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Should You?  

GreenEyedLady_60 60F  
1886 posts
12/14/2015 8:10 am
Should You?

Question to the men or ladies...please feel free to give your opinion. I like to hear them!!

If you are involved with someone in a friends & lovers type of relationship (that is believed to be sexually exclusive) and one of the parties has more emotional attachment than the other....and has expressed that and made it plain there are feelings involved...

Should the less attached person be a bit cognizant of those feelings and take them into consideration in their "dealings" with one another?

Or is it just the "problem" of the one with the feelings and no consideration is necessary?

Be Honest..Be Sincere...Be REAL

oral2plsu2 61M
5818 posts
12/14/2015 8:20 am

yes take them into consideration but don't let the attached person get to clingy.

GreenEyedLady_60 replies on 12/14/2015 8:36 am:
And what would your definition of clingy be?

cyclingfool 58M  
6504 posts
12/14/2015 8:59 am

It needs to be addressed, b/c if you truly want to continue a fwb no real strings relationship you both need to be on the same page.
The no strings person is at risk of getting caught and the one with deeper feelings of getting emotionally hurt.

740snowman 50M

12/14/2015 9:48 am

It's not a bad thing at all....

windsjohn 69M  
700 posts
12/14/2015 10:07 am

Yes he/she should be cognizant and and respect it.

GreenEyedLady_60 60F  
1909 posts
12/14/2015 10:16 am

Thanks so far....excellent points all!!

I think the main point and most important IS communication & absolute honesty in ANY relationship is paramount....be it spouses...fuck buddies...even just plain old run of the mill friendships!!!

Be Honest..Be Sincere...Be REAL

GreenEyedLady_60 60F  
1909 posts
12/15/2015 7:09 am

You've got that absolutely right yellowflower (love the name btw)....You have to be honest about your feelings!! And that is something I AM 100%......

Be Honest..Be Sincere...Be REAL

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