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Motel Slut Sequel 1998
Posted:May 12, 2021 5:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2021 11:46 pm

While mom was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, dad and I went into the motel office to watch television. He asked if enjoyed myself at the pool today. I told him yes and then confessed to about watching mom and him for the past few weeks fucking in our shared room.

"Well I guess we need to move you to one of the motel rooms," dad said.

"God please don't dad. I love watching you around."

"Well maybe I don't like an audience . Did you ever think of that."

Mom stuck her head through the kitchen door. She was still topless. "Fuck that Joe. You love an audience. You always have. That's why you like fucking in parks and drive-ins all the time. You love to be watched. Now, Joey isn't moving out and we aren't going to stop fucking. Got that?"

Dad just looked up at mom and smiled, "Sounds good to me -- motel slut."

Mom smirked back, "Good, and don't you ever forget. I'm the BEST motel slut you'll ever fuc" Then she ran back into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, mom came into the office. She had on a very short terry cloth robe that buttoned up the front. She also had on the highest heeled shoes I've ever seen. But, she didn't have on any thing else. Dad looked at her and said, "Covers everything up dear, no sexy slutty outfit tonight?"

Mom just smiled and stood in front of him with her legs parted. Then she slowly lifted the hem of the robe exposing her shaved pussy to dad -- inch by fucking inch. Dad whistled and complimented her on such a smooth delicious looking pussy. Mom reached down and ran her fingers into her wet cunt and then put the slick coated digits in dad's sucking mouth. Dad licked all around her fingers. "Nice desert," was all he said.

Mom sat down next to dad and he began making out with her like a teenage boy. He stuck his hand in between the buttons of her robe and began to fondle mom's big tits and continued to kiss her hard with his mouth and tongue. Mom looked up at the business man who was coming through the door. Dad was embarrassed and quickly removed his hand from mom's tits and ran to the desk to register our new guest.

During the week, we usually have to turn away traveling salesman like this. You could tell he was tired. His white dress shirt was rolled up at the sleeves and the top button was undone while his loose tie seemed to droop as much as he did. However, this week was the week before memorial day and many of the construction workers took time off to be home. We had some spare rooms.

"Sorry about that," dad apologized to his new customer as he handed him a registration card.

"No problem. I would be doing that too if I was home tonight. I'm glad you have a room available."

"Yeah slow week," dad said still looking away from the guest out of embarrassment.

"Do you have phones in the rooms?" the salesman asked. "I have to call my wife and tell her I'm staying on the road tonight. Just too tired to go home."

"No we don't sorry. You can use this one on the desk, or we have several phones on the wall outside this office for your use."

The guest looked over at mom who turned face him. She put a knee up on the couch and one foot on the floor causing the robe crawl up her waist and expose her pussy. She then reached down and unbuttoned of the robes top buttons and pulled it apart so he could get a glimpse of her tits. "The view will be much better in here if you call her now from the desk phone," mom cooed at our new customer.

"OK, let me have the phone, " he asked dad. Dad handed him the phone and he dialed his number.

"Hi honey. I just needed to call you and tell you I'm too far away and too tired to make it in tonight."

"I know, and I'm sorry. You're in bed already? -- yes -- and? -- uh uh --
made you hot eh? -- how young is this new yard boy? 20!?! How do you know it
was that long? Through his shorts -- I see."

The guest was staring at mom. She was fingering her pussy. long fingers sliding in and out while rubbing her clit. Every now and then she would with her tits. Teasing the new guest.

"So are you playing with yourself sweetheart?" the guest asked his wife. "Good, is your pussy wet? Real wet? -- wonderful. Think about fucking the new yard boy. Feel his hard cock in your pussy. Wrapping your pussy around that big fat coc Feel him baby? -- Getting wetter?"

The guest was rubbing his dick through his pants and I noticed dad wasn't around. Then I saw him come in from the back with mom's big dildo. He handed it her and smiled. Then he walked over the guest and told him to take a seat in the chair next to the des Then dad unzipped the man's pants and pulled his hard cock out. He put the man's hand around his cock and told him to enjoy himself. Then man immediately began jerking off in front of a family of total strangers. But I guess if you were watching my mom with herself, you would too. Dad closed the office blinds and flipped the "no vacancy" sign on.

"Honey, have you got your toy next to the bed?" our guest asked his wife. As he watched mom slowly sink the dildo in her pussy, he told his wife to do the same. "You're pinching your tits too? Pulling on em? Yes baby I know how much you like your tits sucked. Just imagine me there sucking them while you're fucking that yard boy." The guest kept staring at mom's smooth shaven snatch and that long dildo fucking her. "Oh by the way honey," he started with his wife, "I'm gonna shave your pussy when I get home tomorrow night? Oh I don't know, just came' to me I guess. I want to see your pussy all shaven and smooth." Mom just smiled her wicked smile and threw back her head putting on a hell of a show.

"You're cumming baby? Oh me too honey." With those words, mom sprang from the couch and crossed the room shedding her robe. She put her heeled foot on the arm of the guest's chair and bent her pussy to just inched from his face. She fucked herself so hard with the dildo, I could her the squashing of her juices from where I was sitting. Mom was being the biggest slut I'd ever heard about. Then she saw in his eyes he was cumming. Mom quickly dove into his crotch. I knew why too. To catch his fuck juice in her face and mouth as he came.

The first one hit where she likes it to: her eyelid, then she spread it around her face as he kept shooting hot creamy cum. Finally, she stuffed his cock into her mouth and sucked him dry as his dick began to go soft. She then proceeded to lick him clean and stuff the spent cock into his pants. Mom zipped up his trousers, smile up at him and said, "Thanks for the desert Mister. Cum back any time."

Mom and dad watched the tired salesmen go to his car and drive around to his much needed accommodations. Mom went up to dad and hugged him. She opened her mouth so he could see all the man's cum she hadn't swallowed, then she kissed him. He swallowed the man's cum into his mouth and then licked mom's face clean. "See honey, you need to get an appreciation for other men's cum." Dad just moaned with delight. I got up and headed toward the back saying I had to go to the bathroom. Mom told me to stop and turned her head around. I stared at mom's bare ass in those wonderful high heel shoes as she was still hugging dad. "Are you going to jerk off Joey?"

"Yeah mom, got to."

"Want mommy's help ?" she asked.

"Sure. That would be great."

Mom grabbed dad's hand and led him to the back apartment. "It's bedtime boys, and mommy needs some sizzling fucking tonight."

Dad just kept smiling as we turned out the lights and headed for the bedroom. Dad and I staring at the most lovely ass in the world: mom's.

As mom started towards the back bedroom, my dad stopped me by placing his hand on my shoulder. He shouted to mom, "Judy, put on a real sexy outfit and we'll be there in a minute."

