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Stop viewing my profile!  

Heels_N_Squeals 47F
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8/25/2021 11:20 am
Stop viewing my profile!

You really have to love the dipshits that go berserk over the fact that someone has viewed their profile, or have done so more than once. They truly believe deep within their souls that they are magically entitled to have some level of privacy when they willingly choose to create a public profile and online account that is accessible across the globe to any of the some 80 - 90 million claimed members who are on this site. For those who choose to view their profiles, they then go off the handle and rage on you for literally no reason. It's amazing how many instances I have gotten over the years and how many other ones I routinely read on blogs and whatnot of people having freak-outs over the fact that others view their profiles. Get a clue! You signed up by your own choice, knowing it'll be PUBLIC information for the world to view. Not only is your profile for reading and as a means for reference / repeat reference, but the very purpose and design of a profile is precisely for those reasons. We have profiles for a reason. To be read, to be viewed and to return if we choose to check up on any updates. Irony and ignorance behind it is overwhelming!

So today, out of the blue, I get a goon who has contacted me, raging over the fact that I have viewed his profile, perhaps more than once. Truthfully, I have no idea who this guy is, nor do I even recall viewing him once, but that's besides the point because, as we all know, a "profile view" notification can occur from different reasons, even if you have no idea you have even triggered one [such as if your mouse cursor hovers over someone's profile inadvertently on your screen]. Anyway, he flips out on me, dictating that I'm not to view his profile because our descriptions aren't a match. You just got to love the entitlement aspect of it all, along with the ignorance of knowing that you are posting public information for the very purpose of having people being able to access and read your profile, yet get pissed at those who do. So, let me get this straight. Only people who match profile criteria are the only ones who are allowed to ever view profiles...or to do so more than once? That's so funny! Nah, let's just gloss over the fact that there are like a dozen other things that a profile contains that may attract repeated visitors to it...such as information updates, media and media updates, blogs, compatibility chart, friend network, testimonials and testimonial updates, bling and so on. I swear, there should be a test and a license or certificate issued in order for members to be on this site. Honest! Some are beyond lost, then get rude to us because of their inability to understand or comprehend. Same old song and dance. Women always take the abuse from what other dipshits refuse to learn because they are lazy, stupid or ignorant.

So anyway, the conversation between this buffoon and I was as follows...

Him [initiates email; copy and pasted]: "Quit at my orofile, It's plain and simple you stated in your profile you are not here for sex I am here for the sole purpose of having sex Since you are not interested quit at my profile what do you do look at it and go masterbate?t"

Me: "You have no authority over controlling or regulating who can or can't look at your profile whenever he or she wishes to do so, for whatever reason(s) they choose to do so and at any frequency they choose to do so. That is anyone's rightful privilege granted to us as site members upon joining this site, including yourself.
Here's a big hint to you: You WILLINGLY sign up for this site BY CHOICE and make a PUBLIC profile which sole purpose and intent is for members of this entire site to PUBLICLY be able to access your profile and the information on it. If you don't want people viewing your profile, then it's you who is the the problem around here and probably should deactivate your account if you don't like or want PUBLIC views on a PUBLICLY posted profile that you've created WILLINGLY by CHOICE. Either that, or face the reality of the explanation I just gave and respect the fact that we all have a right to view profiles under any condition that we choose to do so. Not only is that perfectly allowable by the site, but it's encouraged! Profiles are to be read, viewed and checked on. The exact reason we all have them by default.

You're the kind of guy that freaks out over something that's perfectly in accord to the site rules and protocol. You remind me of those First Amendment audit videos where screwball people in PUBLIC approach a cameraman and step in front of the view of the camera, then bark orders that they don't want to be on film or that they somehow are infringing on their rights or that they need permission and all of this nonsense. Fact of the matter is, there is no expectation to privacy in a public setting, therefore, if someone doesn't want to take a chance of being filmed, then that person should not leave their homes.
Your mentality is exactly the same. You choose to sign up, then put your information PUBLICLY for the entire world to view, but incredibly you then get pissed of from those who choose to view it. Guys like you just don't "get it" in life!

Does it matter what my profile says I'm here for if I view your profile? NO! Think outside the bubble for once in your life! Just because I don't seek meets or sex, doesn't mean that I can't view your profile for a dozen or more other reasons.
Let me ask you this: If you go to a bar, does that automatically mean that you're obligated to drink alcohol? NO! Same deal here! Just because I choose not to meet or have sex, does NOT mean that I must strictly contact or look at profiles that ONLY meet my criteria. I can look at profiles for any reason. Maybe I like your media. Maybe I navigate to your blog section via your profile. Maybe I want to read your testimonials or compatibility chart. Maybe I want to see how long you've been a member on site. Maybe I'm researching you or doing a background check and collecting information for certain reasons. Maybe I'm taking a poll or conducting a personal study or collecting demographics for information regarding a statistics report. Maybe someone referred you to me...or vice versa. Maybe I want to see who is in your friend's network. Maybe I enjoy checking back frequently to see if you have updated media posted or if your personal life circumstances or search criteria has recently changed and you have recently edited your profile in attempt to periodically check back to see if we're a better match. Maybe you have interacted poorly or have shown poor behavioral issues through this community of people [women] and word got around through bad reputation.

There are a million reasons why people view profiles. Think outside of the bubble you live in. Just because I view you, doesn't necessarily mean that I like you, have an interest in you or that we have to connect for what either of us describe on profiles. Also, don't tell me that I cannot look at your profile, because you're dead wrong! I CAN and WILL look at your profile as much as I want to, for whatever reason I want to and at any frequency I want to. That's my perk as a member on site! And don't even get me started on the fact of those who actually pay for membership dues in order to be able to access site features, such as profile viewing. If you want to look at my profile 1,000 times a day, go for it. That's your right and privilege granted to you by the site as being a member here upon you signing up from day one.

I despise you for attempting to infringe on what I am perfectly within my right and privilege to do on this site. Please get a clue!
No outbursts like this again, please or I'll take it a notch further and that will not be in your favor, trust me [and that's precisely why this blog now exists].

"masterbate?" - No! MastUrbate.

The irony behind it all is that you claim that you're an "intelligent male with a high IQ". Could have fooled me!"

Him: "Yes I do, try it again.... then Ponder to yourself all of that shit you just wrote kiss my ass I'm on the toilet thinking of you right now"
• Note: He attaches two photos to that message. One of his bare ass and the other of feces in a toilet bowl. Real mature and classy guy, eh?
•• Immediately proceeds to block me.

Just another case of how women are routinely abused on this site, mistreated and taken advantage of. Love hearing guys telling me things like: "Why are there so many fake profiles on site?" and "Where are all the real women at?" and "Why won't any women talk to me or meet me?". Where's the mystery in any of it??? What would be a woman's incentive to be here??? The mentality is just so so so so funny!!!!!!!!

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