge of the bed. now, Aunt Nancy had positioned herself on her back, legs spread, knees bent and inched her pussy down right under my face. UB grabbed me my hair and pushed my face right into her shaved mound. He told me to start licking. He said “Just do what she was doing to you.” To be honest, it seemed I did not have to do a lot. Aunt Nancy started writhing her body as soon as my mouth touched her pussy. I stuck my tongue out (which is naturally pointed and long) and it made her crazy! She was like a cat in heat rolling around and moaning. UB told me to massage her outer lips at the same time. So I did. He then told me to stick a finger inside and use it like I was motioning someone to come towards me. As soon as I did that her breathing changed and it was at that time I felt UB’s cock enter me from behind. He was holding onto my hips and shoving his cock deep inside me while I was pleasuring his wife. She began shaking uncontrollably and shouting that she was going to come. UB’s cock seemed to get even harder and he fucked me more furiously, my ass shaking on his cock while my tongue and finger fucked his wife’s pussy. My body was the conduit sending the pulses back and forth between them until they both climaxed at the same time. My mouth was full of Aunt Nancy’s cum and my pussy was full of Uncle Bob’s cum. We all fell on top of each other and fell into a nap until Uncle Bob awoke with his cock hard and ready for more.

profcoquin27bis 57M
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3/23/2021 10:21 am

splendid text, i love a lot your stories, hi from France

1bighammer1000 56M
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3/23/2021 10:23 am

I have to admit, reading about you enjoying riding cowgirl style made my cock rock hard. My favorite position

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

jrb6646231 53M
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3/23/2021 10:39 am

this is an awesome story

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