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What's your fantasy???  

Goodnessgodess 50F  
101 posts
10/12/2020 1:07 pm
What's your fantasy???

I have a few fantasy's because porn has filled my head with unachievable turn ons.

1. be used by some men (2-3)..
2. have a bi threesome... (MMF and FFM and FFMM)..
3. Gang creampie...
4. be part of a swingers club...
5. be dp'd
6. . eat pussy

Don't ask because it's not going happen. Just sharing what I think about.. What do you think about?

mc_justmc 60M  
6816 posts
10/12/2020 1:54 pm

I've done all the combinations of #2, but not bi
been to several swingers clubs
never dp'd a girl, always wanted to do that.
went to one multiple couple swap party, that was fun

justaguyinalaska 54M  
840 posts
10/12/2020 3:06 pm

My experience is that there is a direct correlation between one's intellect and the likelihood that one inhabits a Woody Allen movie. Which brings us to the beauty and the terror of fantasies.

A well-executed porno arouses our appetites for the *beauty* of kink and the extreme.

Our common sense warns us that *our* experience in such indulgences will not only fail to live up to the hype, but prove *terrifyingly* miserable and traumatic.

I'm with you in sticking with my orgasmatron.

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10/12/2020 3:50 pm



jolielaide 49F  
1548 posts
10/12/2020 8:51 pm

win the lottery seriously

SpinyLizard 66M
75 posts
10/30/2020 2:44 pm

That’s a great list. They are fantasy for sure.

I like the idea of 69ing a woman while another man’s cock is in her pussy.

DP would be fun to try with the right people.

I think about and do eat cream pies.

My only MFM was oral only. His wife and I gave him a double team blow job. Then we played with his cum dribbling it back and forth with each other. He wasn’t into giving me a bj, so She did, then kissed me with her mouth full of my cum.

I also think of having a wet pussy sitting on my face a lot.


youwontregret1t 47M
3 posts
11/11/2020 6:14 am

First, those are all totally achievable fantasies. What I think about? It was an experience with someone I met here where she was going down on me while riding my fingers until my fist slipped in, and kept going down on me without missing a beat while her squirting just kept flowing down my arm. Later, I asked her to bring out her favorite dildo - she took out a huge one - and I DP'd her for at least a half hour. We both came a bunch of times over 3 hours, and it was a night to remember. Like I said, anything is possible.

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