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Fun with you  

GiverofOs57 63M
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9/3/2019 11:56 am
Fun with you

She lays down on the bed for me…opening her legs enough to show me the glistening on her lips. Standing at the end of the bed looking down at her, I see her look at my hardness as I lift one of her feet to my mouth, stroking her calf I kiss her foot then put her toe into my mouth. My eyes are on her body the entire time. I see her nipples getting harder with each<b> stroke </font></b>of my hand on her leg. Dropping to my knees I pull her legs towards me so that they are over my shoulders. I kiss her inner knees then work my way down her inner thighs to her glistening puffy pussy lips. I pull her towards me more so that her ass is at the edge of the bed not. Pushing her legs up and back I see her openings. Starting low I circle her anus with my tongue then<b> stroke </font></b>it through her lips, getting my first taste of her juices. I feel the rings in her labia as my tongue slides through them towards her hooded clit. Spreading her legs more I push her pierced hood with my tongue so I can suck her clit into my mouth. Flicking the piercing on her hood with my tongue as I<b> stroke </font></b>her clit is such a turn on. I just start playing with the little dumbbell she has there. Tapping it against my teeth, making sure my tongue strokes her clit each time I flick her piercing. I could play with this for a long time. Reaching around her legs my left hand finds her nipple as my other hand slides two fingers inside of her wet pussy. I make a come here motion with my fingers as I suck and lick her clit. Rubbing her g-spot with my fingers, she lifts her hips into my mouth. Her feet are on my back as she arches her back even more. Keeping my eyes on her face I can see the pleasure she is getting from my tongue, lips and fingers. I can see and hear the first gush of her orgasm before I can get a face full of her pleasure. I suck harder on her clit and work my hand and fingers even harder and faster. The next gush comes even faster and harder. My chin is dripping with her juices now. My chest is covered from her squirt. Faster and harder my hand and tongue work together on her. Her tits are heaving with deep breaths between her orgasms. She reaches down with her hands and push my face even more into her soaking wet pussy now. I can feel my cock throbbing with anticipation of filling her but for now I want to keep sucking and eating her. Her head starts to thrash side to side as another hard orgasm washes through her in to me. Another gush of her juices squirts out of her. I pull my fingers out of her pussy as my tongue takes their place. Pinching her nipples hard enough to know they hurt I slide my thumb into her ass as I continue to tongue fuck her with all my pleasure and passion. Her hips are bucking hard against my face as I keep licking and exploring her with my tongue. She tries to pull my face out of her pussy but I just hold her hands down tights and keep eating her with all I have. I can feel her thighs squeezing my head, trying to close her legs to me. I keep going. Her cries and moans are deafening now. They just drive me on.
I finally pull me face away from her and can feel her juices dripping from my chin and face, running down my chest. Pushing her legs back against her chest I push my cock against her ass and rub the juices that have flowed from her…then with one hard thrust I am inside her pussy, feeling it squeeze me hard as I move in and out of her, my thumb rubbing her clit, watcher her body jerk with each hard-thrust inside of her. I can hear the sucking sound of our fucking. I can smell her juices as they mix with my sweat. I can taster he on my lips, My thrusts go deeper and hard with each<b> stroke. </font></b>Her feet are on my ass pulling me in hard and deeper. I am hypnotized looking at her breast sway with each<b> stroke </font></b>of my cock inside her tight throbbing pussy.

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