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A little Friday humor / story  

HappySynner 59M  
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4/28/2017 11:37 am
A little Friday humor / story

I really should post more blogs because I have so much to say about Society in general. There's so many golden opportunities for humor in my daily life. I don't know if it's me or it's just the people that seem to gravitate towards me but there is so much enjoyment to be had by watching people make fools of themselves either verbally or physically.

I was at Starbucks yesterday morning and the line was rather long. I was towards the back of the line and open the door for two people that were coming in. Just as the door closed a man was walking to exit and he said out loud while reading the door, "PULL" ... he was carrying 4 cups of coffee in a tray and lo and behold he decided to push the door open using his head and since the door did not move the coffee spilled all over the door and the man trying to get out. I honestly did try to get the door before he reached it but he was walking at a rather quick pace and I missed him by about 10 seconds.

He seemed to take it all in stride because as he looked down at the mess that he just made, he immediately proceeded to clean it up. While doling so he said out loud, "Well I guess when I told the office the coffee was on me - I wasn't kidding." At which point he started to laugh hysterically. it was one of those laughs and opportunities that you just had to join in on.

I did feel a tiny bit guilty for not getting to the door in time so I gave him an extra $20 gift card that I had. He was extremely grateful and walked away saying this is obviously one of those Pay It Forward moments.

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tigger678902 53F  
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4/30/2018 11:40 pm

I love it when someone can quickly see themselves in the joke. What a super sweet thing for you to do muah

I have taken to looking ahead for the hinges on doors - if the hinges are on my side it's a pull if not it's a push

now if I could just find a way to keep from always walking into the men's restroom in new bars I'd be cooking with gas,...and don't say read the sign,...clearly that either isn't working for me - or it's just my pervy nature over-riding the linguistic training.

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HappySynner replies on 6/6/2018 1:17 pm:
I have definitely got to start getting back to doing blogs again. Your response to this one was absolutely hilarious. Oh and you are more than welcome to walk in any restroom that I am in. Wink

LaVadaLicious 57F  
2770 posts
5/15/2017 2:18 pm

It's nice to know that people can still laugh at themselves. Most of the time it's all too much in a hurry and cynical about life. Thanks for sharing

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