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replied to a reddit post the other day.  

GoJoeGo35 58M  
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8/4/2020 6:38 pm
replied to a reddit post the other day.

The post said: Be fucked over my desk is one of my biggest fantasies. Being the owner, I sometimes just crave being used. What would you do with me? 43 (f)

I would walk into your office dressed to the 9's

I would stand the whole time. I would come around the desk and invade your space with my cock leading the way, so it was in front of your face.

I would take your hand in mine and lift you up then lean in and tell you "that you and your company are essential to my plans for the near future BUT that to get my business your company has to be willing and albe to do EVERYTHING I tell you in JUST THE WAY I tell you.

Then while I was pushed close with your tits rubbing against my suit I would tell you that YOU will have to work for it. I would tell you to
turn around and lift your skirt. Then I would grab you around the throat with one hand While I used my other hand to place each of your hands flat on your desk, using the hand around your neck I would pull your head back toward mine until my face was buried in your hair and your ear was close enough to hear me. Then with low no backtalk voice I would say "your hand must stay on the desk at all times unless I tell you other wise or you will be spanked."I would tell you "don't to make a sound or we will call your secratary in, spread your legs and push your nasty slut ass out where I can get my finger in it."

Then I will slide my other hand down the back of your panties. I would breathe heavy in your ear and down your neck nibbling your ear and neck the whole time.

I would dip my finger into your wet pussy and then slide it back to your tight asshole and rub the juice all over your anus to lube you up.
I would do this 2 or three times, until I had worked my finger up your ass.

Then once I had you pretty lubed up I would take out my finger and put it in your mouth.

Once it was nice and wet I would grab one of your hands and pull it behind you and make you rub my throbbing cock. I would take your hand hold it to your face and make you spit in it. While YOU were doing that I would unzip my pants and let my cock out. I would tell you to rub the spit all over my dick.
You would reach your hand around and rub your spit on my cock.Once it was nice and wet I would push your face against the desk and pull your panties to the side and push my cock up that sweet wet ass of yours. I would hold you pinned against the desk while I fucked you. I would tell you to use your other hand to play with your cunt. I would spank that lilly white ass until it looked like a strawberry and fucked you until I felt your tight ass cum around my cock.

Then I would would give one last push and empty my<b> balls </font></b>up your tight pretty ass hole.

When I was done I would tell you to go stand in front of the window and take your panties off while you stood there. I would make you wipe your ass with your panties and then lick the cum off your panties while you stood at the window.

Then while you were facing away, I would come up behind you and whisper in your ear "you are so nasty, now everyone that passed your window knows it to, I will have to come back before I can make my decision, keep facing the window"

Then with a VERY NAUGHTY smile on my face and thinking about what might happen next time, I would zip up my fly and walk out your office door.

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