Dad motioned for me to sit down at the dinette and reached into the kitchen cabinet for a bottle of Jack Daniels. He poured a stiff amount into a highball glass and gulped it down in one swig. Slowly he looked over at me and asked, "How you doin' with all this?"

I smiled back at him and told him it was fun, exciting and I liked it. Dad poured another and after gulping it said, "You know I still love your mother very much. More than anything in the world. Even if she is playing around with the other men. Do you understand that?"

"Yes dad, I really do." I went on to tell him about hearing their sexual adventures while making love in the bedroom not 3 feet from my rollaway bed. I told him how I would watch them having sex and jerk-off wishing I could join in. I even told him that mom caught me last weekend and that's why she knew it was OK to show off in front of me. Dad seem to understand my explanation and was relieved that he wasn't corrupting me.

", you know if ANY of this bothers you, you're to tell me IMMEDIATELY and IT'LL STOP! Do you understand?" dad asked with a very concerned look on his face. I almost was begging him by this time not to stop it.

"Even though I'm an adult, I'm still a virgin dad, and I want mom to be my first -- with you helping. So please don't stop this now! Ok?"

"OK," was all he said, gulping down a third drin "But, you have finals at the end of next week, so after tonight, no more until school is out. I want you studying and keeping up the good grades you've been getting. Deal?"

"Deal Dad!" He nearly drug from my seat into the bedroom door.

Mom had really been dressing for us during our tal When I walked in the room, she was dressed in an outfit I'd never seen. (Where was she keeping these clothes I wondered?) She had fixed her makeup look very slutty and had a stings of fake red pearls wrapped tightly around her nec Her tits were hanging in a red fishnet bra that was attached a corset made of alternating red fishnet and heavy red canvas panels. The corset was held together with red leather belts and sliver buckles and loops. She had on red fishnet stockings held up from garters at the end of the corset. She also wore the highest pair of red high heel shoes I had ever seen on a woman that made her legs look wonderful. She posed at the foot of the bed with her legs spread apart and her index finger shoved up her pussy. She licked her bright red lips and then moved her shiny painted red fingernail to her mouth and sucked it in and out as she tasted her excited wet pussy nectar.

I was too stunned to move, but I noticed dad had stripped all his clothes off and begin joining her fingers in her pussy. He grabbed her tits and began pulling her nipples out and stretching her tits. Mom moaned with the pain but the smirk on her face reassured it was a pain of ecstasy. Dad then move around mom's back and held up her tits for examine. "Better shed those pants before the pressure breaks that hard cock that's sticking out," he teased.

When I had my pants off and shirt thrown across the room, dad invited over suck mom's nipples. I stood in front of her -- naked with my cock pointing straight at my parents. I bent over and began to lick and suck mom's tit that dad had offered . She reached down and started stocking my cock back and forth moaning, "Yes , I've wanted you to suck my tits again for a long time now."

It took me a while to figure out mom meant since she breast fed me.

Dad then bent her at her waist and pulling her hair, ordered her to suck my dic "Suck your 's hard cock baby. Be a good slutty mom. Joey deserves all the sex his slutty mom can give him. So suck his cock good. No one can suck a cock better then your mom Joey. She is THE best cock sucker in the world. So if you get a girlfriend who can't suck it as well, better get your slut mom teach her."

By this time, mom was on her knees sucking on my hard dic It was better then all the others times when I just came in her mouth. She would take all of it in her mouth and wash her tongue all over it inside her throat and then pull it out licking up and down the shaft like a popsicle. Then every now and then she would put the head of it in her mouth and wildly jerk it making nasty wet slurping sounds with her lips. Watching her from my angle was wonderful. I could see her big sexy tits showing through the fishnet pouches and just below her red shiny lips sucking my coc

Dad came up beside me and told her to switch off, first sucking my cock, then his. At times she even stuffed the dicks in her mouth at the same time. Suddenly I knew it wouldn't be long before I was going cum and I started moaning loudly announcing my parents I was going cum. Dad quickly guided mom's face my cock and told her to jack off my cum all over her face. Mom began jerking my dick faster and faster, moaning into the head like it was a microphone and she was making a dirty recording a woman having sex. Soon, my cock spurted on my face, in her mouth and all over her eyes and hair. I had never cum so much before in my life. My knees began to weaken and I screamed in pure joy as I fell to the floor.

Dad just stood over me and laughed. "Maybe you aren't ready for a woman as hot as your mom. Maybe I should get some other girl to take your virginity. One not so good?" Dad smiled at me and offered his hand.

"What do you mean take his viginity?" Mom asked with a shocked looked in her face. "The wants you to fuck him tonight Judy. Be his first. Are you game?"

All of a sudden, I saw doubt in mom's eyes since she caught me jerking off that night. "I don't know Joe. I never thought bad about sucking him and helping him jerk off, but fucking him? Taking my in my pussy? I mean it's.."

"It's about as bad as everything else you've been doing to him Judy. Now don't go moral on my now. After nearly 20 of marriage, being an ultimate moral woman has never been your best asset. And if is was, you wouldn't be my wife. You know you and I have always been a bit perverted with our fantasies and sex life. This is just an opportunity fulfill them. And watching my get fucked for the first time has ALWAYS been big on my fantasy list."

Mom was sitting on the side of the bed now with her legs wide and her fingers openly playing with her pussy. I was thinking, hell if she'll be that dirty in front of me, I know she will fuck me. Right?'

"I don't know Joe, that a VERY big step. What were you going do anyhow? Take Joey a and watch her fuck him and make him wait in the car while you paid her and she gave you a blowjob?" Mom was smiling up at now and playing with her nipples. "Or were you going take him work one day and let that big boob blond secretary of your's fuck him on your des I can just see Bunny (that was dad's secretary's name -- honest) sucking on his cock and fucking herself with MY 's hard dick while she was sucking MY husband's cock as he watched."

"Nice scene darling." Dad said as he leaned her back onto the bed with his hand on her shoulders and his tongue going toward her mouth. I crawled onto the bed and began to watch right next to them with all the lights on. I learned the art of french kissing and licking as dad started running his hot tongue over mom's ear lobes and neck, nibbling around the red pearls, sliding down her cleavage and then nibbling her nipples through the red fishnet. He went back and forth between her lucious tits before starting down toward her pussy. Dad then knelt on the floor and put mom's legs over his shoulders as he began to suck and bite her protruding clit. I leaned down so I could watch but dad told me to take care of mom's tits instead.

So dad and I were actually making love to mommy together. She grabbed my hair and squeezed my face into her tits yelling for me to bite them with my teeth and then pull on them. Then every time dad did the RIGHT thing licking her pussy, she would scream and pull on my hair. All this excitement got my cock rigid again if not harder then the first time. Mom began stroking it but the more excited dad and I made her, the harder she stroked. It almost hurt too much.

