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GrandpaFuchs 56M
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4/29/2021 10:57 am
Able Assistant

A while ago i was contacted by a couple were looking for a guy assist them with their fantasy.

The husbands fantasy was see his wife having sex with a stranger, the wifes was be taken by someone she would never know the identity of as she wanted be tied and importantly blindfolded.

After the date was set we all prepared for the big day. I was drive down their place and get at 4PM, by which time the husband would have blindfolded his wife, stripped her her underwear and carefully tied her wrists the bed posts. I parked up about minutes away and make sure all was ready before driving on. A came back quickly and they were both excited and ready.

I quietly tapped on the door help with the wifes surprise and was shown in by the husband. We then made our way upstairs, at the top of the stairs were 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, the doors the bathroom and a bedroom were wide open. I could already see the wife laying on the large wooden framed bed. Her wrists were bound together with some ties to two of the bedposts. A black blindfold covered her eyes.

Lets her Melanie, was wearing a see-through, yet patterned bra and knicker set. She had a fairly slim body with small boobs and quite long dark hair. Through the skimpy material i could make out her large erect nipples, and below the contours of her shaven pussy.

John went over to Melanie and kissed her, before sitting down in an arm chair in the corner of the room. I stripped off to my boxers, then made my way to the bed.

Melanie's legs were together and I began to very gently stroke them from feet to hip, she started breathing a little faster. Then I straddled her so i could continue stroking her upper body from her hips over her stomach to her shoulders and arms. her arms were a little ticklish and she squirmed a little. Now I worked my caressing going down her body, but this time I stroked her breasts through her thin bra, tweaking her nipples, producing more wriggling. Moving down further I teased my fingers around all the edges of her knickers, avoiding her pussy before moving down her legs as I shuffled down to.

Now came the gentle kissing following the route as before. This time I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear, and whispered "do you want more?". Yes, she said. I kissed her neck and then her mouth, my tongue playing with hers. I kissed her breasts and she arched her back to thrust each nipple to my mouth, and I sucked and licked them through the thin fabric of her bra. Shuffling down again I ran my tongue over her stomach and got to her bikini line, she said stop teasing me, as she raised her hips off the bed and spread her legs wide.

I kissed the inside of her thighs and around the edges of her knickers. I was so close i could smell her sweet pussy, and it was tempting to dive straight in. By this time John had his trousers around his ankles and was beginning to wank himself. I was getting harder too. I pulled her knickers to one side, and could see the beautiful sticky wetness on her pussy. I kissed all around it but stayed away from her lips, her hips were pushing trying to get me to make contact. Eventually I flicked the hood of her clit with my tongue, she moaned loudly, then my tongue went lower, parting her pussy lips and tasting that sweet nectar. The taste of her made my cock twitch. She was rhythmically moving her hips up and down as I alternated between sucking her clit and sticking my tongue as far as I could inside her opening pussy. Then she lifted her legs high up and I removed her wet knickers. She then open her legs wide again, offering me her pussy once more.

Everything was becoming more and more tense, my licking and sucking and Melanie's thrusting. I knew what I had to do to make her cum hard for me. First I inserted one finger and then two. Finger fucking her slowly at first, but then faster and faster. She was moaning loudly now and saying she was going to cum. I kept up the pace sucking her swollen clit and fingering her tight, wet pussy. As the moaning got lounder i could see her stomach tense and relax, then tense again. I increased the pace again, she shouted stop stop and tried to close her legs, but I was in the way. A few seconds later she exploded, became very wet and squirted in my willing mouth. Her clit became very sensitive, so I gently cleaned her up with my tongue and then moved up to kiss her fully on the mouth, so she could taste her own juices. her<b> kisses </font></b>were so passionate, Im sure if she had been untied she would have eaten me! We kissed for ages and then

......... to be continued (Dont miss the next blog)

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