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The Scarecrow's Promotion & Other Absurdities  

GratefulGirl69 51F
1489 posts
6/29/2018 2:12 pm
The Scarecrow's Promotion & Other Absurdities

Why did the scarecrow get promoted?
He was outstanding in his field.

A confession: I have a serious weakness for silly jokes. The sillier, the stupider, the more juvenile, the better. I would like to credit it to the fact that I have a young , but the truth is that I've been this way since I was a young . In fact, my 's humor has already surpassed mine in terms of maturity level.

I've spoken about my academic and professional background, and I've broached some pretty mature topics here so far, and I trust (hope!) that I've done so in a manner that demonstrates that I am capable of being quite serious and mature. Perhaps even excessively so at times.

That seriousness and intellectualism in my nature is counterbalanced with a wide streak of utter geeky goofiness. Not just in humor- I am a goofball geek in a multitude of ways, particularly in the area of entertainment- movies, books, games.

One of my jokes about myself is that I am essentially a -aged boy trapped in a middle-aged woman's body. Many take that to be a reference to my somewhat fierce libido, which it is... but it also goes a lot farther than that.

While I have strayed from indulging in certain activities and fare due to time limitations and other priorities, I can still be defined as a comic-reading, science-loving, D&D-playing, video-gaming, sci-fi/fantasy nut of a fangirl. Squeeeee!

I'm a Marvel gal for movies, a DC girl for comics. My favorite Doctors are 4 and 9, though I'm excited about getting to know the vagina-wielding 13. I was always the DM in my play group, I've been pulling gaming all-nighters since Kroz, and I have been steadily, if irregularly, playing God with a Sims family for almost two decades.

At different points in my life, I have tried to learn the languages of Elvish, Klingon, and Gallifreyan. I have not just read, but intensely studied, the Dune appendices and every text related to Tolkien's universe (even the Lays of Beleriand). I like Zimmer-Bradley's version of ancient British history more than its real history, and I wouldn't be surprised if I learned that Philip K. Dick was actually a time traveler from the future.

For many years, my family's Thanksgiving tradition involved a marathon of Risk and Star Wars... until the required watching time for the increasing number of movies exceeded the amount of time that we could all stand to be together! And the main reason why I remain good friends with my ex-husband, 11 years after our divorce, is because we still feed each other's geek in an unmatched way.

In communicating with people here, music tends to be the primary non-sexual commonality that draws us together and feeds conversation. The dancing bears on my profile are sort of like a flag, a sign that I am a member of the Tribe. As I do not know of an equivalent visual flag to indicate my goofy geekiness, I thought that I would reveal it here, in true wordy-nerdy fashion.

If there are any other geeks here, I would love to hear from and talk to you- drop me a line!

Or, if anyone knows any silly, stupid, goofy jokes- I would love to hear those.

It's Friday, we made it through the week, sexy friends... let's go into the weekend laughing! My final effort towards that end is my all-time favorite silly joke:

Where does Napoleon keep his armies?
In his sleevies.


GratefulGirl69 51F

6/29/2018 2:26 pm

What do you call cheese that does not belong to you?

Nacho cheese.

avg_nice_guy 53M  
261 posts
6/29/2018 2:45 pm

have you heard the one about the bed? never mind, it hasn't been made yet lol

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/29/2018 3:28 pm:

Or the one about the broken pencil? Nevermind, it's pointless.

Maize32 52M  
1380 posts
6/29/2018 2:48 pm

What did the duck say to the bartender???

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/29/2018 3:28 pm:

Maize32 52M  
1380 posts
6/29/2018 3:37 pm

    Quoting Maize32:
    What did the duck say to the bartender???
Put it on my bill

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/29/2018 7:51 pm:

mc_justmc 60M  
6622 posts
6/29/2018 3:50 pm

I recognized the game "Risk", but Kroz? Gallifreyan? Say whaaaa???

The teacher asked Pedro to make a sentence using the words "liver" and "cheese".
Pedro thought for a moment before saying," I saw Roberto talking to my girlfriend and I yelled,"Liver alone, cheese mine!".

I don't know if jokes like this are appropriate, anymore. Sorry if they offend anyone.

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/29/2018 7:52 pm:
LOL I like it! If it offends anyone, they can take their candy ass delicate sensibilities to someone else's blog!

Greyhawk47 50M

6/29/2018 5:03 pm

I am a young geek at heart. It’s been a while since I played board games but I loved them and a few years since my last D&D adventures sadly... damn job and all gets in the way.

I’ve read quite a few sci fi and fantasy authors. Tolkien got me started then it was off to the races lol.

It would be nice to chat with a fellow geek from time to time I miss that.

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/29/2018 7:53 pm:
I'm right here, always willing and happy to geek out with someone.

Frodo lives!!

ismaithliom56 64M  
411 posts
6/30/2018 2:23 am

We would get along like a couple of matching puzzle pieces, isn't that puzzling?

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/30/2018 10:13 pm:
I don't get it- sorry! Is it s riddle?

ironman2769 55M  
12847 posts
6/30/2018 6:13 am

I am wondering if there is a story line for you to join the Big Bang Family....next season...

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GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/30/2018 9:48 pm:
Oh my gosh, I would love that!

citizen4722 62M  
68489 posts
6/30/2018 4:25 pm

I'm just a big kid at heart myself if I'm honest.

There are two snowmen in a field. One says to the other, "Can you smell carrots?"

See what I mean

I'm a music geek most definitely..we should compare lists!

isitbreaktime2 54M

6/30/2018 6:07 pm

Q: What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

A: Make me one with everything.

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/30/2018 9:49 pm:
Oh. My. Goodness.

I think this may surpass even my beloved Napoleon one! Thank you!!

isitbreaktime2 54M

6/30/2018 6:10 pm

A guy goes to his therapist. He says "Doc, last night I dreamed I was a teepee. The night before that I dreamed I was a wigwam. What does it mean?"

The Doctor thinks for a moment and says "You're two tents"

GratefulGirl69 replies on 6/30/2018 9:49 pm:

Mfdmen 59M  
24 posts
7/1/2018 6:29 pm

Loved those games when I was a kid. Plus diplomacy - which can result in friendships never being the same again. Elvish seems hard. I’m studying Esperanto, which is substantially easier.
So for a joke:

Q: What do you have if you have one mothball in one hand and and another mothball in the other? A: One hell of a big moth.
Silly but I still giggle each time I think of it Then there’s the attached. Also giggle inducing.

GratefulGirl69 replies on 7/3/2018 12:16 pm:
LOL I like it! Sorry for the delay- just saw your response today. Ones that stray a little dirty and that I can't share with my daughter, like those, are a whole different subject. And I think you've given me my next topic! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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