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Nylon Punkie
Posted:Jul 8, 2020 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 1:42 pm

I realised that people who can't read my profile may come here to look me up, this is a note from my page:

"If you get to read this (AdultFriendFinder does not want you to look up profiles) the IM chat thing does not work for me (thanks AdultFriendFinder) ~ I am not ignoring you. I would say send me a message but AdultFriendFinder does not want people sending each other messages ~ I would say look up my dirty stories but AdultFriendFinder keeps rejecting them. It is all bit Ho Hum. Thanks for nothing AdultFriendFinder."

Please look up my dirty stories at Literotica, there I go by nylonpunkie, I often chat there too if you want to chew the fat.

Take care, X
Annoying twats.
Posted:Jun 26, 2020 2:28 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 3:39 pm

I had a blog denied on the basis of "hate, weapons, under age" ~ things I've never written about .

Neither would I encourage anyone take an interest in either of those subjects.

I simply can't imagine what the idiots are on about now.
My latest story is about a sexy old lady
Posted:May 25, 2020 4:22 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 5:14 pm

Let's try this again, let's see if AdultFriendFinder allows it


MY latest story is about a seventy year old woman who joins a young sexy couple for some threesome frolics.

In case they garbage the link again,

My name at Literotica is nylonpunkie,
and the story is called
Mama Gem Becomes a Unicorn
New Story - Would love some feedback
Posted:May 3, 2020 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2020 5:44 pm

I have published a new story (still don't know why AdultFriendFinder won't let publish them here) at another dirty website:


It's called Yakov's Mom,
it's about becoming infatuated with your best friend's mother.

I'd love know what people think of it.

XX Rachael
Writing Filthy Stories
Posted:Apr 3, 2020 1:42 pm
Last Updated:May 29, 2020 7:21 pm

Been spending my idle hours penning some extreme filth.

I tried to publish some here but they were declined (for being too naughty?) so I have been lurking on other sites and publishing them there.

I anyone wants to read my stories I will happily share a link with them.

Take care,

Rachael, x
The Old Fellah Needs a Hand
Posted:Jan 25, 2019 6:00 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2020 3:30 pm

In the block of flats where I used to live, our family was friendly with an guy lived a few doors down. I used to visit him fairly regularly for a cup of tea and a laugh. He always told the dirtiest jokes I’d ever heard. One morning my Mum told he’d had a nasty fall down the stairs and I should go see him to cheer him .

Later, I knocked on his door then burst into laughter at the sight of his heavily bandaged form, both arms wrapped in white and hanging from a sling, struggling comically to open the door.
"Don't take the piss." he grumbled.
"Sorry Gramps," I followed him into his flat, "I just wasn't expecting you to look so...."
"Pathetic?" He suggested.
"Ridiculous. Whatcha been doing, you daft sod?"
Before this story gets properly dirty I should point out "Gramps" is just a friendly term and in no way indicates we are related.

Anyways... after I made the fellah some lunch and a cup of tea and had a chat about my comings and goings (he always wanted to hear about the life of a modern , he didn't get out much) he blushed and stammered for me to wait as I was pulling on my jacket to exit.
"What is it?" I asked, worried about him looking so flushed.
"C'mon, spit it out."
"Have you forgotten? Senior moment?"
"No! Cheeky little twerp."
"Well, what then? I've got friends to meet."
"Nevermind! Bugger off then."
"Oh, don't be like . Just tell ."
"It's just... I can't... I can't..."
"Can't what??"
"With my hands all trussed like this I can't..."
"What?" I asked slowly, getting the gist.
He was looking down, at his crotch.
"You a pee!!!" I blurted out.
"Yes, damn it!"
"Are you asking to..."
"Well, I can't get my hands down far to..."
"You want to touch your..."
"I wouldn't ask if I weren't desperate!"
It was my turn to say "Ummmmm."
He looked so vulnerable and embarrassed, how could I refuse?
"Okay, sure." I said, breezily walking off to his toilet.