", your mother is wetter then the Tennessee River, I guess it's time. Judy, get on up in the bed and sit on Joey's coc" Dad directed lay on the bed against the headboard while mom stood over and squatted slowly toward my hard flagpole of a dic

She slowly bent her knees and lowered herself making sure I was watching. She gave a show by squeezing her tits and kneading them and pulling her nipples. When she was just over my cock, dad reached in and guided it into her descending pink velvet heaven. I felt my cock hit the wet folds of mom's pussy, cold at first until the walls began to envelop my virgin coc Slower and slower she impaled her herself on as I felt the hot, oily, slippery warmth of her womb. Visions of soft pink pillows and warm water and heavenly oils flooded over as I finally realized -- I was fucking my mother.

Mom bent over and began lifting and lowering her hips on my cock as she stuffed a big tit in my mouth. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began thrust back toward her plunging in as hard as I could. I knew from listening to her and dad that she LOVED, WANTED, CRAVED for the hardest fuck dad could give her and I didn't want to disappoint her either.

While shaking the bed, she almost stood on her feet banging her wet pussy onto my stomach and taking my cock as deep into her twat as she could. I looked around and saw dad had his finger up mom's ass fucking it in and out. I could even feel his finger through the wall separating her pussy and asshole. Mom was feverishly grinding her fingers into her clit. It was then that I realized how much sweating goes on during fucking. Mom's hair was dripping wet as she fucked harder and harder. Sweat would drip into my eyes but I didn't care. I was fucking my MOM. My MOTHER. The sexist slut on the face of the earth. And if you didn't believe it, just ask my thankful dad.

All of a sudden I screamed I was going to cum. Mom urged me on by telling me to cum up her pussy. "Cum in your mom's sweet pussy . Cum for mommy." I screamed again and as she began feeling my immanent orgasm, she jumped off my cock and started jerking it into dad's face. He was caught by surprise as 3 large globs of my cum landed on his face and in his mouth. Mom then took my cock into her mouth and slurped up the remaining cum.

The shocked look on my dad's face was humorous. Both mom and I started laughing as she crawled over and begin to clean his face with her sexy long tongue. She lapped up all of my cum and then kissed dad so he could tasted it even more. "If I have to do nasty things with our , you do too, " she chuckled at dad. Dad just smiled and laughed along. "Fair enough. Now , get to bed. You have a long week of studying for finals and if your grades are good enough. Who knows what kind of celebration your slutty mom can cum up with." Mom looked at him and smiled as we all closed our eyes to get a well deserved nights sleep.
Motel Slut 1998
Posted:May 10, 2021 8:56 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2021 12:59 am

Motel Slut

In the early 80s when I was 18 years old, my dad was sent to South Carolina as the construction superintendent of a new paper mill. The plan was to pack our clothes and essentials and to rent a furnished apartment for the nine month project. We drove out to the small town of Rock Hill and arrived late around midnight. The car had a flat tire in front of a small motel a mile from where dad had made reservations. The old couple who ran the motel were out front and told dad just to stay there for the night.

We ended up staying there for nearly six weeks because mom never could find an apartment in the small town she liked. During all that time, mom became good friends with Mr. and Mrs. Akers. They owned and ran the motel for twenty years without a break or a vacation. During that time, mom learned all there was about running the Driftwood motel. One night as we were eating dinner in the Akers' apartment behind the office, mom sprang their idea on dad.

"Joe, I always like to work and the Akers want to visit family this summer. What if we move into this apartment and you, Joey and I can run the motel for them."

"Judy, that's not a bad idea," dad said as he knew the construction company wasn't going to pay for a motel room more than one more week.

"Great!" Mr. Akers said. "We can finally take off a few months and we feel very confident you guys can run it. Joey, you'll have chores to do now after school and this summer."

"I can work hard Mr. Akers. It'll be fun." I told him.

The Akers left a few days later and we moved into their office/apartment. The place was not small. The front room was the motel's office and a family/TV room, behind it was a kitchen and dinning area, then a very large bedroom with a nice large bath at the end. Mom and Dad decided to bring in one of the motels roll away beds for me to sleep on and put it on the wall opposite the foot of their bed.

Being eighteen and not having your own room seemed like a real bummer, until one night when my parents woke me up having sex. I laid in the bed listening to their sexy talk, moans, slurping noises. For a 15 year old I got very horny. After a while, I also got very bold and would jerk off watching them. The room was lit by the parking lot lights and I could see mom's beautiful sexy body sucking dad's hard cock, feeding him her big tits and watching dad eat her wet pussy. But the best show was just watching them fuck. Mom was not a quiet lover and she loved to talk dirty while they fucked.

"Oh God Joe, fuck your little slut, fill my slutty pussy with your hot creamy cum. Fuck me lover, Fuck me hard. Twist my tits and tell me how much of a slut your wife is."

Dad loved to play along. "You are a slut Judy. Those luscious tits and that find ass of yours. You love being fucked don't you. You need a hard cock in your pussy everyday don't you?"

They would fuck for what seemed like hours. And I would watch and jerk off in my bed. Each morning to cover up the cum in the sheets, I would strip the bed and leave the soiled sheets in the laundry room and re-make it every night.

The labor crews on the construction site were usually from out of town, so dad got them to stay at the motel. Soon every week night the motels 60 rooms were booked solid. When Mr. Akers ran the motel, he would go to bed at 9:00 every night and turn on the 'no vacancy' sign regardless of whether any of the rooms were rented.

The month of May had come and my chore after school every day was to clean the pool. Mr. Akers had taught me before he left and I enjoyed the task because I could swim when I was finished. The pool was in the front of the motel and had a high wood fence around it so no one from the rooms or the highway could see anyone swimming. Only a chain link gate offered a view inside and then only from the motels office windows. The construction crews would get home about the time I finished cleaning the pool and would usually join me in rough housing and swimming in the pool. I was having a blast in our new home.

Then one night, mom and dad got into a different sexy conversation as they were going to bed. Mom talked about the 'hunks' staying at the motel during the week. I guess they were good looking, most in their late twenties, muscular and tan from working without shirts all day. Mom mentioned how she loved to sit in the office and watch their sexy bodies in the pool. How her pussy would get wet thinking about fucking them. This seemed to turn dad on. He started kissing her hard and playing with her tits.

"Damn that's an exciting thought Judy. Just thinking of you fucking those boys."

I didn't think of them as boys, but to mom and dads 39 years. I guess they were.

"You would like that Joe?" mom questioned hoping for a positive reaction.

"Shit yes you little slut, I would love to see you take on the guys, let them fuck you. I bet you really like Jack don't you? You know Jack, the lead carpenter. Blond hair..."

"...blue eyes and fat cock," mom finished sticking dad's hard cock in her mouth and licking up and down.

