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How Little we Appreciate ...  

GiorgioneP 61M
8 posts
1/28/2021 9:20 pm

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1/30/2021 4:23 pm

How Little we Appreciate ...

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jajo696 66F
4029 posts
1/30/2021 1:27 pm

I have stopped to smell the roses so to speak and have noticed the little things and thank the higher power for them...daily...ever since my last chemo 28 yrs ago. I think this Covid has made the world...pause. I blogged abt it....last Spring when i noticed the bushes more vibrant and the people i encountered ..nicer, as well as being able to see the clear skies...with no smog. I have many many sad spots in life, yet despite it all i also take notice of the many Blessings. I also remind others to take note of them as well.~~

Great Post.....

GiorgioneP replies on 1/30/2021 4:31 pm:
Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I think we can all take lessons from this, not least being the yielding to the immediacy of even simple experiences. The awareness of others that you mention is also something I have noticed too. I wonder, however, how this translates to the AdultFriendFinder blogosphere? An increase in common courtesy and respect would be indicative of a fundamental change.


Naughtypursuit 54F  
2735 posts
1/29/2021 6:11 am

I am reminded daily of the privilege I have to be healthy and content in life. One need only look past the end of their nose to see the differences in peoples plights. I think for the most part that most people will not learn these lessons being taught during the pandemic as we see that every day in the news. As for me my career has taught me to enjoy every little nuance that life has to offer.

GiorgioneP replies on 1/29/2021 10:29 pm:
Thank you for taking the time to make such a thoughtful response. I think you are correct in suggesting that most of us won’t remember - or perhaps will wilfully forget our COVID experiences. I recognised this tendency in my self. That was one reason for the post. Perhaps the recognition of this possibility will exercise a deeper influence. It does on the individual level. In terms of our collective psychologically,I fear a rebound effect which swamps the positive things (ie the return to simple things like connectedness and empathy) that have emerged from COVID.

Many thanks again.

Paulxx001 64M
21907 posts
1/29/2021 3:47 am

We all live in our tiny bubbles - isolated from anyone else's version of reality. The news broadcasts touch us if we pay attention.
I know that empathy is an acquired skill and is only practised if individuals allow themselves to imagine... for a second - another's plight. I fear that most of us are too busy worrying about our situation to see another's.
Although, depending on how bad things are in one's corner of the planet, one CAN step outside their box and acknowledge how lucky or unlucky they are.

We're all fortunate enough if we're on a sex site - sharing a thought. 🍷🍷😎

GiorgioneP replies on 1/29/2021 10:54 pm:
Thank you for taking the time to respond. It is easy to fall into some sort of solipsistic bubble by forgetting that we are part of a wider world. I think this “forgetting” is often motivated by a form of infantile denial - in my case, a childish impulse to resent the weather is a clear displacement of deeper anxieties that the “normal world” that has re-emerged in Australia is perhaps an illusion. But I take your point, an objective stepping out of the bubble is always possible.

lyavu 48F
1528 posts
1/29/2021 2:38 am

I think covid has shown the world to appreciate. Pple think they own the world but no. It is sad people have to die but covid is a good lesson finally hygiene is present especially in public . Am glad my company ensured clean work environment even b4 covid . Transition was not hard . Am glad hospitals are clean , health is taken serious and cleanliness is a focus .

GiorgioneP replies on 1/29/2021 10:37 pm:
I think you are right. It has laughter us to appreciate the world and other people. Some good things will eventuate. I was quite surprised by how easily I fell into a selfish, even narcissistic mode of thinking. Hopefully this won’t occur on a collective level.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

GiorgioneP replies on 1/29/2021 10:41 pm:
Sorry, I meant to say “taught us” not “laugh”

author51 58F  
125998 posts
1/29/2021 1:46 am

When we are blessed enough to wake up every day we need to appreciate everything and everyone. The good thing to come out of COVID is seeing others start to appreciate the little things in life that we once took for granted.Stay healthy, stay safe..xoxo

GiorgioneP replies on 1/29/2021 10:16 pm:
As ever, our thoughts converge. COVID has perhaps brought many of us back to the human - the all too human - reality of our existence: the simple things - the taste of the wind and wine, the sense of connectedness - the human touch as the Boss might put it . Stay safe and joyful bella. X

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