"C'mon then, Gramps!" I called. He shuffled in, blushing further, and positioned himself over the toilet bowl. "Right, here we go." I was egging myself on, fighting the awkwardness. I pulled apart his pyjamas and slid my hand in the (what do you men even call this penis-slit?) gap and then dipped my hand into his underwear. As my fingertips touched his cock, we both flinched. I giggled and he began mumbling apologies, breaking the pristine silence.

There was no eye contact between us as I curled my fingers around his warm cock and gently (like I was scared I'd hurt him) pulled at it until it was out. I held it, aiming the bulbous helmet down into the bowl. I could feel my palm getting hotter, beads of sweat on my forehead. His cock was not lengthy but very thick, and was feeling heavier and heavier as I stood there, gripping it softly. I was just wondering how long this would take, when I felt through the skin of my hand ripples of fluid coursing through the thick cock, just before a pressurised jet arced out of the big pink head. The man moaned in pleasure and relief as it continued to pour out of him.
"You must've really wanted to go!" I was hoping small-talk would help drag us through this unwanted intimacy but he remained blissfully silent. It just kept coming. Frothy dark piss seeming to almost fill the bowl. Finally, it began to slow and my neighbour was gasping his thanks as his cock dribbled the last of his flow.
"There was just no-one else I could've asked." He said. "Don't just put it away !"
"Sorry, no. You have to ... shake it off a bit. Or I'll wet my pants."
I looked at him skeptically.
"Really. It's like a hose-pipe, you have to jiggle it all out before you pop it away."
I gave him a "you'd better not be messing about" look and stared to jiggle his cock. I kept sproingling it in my palm until there were no more drops, then I replaced the codger's cock back in his pants. I was washing my hands in his basin when I surprised him with a question: "I s'pose you'll be needing me to back later and do again?"

So I returned once more afternoon, once in the evening and one last time before I went to bed. He was getting annoying by thanking me so much and constantly apologising I almost had to tell him off, threaten to not return if he didn't pipe down. On the second day, it had begun to feel routine, not normal but not outlandish either. We’d even began to chit-chat as I stood next to him in his small toilet, holding his warm heavy cock, feeling his pee pulse under my touch, tingling my palm. I found I had to grip him tighter so I didn't drop it as it pissed, but he didn't object.

Also on the second day, I noticed he seemed to be enjoying it more. He didn't say anything but his dick was longer when I fished it out of his pyjamas, longer and thicker. I no longer had to peel back his foreskin off the cockhead, it was already proudly exposed. I felt him watching me look at his growing prick and I felt uncomfortable and ashamed I found it so obviously fascinating.

On third day, after helping with his morning pee, I found my hand was instinctively moving along the shaft, back and forth. I was shocked. I froze. I looked at his face, he was grinning.
"You can with it if you want to, I won't tell anyone."

I looked him, in a daze and suddenly remembered some of the dirty dreams I'd had the night before. Holding his cock, I lead the old man into his lounge and we sat on the sofa. He got comfy and I began to work my fist and down his shaft. My painted nails flashing against the dark pink of his flesh. He was uttering pleasurable noises as I wanked him. I was besotted, just watching my hand rise and fall on his sexy cock.
I looked him, he began to speak but I interrupted:
"If you say sorry or thanks again, I'll get up and walk out!"
"I was just going to say what a beautiful, talented you are."
I blushed. "Oh well, okay then."
He grunted and gasped as I maintained a steady pace of my stroking of his long, thick, hard dick.
"When was the last time you came?" I asked.
"Spunked, y'know... shot your spunk."
"When I last made love to my wife."
"But she died over five ago!"
"And we hadn't had sex for some too. So it's been a looooong time."
"You never do this to yourself???"
"No! No one could ever accuse me of being a wanker."

I gripped his cock tight, I could feel each pulse and twitch as I tugged on it. I leaned in close and kissed him. My tongue slid into his mouth as he began to wriggle around... he tensed and I felt my hand go wet. I pulled away from our kiss and looked down his eruption of creamy thick sperm over my knuckles.

We were both breathing hard. After a minute he pulled a cotton handkerchief out of his pyjama pocket and cleaned my hand and then his dick. We were speechless. We sat next to each other, catching our breath. I sniffed my fingers and was thrilled at how aroused I was.
"Let's do it again!" I said and gripped his dick.
"Hold on, hold on. I am seventy-eight, not eighteen!!"
"Whaddya mean?"
"I'll a break."
"Like a tea-break? A quick cuppa and then..."
"More like a couple of hours, luv."
I pouted. I tidied his cock away into his pants, then stood up. I gave him a kiss then, grabbed my jacket.