I pulled my underwear down and began stroking my hardening cock watching my parents about to fuck again. "Just think baby, Jack could have his cock up my ass while you fuck me. I would love having two cocks in me at the same time. Hell, we could even have another fuck my mouth and yet another fuck my tits."

"Oh that sounds nice," dad said looking up from the sweet pussy he was licking on at the time. Dad slipped a finger into moms asshole and she moaned in both pain and pleasure. "But you need to get that ass loosen for Jack's big cock. Would you like me to fuck your ass tonight and start getting it ready?"

Mom had an evil grin on her face and got off her back and nearly jumped around facing her head to the foot of the bed and sticking her ass in dad's face. Looking back over her shoulder, she wiggled her ass and said, "Yes, but you have to suck my asshole first darling." Then mom looked front again waiting on dad's hot tongue and I suddenly remembered she could see me. There I was, covers thrown back, cock in hand and staring at her hanging tits when I caught the shocked look in her eyes seeing me. Her face then turned almost instantly into a smile. She pulled herself up some more on her elbows and winked at me while she swung her tits back and forth against the bed linen.

"Joe, your tongue feels wild in my hot ass. Lick it baby, lick your motel slut's asshole," mom screamed back at dad as he licked from her pussy to her ass and back again.

"What's a motel slut honey?"

"You know, like the girls the boys bring back to their rooms at night from the bar. I call them motel sluts. And know your wife can be called one since she wants to fuck'em so bad. Now, get out my dildo and fuck my ass with it."

Dad leaned over to the bedside drawer, he brought out a tube of KY-jelly but couldnt find the dildo mom requested. "It's not here honey. Where did you put your toy?"

"Oh, I left it behind the desk in the office. I was using it watching the boys swim today. Go and get darling. Please."

Dad quickly hopped out of bed with his hard cock leading him the way to the office. Mom whispered to me, "Watch, this is going to be hot." Then she turned around and faced the headboard again. She grabbed the top of the headboard and stuck her ass in the air. When dad came back into the bedroom, I had covered up and pretend to be asleep. He jumped into the bed and hugged mom from the back. He then took the KY-Jelly and stuck the end of the tube into her ass and squeezed the lubricant all up her butt. After that, he took the huge dildo and began probing moms rosebud.

"Stick it in me Joe, Think of it as Jack's hard cock fucking your motel slut wife's ass. Think of him actually fucking me."

Dad eased the dildo in slowly, he had moved over to the side so I had a perfect view of her pussy and ass hole. He fingered her clit and slowly pushed in the vibrator until it was totally in. Mom moaned and told him to push it in and out, to fuck her, to let Jacks hard cock fuck her nasty slutty asshole.

Dad moved the hard cock in and out as mom threw her head back and started to get a lot louder then usual.

"Be quiet Judy, you'll wake Joey up."

"Fuck Joey I don't care! I love Jack's cock in my ass, fuck me Jack, fuck me harder. Fuck your boss' wife, fuck your new motel slut Jack."

Dad leaned over and told mom another position. "What if Jack was fucking your pussy while I was licking your clit. I could take his cock out and lick your hot juices off."

"Would you let him cum in your mouth lover?" mom asked.

"Sure honey, anything you want."

Dad fucked mom harder and harder as if the idea of eating Jack's cum from his hard dick excited him. Then he stood up on his knees with his dick next to her face and began stroking it. The harder he would stroke his cock, the faster he would fuck mom's ass with the dildo.

"I'm cumming Joe. Oh god I'm cumming," mom screamed out.

"Me too, Judy, me too."

Then I saw a remarkable sight, dad's cum spurted out the end of his cock onto mom's face. Globs of cum hit her eyelids, cheeks, lips everywhere. She seemed to love the cum shower and began crying out with her own orgasm. When they finished, mom turned around and told dad to lick his cum from her face. "If you are going to learn how to eat other men's cum honey, learn to love yours first." Dad began to eagerly lick is hot cream from mom's face. When he was finished, they both collapsed on the bed in each others arms.

"You really do get turned on with your little fantasy didn't you Judy?"

"Yeah, but it's just a fantasy so I can be hot and horny for you." Mom moved dad's hand over her tits.

"It doesn't have to be just a fantasy baby. I hear those guys everyday. They are THE horniest bunch of men I've ever met. They're away from their wives all week long and think of nothing else but fucking. You've seen them bring motel sluts into their rooms. Well, now YOU could be their motel slut too. In fact I would love for you to become one."

Mom looked surprised. "Why? Does it turn you on to know I'm fucking other men?"

"I think so. You're so sexy baby. I mean at 39 you've got the body of a 20 year old -- big tits, flat stomach, great ass and wonderful legs. Why should I be the only one to enjoy all that. Anyway, seeing you have a great time turns me on more then anything. I love you that much darling. But with one stipulation."

"What's that?"

"That you let me watch. I can handle the jealousy if we do it together," dad said kissing mom and playing with her pussy as she spread her legs wide for him.

"But I wouldn't even know how to begin Joe. Are you going to go up to your workers and tell them to fuck your wife when they get home?"

"Well, that might be a bit drastic. But I do have an idea. Go get a skimpy bikini tomorrow. Two sizes too small so your tits and ass hang out. Then while they're swimming, go out and prick tease them. Then we can see what their reactions are and go from there. You can send Joey on an errand so he doesn't see."

Mom looked over at me and saw me still staring and smiled. "OK, I'll think of
something for Joey to do."

The next day I got home from school and ran back into the bedroom. The door of the bathroom was open and mom was sitting on the closed toilet seat with her legs spread. She had a razor on the sink and was spreading shaving cream on her pussy. When she saw me, she almost reached up and closed the door, then instead smiled, leaned back and called me to come into the bathroom.

As I walked into the bathroom my cock was growing rapidly in my jeans.

"I got a skimpy bikini like your dad said but my pussy hairs poked out of the side. So I thought I'd shave it clean. Want to watch?"

I stammered out a grunt.

"Good," mom said with the same wicked grin she gave me last night. "Take your pants off and sit on the floor in front of me, you can jerk off while you watch."

I couldn't believe mom was being THIS nice. I could watch her? I could jerk off in front of her? My cock was rock solid as I sat with my legs sprawled out on the bathroom floor, stroking my dick and staring at mom as she ran the razor over her pussy lips, exposing more and more pink pussy as the white shaving cream was removed. When she was done, she wiped her pussy with a wet washcloth and moved her fingers along the smooth beautiful surface.

"You haven't cum yet Joey," she said with disappointing look on her face. "Would you like me to play with myself? Would that help?" Mom leaned back on the toilet and slid two long bright red fingernails into her pussy and began play with her clit with the other hand. She moaned and squirmed her ass as she began fucking herself blatantly in front of her 15 year old . God I was turned on.

"Can I see your tits mom?" I begged.

