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Erotic Stories, anyone?  

GiveOralForYou 46M
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5/9/2021 2:16 am
Erotic Stories, anyone?

Just trying the blog thing out. Here's a short story I wrote years ago. Feel free to share stories, real or imagined, that get your motor running.


Come for me

After the long winter, my body welcomed the hot spring. I went into the backyard to sunbathe, smearing on some suntan oil. I reclined in my lawnchair, soaking in the balmy sun.

In a pleasant haze, I noticed my neighbor Jessica sunbathing, too. Her skin glistened, ample flesh barely contained by her bikini. Seeing her sexy curves made my body come alive... especially that itchy groin.

As I went inside, I could feel my cock rubbing against the fabric of my shorts... every step was exquisite titillation. I had a full boner before I even made it to the upstairs bathroom.

I slathered oil onto my glorious hard-on. Eyes riveted on my gorgeous neighbor, my slick hand slid in slow, hypnotic strokes. I almost didn't notice my wife Cathy come home from her walk in time to compose myself.

I wasted no time greeting her downstairs, devouring her with kisses; she responded to my urgent need with passion. Clothes flew off us, and we panted as our groping became more frantic.

"God, stop fooling around and fuck me," she said.

"Okay... after you cum for me."


"Lie down," I said, pushing her onto the couch, "and masturbate for me. Touch yourself and let me watch you."

This new game fascinated Cathy. She looked at me and started fondling her own pussy. Soon her juices flowed over bucking hips. I stood over her, watching, and felt powerful urges. Her eyes were fixated on my cock, which was pulsing and engorged.

I reached down between her legs and scooped up her juices in my fingers; she squirmed at my touch as she flicked her clit faster. I gripped my engorged meat and pumped my hips over her, groaning deep moans. Her pussy and my cock made wet slurping noises that turned us on even more.

She yelled as her body shuddered, "I'm cumming... cumming for you! Cum for me!"

My groin was burning, but somehow I held back. Eyes gleaming, Cathy begged, "Cum on me! Spray me, now! I need your fucking cum all over me, please give me that hot load on my face!"

Aaaahhhhh! I exploded all over my wife: pussy, stomach, tits, face. Plunging my still-pulsing cock inside her, we then...

What do you imagine happens next?

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