"Later then, Gramps!"
A Naughty Young Admirer's Tribute
Posted:Aug 30, 2017 4:57 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2020 2:31 pm

When doing my laundary I sometimes find my undies have been "enjoyed" by my husband; I look at the crusty spunk stains on my tights or my knickers and I have to stop and imgaine him sniffing my intimate scent, and licking my dirty flavours and I picture him getting hard and wanking to my sticky underwear.

I can't blame him, I adore my own pongs and often sniff my own tights, reveling in my sexy private aromas.

One day I picked up a pair of sheer charcoal pantyhose from my bedroom floor to put in the washing and I was thrilled to discover a great splodge of semen splattered all down one of the legs, dribbled all over the gusset. But then I remembered... my hubbie is away from home.

The only person it could be... my 's boyfriend, a cute young guy who's always hanging around, chatting with me in the kitchen. Instinctively I sniff my tights and catch a fragrance that is new to me, that is not the smell of my man's cock. I am so very flattered, a woman my age making a young man so horny he has to jerk off into my nylons.

I blush and a warm wet tingle goes thrugh my body, I sit on my bed and I can't help myself... I slide my tongue into the gooey cummy mess on my nylons. Rolling the young lad's spunk around my mouth savouring the taste.

Before I know it, my jeans and panties are shoved down around my knees, I'm lying on my back fingering my wet slit and licking all the gloppy young spunk off my tights. When my slutty mouth is full of sperm and spit, I drool it out on to my palm and rub it into my hot swollen cunt... wishing he was fucking me hard and pumping his nasty young cum inside me.

Oh, if only the sneaky little perv was watching me...
How to Wake Up an Old Man
Posted:Jan 4, 2016 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 4:51 pm

You ring the bell but enter when there is no answer. The house
is deadly quiet. You stand by the front door listening for
signs of life, hearing none you tread softly upstairs.
You push open the door to his bedroom and smile affectionately,
seeing him stretched out on his bed, fast asleep and naked
except for his untied robe.

You cross the room and stand over him, watching him. Hearing
his gentle snore your eyes stray down his body, exposed
by the open robe. You reach down and run your hand down the
grey hair on his wide chest, down over his belly to... what's
this? The dirty old bugger! Spunk is splattered across
his belly. That's why he's asleep! You hold up
your cummy fingers and look at them in the darkened bedroom.
Overcome by an irresistible urge, you lean down and trail
your tongue down through the sperm, licking his cooled
cream. He stirs in his sleep and you freeze, you tongue extended
with a globule of gloop on the tip. You swallow and go back
to licking him clean, down to his curly pubes, soaked in
his spunk. Here you meet his musky scent; you press your
nose into his damp hair and inhale deeply.

You stand and walk around the bottom of the bed and pull open
his robe, revealing him, exposing him. You curl your fingers
around his beautiful cock and peel the skin back slowly,
releasing his scent into the room. Unable to resist you
squat down by the bed and lean over his legs to slurp your
wet tongue around his cockhead. You hand instinctively
snakes up under your skirt to massage your dirty pussylips
through the nylon crotch of your already wet pantyhose.
His fat cock swells as your mouth toys with him.

You close your eyes, your head bobs and you are lost in the
sensation of sucking that hard, ribbed, thick meat. You
look up at he alters position, sleeping still but now with
a huge smile on his face. You wonder what he dreams of as his
legs spread wide. You have one hand rubbing your nylon-covered
slit and one hand stroking his thick, stiff cock as you snuffle
around by his sweaty balls, inhaling his unmistakable
male scent. You kiss and sniff and taste then, lowering
your face, you use your tongue to get his balls into your
mouth. Your hand is stroking him faster now. Sucking on
his big sexy wrinkly grandpa balls, you're feeling
deliciously slutty when you are startled by a deep chuckle.
In a just-woken-up voice he says, "Hello girl."

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