Mom's eyes opened and she sat up. "No, but how about this." She then pulled the thin white T-shirt she was wearing around the her back. Bunching it up under her tits and pulling it so tight, the material almost disappeared. I could see the outline of her breasts and nipples pushing through against the taught fabric. She tied the back and then held her arms out. "How's that?"

(I get hot to this day when I visit the Hooter's restaurant chain where all the women wear their T-shirt like mom did that day so long ago.)

"That's hot mom, that's really hot. I going to cum."

Mom flew off the toilet seat and onto her knees and got her face to my cock as the first spurt of cum shot out. It landed on her eyelid and she grabbed my cock in her mouth and began swallowing my entire load. Wow, I was cumming in my mom's mouth.

When I finished, she looked up and told me my cum was so sweet and innocent tasting. She smiled and stood up grabbing the bikini bottom. It was actually not a bikini at all, but a g-string she bought at a sex shop in Charlotte. It was made of a tiny triangle out of shiny black nylon. It barely covered her pussy. Attaching it to her ass were spaghetti straps for the waist and a thong in the back. The thong immediately disappeared into her ass looking as though from the back she'd nothing on at all.

She turned around and faced me. Those luscious tits of hers wrapped in the stretched T-shirt, the black triangle struggling to conceal a freshly shaven pussy, my mom was HOT looking. She started to get the top off the hanger and put it on but I stopped her.

"Mom, the T-shirt is real sexy. Why don't you hold off on the top for today?"

Mom turned and looked into the mirror. She pinched her nipples so they would get harder and stretch the fabric even more. Then she began fondling them and teasing them (and me). "You're right darling. I'll leave the T-shirt. Now go get your swim trunks on, you have a pool to clean up."

I picked up my discarded jeans and walked bare assed into the bedroom. It felt great being naked in the same room with mom. I grabbed my trunks from the dresser and then stared back at mom through the bathroom door. She was putting on makeup in the mirror and her seemingly bare ass was wiggling in my direction. My cock started to grow again. Mom, looked in the mirror at me, turned around and said, "Go on now Joey, before that adolescent dick gets too hard to put those trunks on."

"I thought you were going to send me on an errand?"

"No, your father was. Don't you want to watch me prick tease the boys?"

"Yeah!" was all I could say as I slung my trunks on and headed out for the pool.

I had been cleaning the pool for an hour and was finishing up when three of the construction crew came in the gate. I kept wondering where mom was. Had she chickened out? Was she not going thru with her prick tease afternoon?

"Hey , going for a swim?" the first man asked as I gathered the last of the cleaning equipment.

"Yeah, as soon as I put this stuff up. I'll be right back."

I headed out the gate and to the back of the motel to the storage shed. I was really baffled why mom still wasn't out by the pool yet. On my way back around the front of the motel, I heard the guys laughing hard and having fun, although I didn't hear any splashing of water in the pool. When I got to the gate and looked inside, I saw why.

Mom was in there all right. She was sitting on the foot of a low lounge chair and her face was at the guys crotch level. Even from the gate, I could see the bulges in their pants as they stared at mom's tits and the triangle around her pussy. She must have told a joke or something because they were all laughing until I came into the fence area. They quickly looked up at me and started to get embarrassed. Mom turned around and smiled at me then stood up in the crowd of the 3 guys. She reached out and grabbed two of their butts with each hand and led them to the pool.

"Let's go swimming boys," mom giggled as she pretended to throw them in by the grip she had on their trunks. The guys jumped in, but mom did a graceful dive and swam to the other side of the pool. When she got there, she put her arms up on the side and tried to jump out of the pool. I knew she could so she must have been faking it. Each time she would jump up, the guys would see her bare ass flashing them. She hollered out, "Come help me boys."

While the guys were swimming towards mom, she turned around and spread her arms on the side of the pool. She raised herself just a little so that her tits were above the water level. Her T-shirt had all but disappeared once it got wet. It almost looked like she was naked. The breeze hitting her wet nipples cooled them and made them so hard they seemed to be ripping through the thin white material. When the guys pulled up next to mom, she took her arms off the side of the pool and put them around the muscular men's necks.

She leaned over to the one on her right and began kissing him with her hot tongue. The other man started rubbing her tits while the one she was kissing put his finger under her bikini patch, stroking her newly shaved pussy. I sat down next to the third guy who took a seat and sat back watching the show. He constantly played with his crotch as his cock keep wanting to escape the tight confines of his trunks. I realized that my trunks were also getting very tight, so I just pulled my dick out over the waistband and started to jerk off. I guess that made him a bit bolder and he did the same thing.

Mom and her two new admirers were getting very hot. She would kiss one and then swing around to the other. Then all of a sudden she started swimming to the shallow end of the pool. The horny men swam right behind her. When she got into the 3 foot section, she squatted with her feet firmly on the pool bottom and her tits again above the water line. Both of the guys lifted the bottom of the tied T-shirt up and over her boobs and began sucking and licking them. I could see mom's hand rubbing their crotches. She then laid her head back into the water and closed her eyes. Her tits were pointing straight up as she created a dinner table of the most delicious tits in the world for the horny men. Then all of a sudden, Jack came bounding into the gate.

"What the fuck are you two doing!!!!" he yelled out.

The guys almost dropped mom into the water as she quickly stood up and stared into Jack's eyes. She began pulling the T-shirt back over her breasts and mumbled that dad would be home soon and she needed to get dinner ready. As she walked out of the pool, she grabbed Jack's cock through his trunks and smiled at him. Sure enough, dad was pulling into the motel drive as mom walked toward the office. Imagine the sight he got of his hot looking wife, in a translucent wet T-shirt and almost no bottoms at all. And there was no telling what she had just done. What slutty show she had just put on for his employees. Mom smiled at her husband and blew him a kiss as she walked into the office front door.

One of the guys getting out of the pool mumbled, "I know what I want for dinner from her."

Jack was furious at his crew. "Are you guys fucking nuts?!? That's Mr. George's wife your were fucking with. If he had caught you, we'd all be out of a job and probably not be able to find another anywhere close to home."

He looked over at me. "My god . That was your mother. You watched her do that and didn't say anything?"

"Mom is sexy Jack. I was enjoying the show. Don't you think she's sexy?"

"What would your dad say ?" Jack hollered back at me.

"Never know Jack, Ya' just never know," was all I said as I passed him going back into the motel office.

When I walked into the office, I heard dad and mom talking in the kitchen.

"Were their dicks as big as you hoped Judy?"

"Oh god yes Joe, and so fucking hard."

I looked into the kitchen door. Dad was hugging mom from behind as she was getting dinner ready. He had pulled the wet T-shirt up over her tits and was pinching the nipples between his fingers. His pants were slammed hard against her bare ass and he was kissing her on the neck. When he realized I had walked into the kitchen, he tried to pull the T-shirt back over mom's exposed tits. She just laughed and pulled the whole bunched up shirt over her head. Then, tits swinging in the breeze, she brought over my dinner plate and leaned over me as she sat it down. Her nipples brushed the side of my face and came within millimeters of my mouth. It was all I could do not to lick or suck them that close. Dad just starred in disbelief.

