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Being Taken In My Red Panties  

Good_Guy_7259 61M  
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6/9/2020 10:28 pm
Being Taken In My Red Panties

I agreed to meet him in my motel room. He said he likes his bitch to dress up, so I’m wearing my sexy red nylons, red thong panties, and my sexy nightie. I’ve even put on my stiletto “fuck me” shoes. I’m lying on the bed trembling, thinking about what’s going to happen….. A light knock on the door, signals my sensual night is about to begin. I walk over to the door, and strike my sexiest pose, and open the door.

GOD, he’s wearing tight shorts, and a tank top! His muscles even more delicious than his pics, and I can see a nice package bulge between his legs. Must be the spandex. I turn slowly, and as sexy as I can, and take a few steps into the room, showing off my legs and butt. I didn’t even hear the door close, or him come up behind me and grab me.

His body feels so Hot pressed against me, and his hands seem to be caressing all of my body, as he nuzzles my neck, and grunts, then his hands slide inside my panties and caress my cock GOD this guy’s not wasting any time, I Love It! Then he removes his hands, leaving me hot and horny.

He spins me around, grabbing handfuls of my ass, as he plunges his tongue into my mouth in a deep French kiss, as his hands again slide into my panties, and caress my hot pussy hole. Obviously, this guy is intent on making me his slut! He peels off my red nightie, then throws me onto the bed on my back. Then he grabs my panties, and rips them off. I now know that I’m to be fucked like the horny bitch that I am. I want his cock badly.

Leaving on my nylons and stiletto slut shoes, He leans over, raises my legs on his shoulders, and I feel his tongue slide into my hole! OH MY GOD, his tongue feels so good, and the way he’s using it on my pussy hole, is making hard, and driving crazy. The more I gyrate my hips, the deeper he plunges his tongue, until I can’t take it anymore.

Then he moves higher, and I open my eyes to see his cockhead at my lips. I open my mouth to receive the gift he’s giving me. I lick his shaft, and worship his cock, sucking him, deeper and deeper into my mouth. I can feel him getting harder as he pumps in and out, fucking my mouth.

Then he pulls out, repositions himself, looking deeply into my eyes, I can feel his cockhead at my pussy entrance, then he kisses deeply, as his cock slides into me. GOD the feeling is FANTASTIC! His cock is nice sized, but not too big, and I can feel him slightly stretching my tight pussy hole as he goes deeper, slowly withdrawing slightly then going deeper and deeper with each stoke. My cock is leaking all over the place, and now he slides his hand over my cock, and starts to<b> stroke </font></b>me, as we begin to fuck.

Oh God how we fucked. Our bodies entwined, I accepted his cock, and engulfed him with my body, fucking, fucking, the feel of my nylons sliding against his skin as he took me, and made his fucking bitch. I started raising my hips to meet his thrusts, and he started hitting that special spot deep within me.

I started to moan, as he is fucking me now deep and hard, again, and again, and again, the temperature rising, our bodies straining, then he whispers, “I’m going to CUM HARD in you”!!! So I grab his ass cheeks and pull him as deep into me as I can, as my cock starts to shoot Hot Cum, and my pussy hole spasms and squeezes around his cock as I feel his jets of cum exploding into me.

As we slowly come down from our sexual caressing each other as we recover our breath, he says….. “Ready for round 2”?

Good_Guy_7259 61M  
6 posts
6/12/2020 9:40 pm

Anyone want to rip my panties off, make me suck their balls and cock to hardness, then Fuck my Hot Tight Hole? I need some cock badly

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