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How Do You Touch Yourself?  

GiorgioneP 61M
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1/31/2021 12:52 am

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1/31/2021 8:49 pm

How Do You Touch Yourself?

Sometimes masturbation, like sex itself, is simply a release from pressure - and in the case of men is perhaps more necessary than to women when they get aroused, just ask any man who has suffered from “blue balls”. But over and above this, what does masturbation mean to you, are you willing to share your experiences? In my case I have always found it a vital part of learning about and enhancing my sexual awareness and experience. I think I masturbate a little like I think women tend to. When not simply seeking release from tension, I will go to some lengths to create a mood and atmosphere, put on some appropriate music and, after a dram of two of cognac, or something else to hand, will relax into the scenario (wherever it is) and bring before my mind a fantasy that dictates how and when I stimulate myself. I have had more intense orgasms when masturbating than I often have during a shared sexual experience - although there was the time when a wonderful woman and I masturbated for each other, holding off from orgasm as long as we could - but that is another story.

The first time I experienced a deep prostate orgasm was during a quiet moment, as an eighteen year old, when I experimented with a carefully knotted silk handkerchief. I think this was actually my first real erotic awakening. Even now, entering my sixties I am discovering new ways to pleasure myself. The most important thing, however, is that I find that such “self-indulgence” plays a vital role in knowing how to please and emerse myself in the sexuality of a special partner. I think masturbation is actually a vital part of a mature sexual relationship. In a previous life I tried to explain this to my then wife. But she slammed that door shut quickly. It wasn’t the reason for the breakdown in our relationship but it did play a role at some level because it was actually a rejection of something essential to my sensual erotic identity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. And a little secret, I find talking about masturbation intensely erotic, so any responses are likely, over the course of time, to feed into a slow seething level of arousal, so I thank you in advance for your response.

author51 58F  
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1/31/2021 2:03 am

I have written some posts on masturbation and have another one for tomorrow morning on the go.It is after I write an erotic piece imagining a lover with me that I need to masturbate. I relax, close my eyes and just let go playing out the scene I had just written in my mind. No music, no cognac,just my naughty thoughts and body together..I find mutual masturbation with a lover the most sensual and watching one another self pleasure before we join our bodies together and make love..Love the photo and the post.xoxo

GiorgioneP replies on 1/31/2021 3:30 am:
Hmmmm ... lovely. I’ve done that too. The imagination is a truly potent force and, as we’re constantly reminded, the mind itself is the key to erotic satisfaction. Talking has a similar power. I had a friend many years ago whose conversation invariably turned to sex. Not in a flirtatious way. She just liked talking about sex and it would invariably lead inteteresting “playing out” scenarios, no matter where we were - driving in the Australian outback, doing some major sexual petting under the concealment of cafe tables, in telephone booths (remember those!) and once, in the middle of a desert drive she talked us into a state so hot that we masturbated ourselves while hurtling along a sandy track until we had to pull over and lose ourselves in one another.

But back to your response - I can’t write about sex (either creatively or analytically) without getting aroused and masturbating. Nice to know there are at least two of us.

The photo! Bit of a departure for me to use a “selfie” but it seemed to be the most natural thing given the topic - I’d also felt inspired somewhat by some your stunning photos. But of course, to rift of a previous post “I’m both there and no there”.

Thank you beautiful. Xoxo

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