"I forgot to tell you dear. Joey watched the show too."

"I thought you were going to send him on an errand."

"I was, but I decided he needed some excitement too. Didn't you baby?" mom said as she literally put the nipple into my mouth and pushed the back of my head into her tit. I just started licking and sucking. I was in heaven. Mom pulled away and told dad to sit down. She came over and leaned into his mouth too as she served his plate, making him suck her tits as well. Then she got her plate and sat down at the table between us-bare tits and all. "Eat up fellows," mom said picking up her fork.

Dad sat in disbelief with a dirty smile on his face I don't think wore off for years. Then I heard him mumble, "I know what I want to eat tonight and it's not on this table."
Porno Movie 1997
Posted:May 9, 2021 11:41 pm
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 12:32 pm

Sherry had let John take her to her first porno movie and now they were on their way home. Sherry had sat through both the movies, just amazed at some of the things people were doing to each other. She'd never even thought of some of those things, yet, now she couldn't stop thinking about them. She had never thought about what a man's sperm would feel like on her tits. It wasn't that she was naive, Sherry had often sucked her boyfriends off, even swallowing their salty come. And making it with another woman! She'd never thought about it, but watching some of the scenes had aroused her enough that her panties were very damp. Was she a closet lesbian? Or just curious?

The girl in the movie was a redhead like Sherry, and that added to the mystique of it. There was that scene where the redhead was sitting on a girl's face, and two guys came on her face and her big tits. Sherry had felt like she was going to come just watching that. Now she wanted John very badly and when she looked over at him in the darkness of the car, he seemed so very much more experienced than her 19 years. John was twenty-seven and in good shape, just beginning to show some small wrinkles around his eyes. Sherry reached over, across the center console and stroked John's leg, feeling the immense bulge in his jeans. He looked at her and smiled, asking her if she'd liked the movies. Sherry heard her voice, sounding distant as if someone else had spoken.

"I'd rather go home and do those things than watch them." She said.

Sherry felt shocked at hearing her own words. She'd never even touched another girl there, much less licked pussy. She tried to explain to John that she was feeling horny for HIM, and she wanted to get home right away. They made it home and fell into bed, passions released and the heat and sweat they generated warmed them both. Later, Sherry wondered if it was the newness of seeing other people naked and fucking, or the scenes and ideas themselves that excited her. The following week, for John's birthday, Sherry bought him a VCR. He'd wanted one, but they were saving their money, and besides, she had some tucked away and the VCR was on sale. Soon afterwards, John came home (as Sherry had hoped) with some porno tapes for them to watch.

One had a minimal plot, involving a hot-tub party, and Sherry watched in facination as three couples seemed to swap partners freely. One scene had a thin blonde taking on two guys with monster cocks (even bigger that John's 8 inches), and two girls pairing up the remaining man. Sherry couldn't be sure which turned her on more; watching the girl suck off one guy (his come dripping off her face) while the other fucked her doggy style, or the two girls who took turns fucking the solo male while they also sucked each other. John rewound the tape when it finished, suggesting that they change into their robes (and nothing else) to enjoy the next tape. Sherry glanced at its title of "Erotic Short Stories" and decided that she'd change. John had the tape ready when they sat down and began to watch.

The first story was a simple housewife fucks mailman type and while it was interesting, Sherry didn't experience the thrill she had earlier. Then a story about a girl stranded with a flat tire meeting a couple that takes her home to use the phone. The woman allows her hostess to dry her rain soaked clothes and she's in only a robe. The woman's hostess seduces her and then the man joins in. By the time the climax scene rolled around, Sherry was stroking John's cock and openly masturbating herself through her robe. John was stroking her full round tits with her robe open. The come-shot had the man spurting on his guest's full tits and then his wife started rubbing her face in them, licking his sperm up and finally kissing the woman. John's hips were moving up and down as Sherry stroked him.

Finally, with a whispery "I'm gonna cum!" he raised his hips up and over towards Sherry.

Sherry pressed his thick cock against her tits, and said "Cum on my tits for me."

Surprised at her words, John did come on her tits, and her face. His sperm shot out of his cock with tremendous force, showering Sherry with his thick white cum. Sherry greedily licked it off his cock and as she sat up and felt it run down her chest, her fingers found a rhythm and she exploded in the most forceful orgasm she'd ever had. John held her until she calmed down, asking her if it was the movies or him that had excited her.

Sherry hedged and said "Both".

The next story was a bit strange, with a woman dressed in leather teasing a man tied to a coffee table. She brought in a younger, slimmer blonde girl who looked plain in comparison, but her naked form almost matched Sherry's. The dark haired, leather clad woman teased the man, squeezing the younger girls tits, and pulling her labia open, fingering her slit, all while asking the man if he'd like to suck, taste, feel or fuck the girl. The man's cock was standing hard and he pleaded to be allowed to fuck the girl.

The girl just stood there, doing whatever the darkhaired woman told her to do. Sherry felt her pussy dripping onto her robe, her ass wet with her own juice. John was stroking his cock and pressing on it hard, making his hips move. The darkhaired woman allowed the girl to sit on the man's chest and rub her cunt on him. He responded by moaning and asking again to fuck the girl. This went on and on until the girl sat on his cock. She sat perfectly still and the woman told the man to come. The look on the blonde's face said that he did indeed come inside her, her eyes widening
then closing in ecstacy.

The dark woman told the girl to rise up, and she took her hand and rubbed the wet mixture of their creams on the girl's face, tits, and stomach. The girl was then told to lick the dark woman's pussy. Sherry was experiencing almost continual orgasms at this point, her mind reeling and her body spasming at the sight of the girl. The blonde glistened as she leaned back and let the dark haired woman ride her face, and when she finished she sat up, a thick wet cream smeared all over her lips and chin. Sherry orgasmed hard, just as John's sperm soaked her tits, stomach and robe. That night they went to bed and fucked hard, Sherry thinking about that scene in the movie with the man tied down.

On Saturday, John and his best friend Don went to a boat show, planning to be gone until dinner time. Janet, Don's girlfriend stopped in for a visit while the men drove off in John's car. Sherry and Janet talked for a while, and Sherry noticed for the first time how sexy Janet was. Janet had light brown hair, and a sensual mouth, and her figure was soft and nicely shaped. Her breasts were large enough to sag just a bit, and they seemed longer than they were round. The topic turned to sex and Sherry told Janet about one of the tapes. Both women went to the living room and started watching the one with the short stories. Janet watched without comment the story of the stranded woman, and when it was over, she hit the pause button.

