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What a ducky day ...  

HappySynner 59M  
1382 posts
6/30/2007 3:12 pm
What a ducky day ...

I went with my today to the park. He is starting football up again and he wanted to get in some running. So, like a good dad, I got on my bicycle and rode along side him. When we arrived - he put on his cleats and did his warm ups. I did a few with him but was more interested in the shady tree off to the side.

He suggested that I ride with him while he jogged the field, it's about one and a half miles all the way around so what the heck - sure. Half way around the first time he noticed a flock of ducks by the little pond ... "look daddy, ducky's" I rolled my eyes and told him to keep on running. The second time around temptation won him over - he darted after the ducks ... "here ducky, ducky, here ducky, ducky"

Here he is - this "macho" football player chasing little ducks around the pond - I was blinded with laughter - it was sooo funny. He told me to shush but I kept on ... well maybe too long. I was not paying attention to where I was going and went head on into a hedge and flew head over handlebars like I was in flight. My nearly peed his shorts laughing. He ran over to see if I was OK and he found me unable to stand because I was laughing just as hard. We had a good laugh the entire way home as well.

We had a ducky day.

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wildnwicked30711 57M

12/28/2007 2:59 am

I would have loved to have seen this.

maestroexmanoa 60M  
305 posts
7/1/2007 4:24 pm

Moments like those are rare and priceless--congratulations!

HappySynner replies on 7/1/2007 6:44 pm:
Yes they are - and this is one that I will cherish forever - and always laugh at.

rm_cum2kissu2 55F
10790 posts
6/30/2007 8:02 pm

And that Sweet Synner,

is what ya call Comical Karma!

Good onya, ya Wally's!


HappySynner replies on 7/1/2007 6:39 pm:
Oh you have no idea ... I went to bed last night to "my daddy can fly, my daddy can fly."

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