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Fantasy with a couple  

GreatPussyTeaser 62M  
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1/2/2021 12:06 pm
Fantasy with a couple

We are at a bar/restaurant. This couple was at the bar scoping out people dining at the place. They notice me, a nice looking gentlemen eating alone. They paid for a drink of whatever I was drinking. Jack and Coke. The waitress pointed to the couple that bought me a drink and I look at them, we both knotted at each other. After I finished eating I stopped by to chat with them. We had a good conversation about normal things and they she told her husband, I think you should ask him.
He had said they were wanting to fulfill a<b> fantasy </font></b>of theirs and pick up another nice looking man as yourself to take home and have some adult fun. He said although they both agreed upon me as the one, he wanted to let me know it is important that if I have ever had such as<b> fantasy </font></b>of being with a married couple and if so, do you feel attracted to us.
I was so horny at the question and had always wanted to try a threesome that I could only get yes out twice to both of his questions. They told me they will drive and take me back here whenever is a good time too. So we went off to their place. They had a very nice place and a very huge bed. She wasted know time kissing me and getting me all worked up. They both started undressing me while they still had all their clothes on. I was completely naked as she worked her way down my body and kissing me until she go to my cock and balls where she kissed, licked and sucked and got me rock hard. She was still playing with my cock as she stood up and whispered in my ear and said I want you to come in my mouth tonight but I also want you to come in my pussy.
She then started kissing her husband and asked me to help undress him. We were undressing him and as soon as she freed his cock, it strongly stood hard and straight. He was much bigger and thicker and I. I had never thought about sucking on a man until then and wondered what it would feel like. She started sucking on him but facing me and looking at me watching her suck her husband. She could tell I was amazed at his big beautiful cock and saw me licking my lips and playing with my hard cock.
She told me my husband is not attracting to men but okay with having a threesome but he had told me he wondered what it would feel like having a man suck him and swallow his cum. We have never done this before and it is okay to be left as a<b> fantasy. </font></b>She said I just wanted to tell you that it would be okay as we play to suck him if you would like. She then told me the rest of their fantasy, for her to help him to suck and take all of his cock in his mouth by gently forcing more of his cock in the mans mouth until he takes all of her husbands cock in his mouth. She said that is a big<b> fantasy </font></b>for me because I have never been able to get all of his cock in my mouth and would like to help to nicely force a man to take all of his cock deep down his throat.
I just smiled and did not say anything and we all went to bed and her husband and I took turns fucking her mouth and pussy but only allowing her to come each time. Neither he or I have come yet. I went down on her and kissed, licked, sucked and teased her for a long time and she came hard.
She said I really want to force you to suck off my husband. He was really close to me, his hard dick throbbing and facing me. She just pulled my head down, told me to open my mouth wide and when she did that I gave a loud moan of excitement with yes as she pushed me hard so more than half of his cock was in my mouth. She told her husband who was already moaning loudly to start fucking my mouth. When he started fucking my mouth and she in unison pulled and pushed my head back and forth so that I was pushed toward him as he was trusting forward. Going deeper and deeper in my mouth. It tool about 30 minutes of so but I was able to take all of him in and she was getting so hot and said to her husband, we did it. We got him to take all of your cock in his mouth. He continued to fuck and was getting ready to cum. He said with a loud tell, this feels awesome, I'm going to cum. She help him fuck my mouth hard. I was moaning so loudly that I could barely him them. He started exploding deep down my throat. She told me to suck him dry and held me there until she felt I got all of his cum and he was soft.
She told me to keep sucking a little longer just to make sure I got all the come. I did and he got rock hard again. Said to her husband, you want him to suck and swallow again? He said yes with a raspy horny voice. She told me to keep sucking and swallow his cum again then you can suck my clit and make me cum. I did and made her cum three more times as I licked, kissed and sucked her vagina and clit. They did not take me home until the next day but had me suck them both a few more times through the night and in the morning. She then sucked me dry before taking me to my car.

That is just a fantasy, never happened and not sure if it should stay a<b> fantasy </font></b>or not.

GreatPussyTeaser 62M  
2 posts
3/8/2021 7:18 am

I would liked to watch you being fucked and licking your first pussy. If you were being fucked doggie style, I would have probably made sure everyone's legs were spread wide enough to slide through them so my face is directly under your pussy so I could lick and suck on your clit while you were being fucked.

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