"Can I ask you something Sherry?" Janet said softly.

Janet was older by six years and Sherry assumed that she knew a lot more about sex. Sherry nodded and Janet continued. "Have you ever thought of making it with another woman?"

Sherry blushed, and said that she hadn't until she saw some of these movies, that she wondered how it would be. Janet confessed that she too had wondered, but after learning that a high school friend of hers had been having sex with Janet's older sister. Sherry asked Janet a question then.

"Have you ever wanted to be tied up?" She said.

Janet said that Don had done that to her once, and she'd enjoyed it, but only if she knew she could get out of it. She'd tied Don up once too and found it a lot of fun to be aggressive and dominant for a change. Sherry started the tape, telling Janet to watch. They both watched the dark haired woman tease the man and the girl did what she said. When the tape finished, Sherry hit the rewind button.

Janet's face was flushed, and she was sitting closer to Sherry than she had been before.

"Could you rewind it to where she sits on his prick?" She breathed.

Sherry looked at Janet, seeing a pink flush peeking out over the top of her v-necked t-shirt. They watched the scene again, and when the girl sat there getting their creams rubbed on her Janet fell back against the sofa and sighed heavily. Sherry stopped the tape and looked at Janet.

"Are you alri..." She broke off in mid sentence, seeing the dark wet area that had spread across Janet's tan jeans.

Janet's nipples were poking against the t-shirt and her face was flushed and red.

"God! I just came without doing anything! Just watching a porno movie!" Janet breathed. "Can you believe that?"

Sherry told Janet that she'd have to clean up before leaving and suggested that she could wash Janet's pants. While Janet peeled out of her jeans, Sherry brought her spare robe into the room, seeing Janet naked from the waist down. Her eyes locked onto Janet's thick dark bush, and the sensuous lines of her hips and thighs. Janet saw Sherry's gaze and smiled.

"This is sort of like the stranded-woman story isn't it?" Janet said, indicating the robe. "Are you going to seduce me?"

Electricity filled the air and they both felt it. Sherry stood close to Janet, the older woman just an inch or so taller.

"I-I'd like that." Sherry whispered.

Janet and Sherry didn't breathe, and then Janet's hand touched Sherry's arm. Without a word, Sherry knelt and began kissing and licking Janet's bush. Janet stood, spreading her legs slightly. Sherry tasted her first taste of another woman, and it ignited a burning desire within her. She used her tongue to probe Janet's soft folds, tasting her cream from her earlier orgasm. Janet shucked her shirt and bra, standing naked over Sherry.

"Suck my clit. Use your tongue on it." She whispered.

Sherry complied, concentrating on Janet's small bud, making the older woman rock her hips and hold on to Sherry's head.

Sherry pushed Janet back onto the bed, kneeling on the floor and sucking while Janet moaned and began to tremble. Sherry couldn't believe how much this excited her, making her own cream seep around her panties, wetting her crotch completely and soaking her jeans. She couldn't believe how good Janet tasted either, so different from a man's sperm. Janet started thrashing on the bed, moaning and thrusting her shaking hips up to Sherry's mouth. Sherry seemed lost in a haze of lust, rubbing Janet's cream on her face, rubbing her face in Janet's pussy. Janet's orgasm subsided, but Sherry continued to lick and suck the sopping pussy before her.

She rubbed her face against Janet's wet cunt, breathing very heavily. When Janet pulled away, Sherry leaned back, panting, her hand down the front of her unzipped jeans, and the other hand rubbing Janet's cream on her face and down under her shirt to her tits. Janet watched for a moment or two, seeing Sherry completely lost in her lust. Her voice brought Sherry out of her haze, focusing her on the present.

"God you're so hot!" Janet said. "Let me make you come now."

Sherry just looked at Janet, and she sat back on her feet as Janet stood over her. Janet helped Sherry up, and began undressing her quickly. Sherry's face was slick and wet with Janet's cream, and once her blouse was off, Janet wiped some onto Sherry's left nipple. Sherry gasped and felt Janet's touch on her breast.

"Would you like me to rub myself all over you like the girl in the movie?" Janet asked.

"Oh, God Yes!" Sherry said.

Janet made Sherry lay back, and Janet moved over her and started rubbing her pussy on Sherry's firm round tits.

"Oh, your breasts are so beautiful." Janet said, feeling Sherry's erect nipple graze her clit.

Sherry lay there, feeling the warm wetness against her tit.

"Had John ever come on your tits?" Janet asked.

Sherry moaned, remembering the night before.

"Yes. Twice. Just last night," She whispered.

Janet picked up on Sherry's lack of sophistication right away. She started asking more questions.

"Has he ever come in your mouth?" Janet asked.

"Yes." Sherry replied, "lots of times."

"Do you like it when he fills your mouth with come?"


"Do you rub it all over your face too?"


"I bet the next time, you'll rub it all over your face and tits"


"Would you like to lick John's come off my tits?"


"How about sucking it out of my pussy?"

"Ohhh yes."

"Or having both Don and John come on you and I'll rub it all over you."

"Uh yes"

Janet was still rubbing her creamy pussy all over Sherry's tits, making them wet and shiny with her juices. She turned around and sat on Sherry's face, letting the slim redhead suck her pussy again.

"Just think if this were John's thick hot come on your tits, and I'm sitting here rubbing it all over your tits and stomach while you eat me."

Sherry's hips were undulating, her legs opening and closing in search of something to wrap around. Janet's hands were massaging her own slick cunt-juices over Sherry's body, and finally, she couldn't resist and bent down to lick Sherry's dripping cunt. As Janet's tongue found her sopping slit, Sherry pulled her legs up high, spreading herself for Janet. Janet's face was soaked almost at once, and she became as carnal as Sherry once she tasted her sweet thick come.

They lost track of time and their orgasms, until at last, they lay on the bed holding each other, their bodies slick with sweat and their creams. Janet leaned over and started to kiss Sherry, and Sherry began to resist. It hadn't seemed wrong to suck each other's pussies, nipples or be covered in slick come, but kissing was so so. Before she could make up her mind, she felt her arms go around Janet and they kissed each other with long deep kisses, their tongues flirting and dancing.

Sherry saw the time a bit later, and suggested that they shower and then get Janet's clothes dry. They'd just finished and were having coffee when John and Don returned with two large pizzas and some video tapes. They ate dinner and watched a comedy movie, laughing and joking with each other. About an hour later, Don sheepishly said that the other tape was a dirty movie, but it was so very hot that he and John thought the girls might enjoy it. Janet and Sherry laughed, and said that was a good idea. Don
put the tape in and everyone settled back on the sofa to watch.

