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Contest please  

Gishy2000 43M
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7/23/2021 10:52 am
Contest please

"Don't you just get tired of pretending relationships between people mean anything? They are not formed purely out of kindness, or generosity. Relationships are sought and formed because they provide something beneficial the participants, whether be someone speak too, someone to engage in physical intimacy with, or someone to provide support when an individual feels isolated or under attack from others. So basically, relationships are formed for self serving and selfish reasons, which is why they constantly form and fall apart. One or both participants become tired of the thing and seek out variety add interest into their lives. What was once new and exciting becomes old, and the thrill of something new is intoxicating. So whenever people share kind words, they are spoken with temporary sincerity, and later on, reasons are created justify a change in opinion. So how valuable and special are relationships between people really? The answer is not very special at all, and people value what continues provide them value. Unconditional and selfless does not exist among people, and that is why nothing that they do or say will ever mean more than a motive obtain what they believe they deserve. They are creatures driven by greed and gratification, and that is the shallow depth of their existence."

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7/23/2021 12:07 pm

The universe is a cold, unthinking, unfeeling, amoral place.
Everything else is illusion.

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

BiSussi 61F
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7/23/2021 2:52 pm

You proof it again, many people have not met LOVE in their whole life Regardless if 42 or 61!!!!!! Love is not guarantied, it may be killed if you don't believe it it and know when you found it.
Some of us find love at 18, others may turn 50 while many never find it
True LOVE is 4ever, never a need to justify one or the other thing

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

lonlyforlove2 78M
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7/23/2021 3:42 pm

I feel sorry for you, not having a good life, something must have happened real bad for you to have such an odd idea on relationships. So sorry that your life has been so empty.. In the real world people do get together and form real relationships that last a life time.. It is a good feeling to be in one,

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mufdiver69er2 61M  
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7/23/2021 4:11 pm

cynical much?

woop woop

jajo696 66F
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7/23/2021 9:26 pm

He's a musician and artist who likes to get ' tipsy'. He is asking us to contest this statement and playing devil advocate. He is experimenting ~~

People come n go in our lives...the ones that we are compatible with have potential to be life lasting. Even if the newness wears away, we settle into a mode of comfort. Feeling and being comfortable in /with anothers space is a grand thing ~~

Gishy2000 replies on 7/23/2021 11:15 pm:
Wonderful opinion, but still just opinion. =)

jajo696 66F
3966 posts
7/24/2021 4:41 am

yes....many people confuse opinion with fact ~~

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