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So Ladies...Does Size Matter To You?  

GreenEyedLady_60 60F  
1886 posts
4/3/2016 8:27 pm
So Ladies...Does Size Matter To You?

So ladies…

In your opinion or experience...does the size of a guy’s cock really matter? Or is it more the way he knows how to use what he was given,that “counts” more to you? And the effort he puts into pleasing you with it?

Of course...best case..he’s well endowed and knows how to use his cock like nobody before him….lol


In what ways do you think he could work around a somewhat smaller/shorter cock or thinner one?

How important of a factor is girth or thickness to you? Is it more important than length? Do you prefer length over girth? Is there such a thing as too long or too thick? What do you consider an average length cock? 6”-7”-8”-9” or more…..lol

For the record: I believe that experience..,the sincere desire to please your partner....being a little creative with toys and positions…..adding some tongue and fingers and just some good old fun….and playfulness can be more important and satisfying than the size of a cock….

Be Honest..Be Sincere...Be REAL

Its_up_to_me 75F
52 posts
4/3/2016 8:55 pm

The bigger the cock the less manuverability a man has and yes it will go in and out but a smaller shorter cock can work wonders around a big one and if a woman and a man like a loose pussy then go for the big but if a woman has worked 35 yeaes doing exersizes to keep her pussy small anddtigh athe smaller shorter cock will do tghe work and a 7 inch cock will hit bottom as i haqve had a 7 in cock used on me for a few years and he knows how to work ita big long cock just makes u loos and big

dayzeeme 52F
6990 posts
4/3/2016 9:01 pm

I myself just want one that I can feel in me and that fits. Too small does nothing for me. Too big is just that ...too big. Girth seems quite important. Average seems to be 5-6" in my experiences. A few claimed to 8" ...they weren't. One claimed to maybe be 9" ... he isn't.

mamacita38dd 42F
53347 posts
4/3/2016 9:24 pm

Length is nice, but girth is better, and yes they must know how to use it, very important.

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GreenEyedLady_60 60F  
1909 posts
4/4/2016 6:58 am

I honestly haven't had many lovers and the ones I did have were about average I'd say.....between 5"-7". They all used it fairly well..which I agree is most important. One had the girth,,,and I agree...that is more important to me length.

I've had six children and no complaints of a loose pussy...so I'm happy about that.....LOL

Be Honest..Be Sincere...Be REAL

BiggLala 48F  
28844 posts
4/4/2016 7:35 am

I know what size matters to ME and that's all that matters.

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