The movie was about a rich young woman with a house full of servants. The servants were always scantily clad, be they men or women. The woman's niece comes to visit, and she appears to be about 19, and very horny. After some scenes where the niece takes on the maid and then the gardener, the woman decides to see just how much she can handle. She has her niece lay naked in the living room and instructs her to masturbate. She also says if she wants to stay here she'll follow instructions. The girl complies and begins to masturbate. The aunt tells her to let every one of her servants have her favors, since she's been giving them away anyhow.

All of her male servants enter one by one and they use every part of the girl's body. The aunt keeps them all in the room, not letting them come yet. Once all the men have had at least one good fuck, she has all eight of them circle her and jack off, covering the young brunette with their sperm. The men back off and now the girls enter and strip. Each female servant begins to lick the niece off, and while one would suck her pussy, another would straddle her face. This went on for a while, then the aunt demanded had everyone sit down except the niece. Then she told the girl to crawl from person to person and suck them off again like the good cum-covered slut that you are. The girl complied and fingered herself the whole time.

The movie closed with the girl standing and rubbing her face and tits, and saying "I love being a slut for Aunt Joan!"

Sherry and Janet were both sitting between their men, and both were quite turned on. By the bulges in the men's pants, so were they. Janet was the one who was bold enough to start.

"I bet you guys would love to have a 'niece' like that!" She said.

"Or an Aunt Joan!" Don replied. John echoed the sentiment.

"Well, how about you play the butler Don, and John's the Chef." Janet giggled with Sherry.

"We can decide who plays the niece."

The men agreed, and asked what next.

"Strip to your shorts!" Janet said firmly.

Sherry was sitting back and watching them practically tear their clothes off. Janet looked at Sherry.

"Niece?" She asked.

Sherry nodded. "STRIP!"

Sherry stood and removed her clothes, standing naked in front of everyone. Janet stood and removed her pants, top and bra, leaving her panties on. She told the men to strip completely and smiled with satisfaction as their cocks sprang to attention.

Janet leaned back against the sofa and pointed to her sopping panties.

"Take them off with your mouth." She commanded Sherry.

The men watched and stroked themselves while the fair redhead pulled off Janet's panties.

"Now suck my cunt. Lick it like a good slut." She further commanded Sherry.

The petite redhead literally dove into Janet's cunt, rubbing her face in it and making it wet. Janet called John over and started sucking his cock. She also told Don to fuck Sherry's cunt hard, but not to come. Sherry felt Don's smaller cock slide into her drenched pussy, and begin pumping her. She felt like she was in heaven. The room filled with the warm scent of sex, and they were all feeling it quite heavily.

Janet made Sherry suck her while John slammed her cunt from behind, and all the while Janet told Sherry that she had to lick John's cum from her cunt. Sherry was all primed, but at the last minute, Janet changed her mind. She had both men kneel on either side of Sherry. She told Sherry that the guys would jack off on her tits, only if she gave them the proper encouragement. Sherry laid back and rubbed her tits, and her pussy, telling the men that she wanted them to come on her tits. Janet told her that wasn't good enough, to try harder, whispering something into Sherry's ear.

Sherry started again. "I want your cum! All over me! Janet wants to suck a hot cum-covered slut. Make me your hot cum-covered slut tonight so Janet will suck my cunt! I'm so wet! I'll suck Janet's cunt for you, or her tits, or rub my sperm covered tits in her face for you. I'll do anything if you'll shoot your hot cum on me!"

Both men released a torrent of hot sperm onto Sherry's face and tits. She moaned and orgasmed right away, her hips rising and her whole body shuddered as stream after stream coursed over her. Both men sat back.

"Let her lick your cocks off." Janet commanded.

The both moved up and Sherry licked them off, tasting the come of two men. When she'd finished, Janet, who'd been fingering herself while watching, straddled her face, and sat just about two inches too high.

"Lick me with your come-coated tongue you hot slut! Lick my cunt! Make me cum in your face."

Sherry pulled her down and started sucking. Janet's hands began rubbing the sperm over Sherry's tits, and rubbing some on her own bigger tits as well. She reached down and fingered Sherry's orange-red bush, triggering Sherry's orgasm. Janet laid down on top of Sherry, feeling their bodies slide wetly over each other. Janet's tongue found the younger girl's clit, peeking out from behind her orange bush. She sucked and licked, her own juices flowing freely into Sherry's mouth. Both girls began to come, racing each other to a orgasm. They both came almost together, moaning and writhing on the floor, their cum-lathered bodies slipping over each other.

Finally satisfied, everyone laid back and began to relax by their mates. Sherry looked at Janet a short time later while the men were dozing and licked her lips, mouthing the question "tomorrow?" and seeing Janet lick her lips as she nodded. Sherry looked at the VCR and decided that it was really the best thing she'd ever purchased in her life.
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Erotic Stories, anyone?
Posted:May 9, 2021 2:16 am
Last Updated:May 9, 2021 11:44 pm

Just trying the blog thing out. Here's a short story I wrote years ago. Feel free to share stories, real or imagined, that get your motor running.


Come for me

After the long winter, my body welcomed the hot spring. I went into the backyard to sunbathe, smearing on some suntan oil. I reclined in my lawnchair, soaking in the balmy sun.

In a pleasant haze, I noticed my neighbor Jessica sunbathing, too. Her skin glistened, ample flesh barely contained by her bikini. Seeing her sexy curves made my body come alive... especially that itchy groin.

As I went inside, I could feel my cock rubbing against the fabric of my shorts... every step was exquisite titillation. I had a full boner before I even made it to the upstairs bathroom.

I slathered oil onto my glorious hard-on. Eyes riveted on my gorgeous neighbor, my slick hand slid in slow, hypnotic strokes. I almost didn't notice my wife Cathy come home from her walk in time to compose myself.

I wasted no time greeting her downstairs, devouring her with kisses; she responded to my urgent need with passion. Clothes flew off us, and we panted as our groping became more frantic.

"God, stop fooling around and fuck me," she said.

"Okay... after you cum for me."


"Lie down," I said, pushing her onto the couch, "and masturbate for me. Touch yourself and let me watch you."

This new game fascinated Cathy. She looked at me and started fondling her own pussy. Soon her juices flowed over bucking hips. I stood over her, watching, and felt powerful urges. Her eyes were fixated on my cock, which was pulsing and engorged.

I reached down between her legs and scooped up her juices in my fingers; she squirmed at my touch as she flicked her clit faster. I gripped my engorged meat and pumped my hips over her, groaning deep moans. Her pussy and my cock made wet slurping noises that turned us on even more.

She yelled as her body shuddered, "I'm cumming... cumming for you! Cum for me!"

My groin was burning, but somehow I held back. Eyes gleaming, Cathy begged, "Cum on me! Spray me, now! I need your fucking cum all over me, please give me that hot load on my face!"

Aaaahhhhh! I exploded all over my wife: pussy, stomach, tits, face. Plunging my still-pulsing cock inside her, we then...

What do you imagine happens next?

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