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Story Telling
Posted:Nov 6, 2020 12:59 am
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2020 7:53 am

Hello ,

I am so horny but not meeting people due the pandemic. But, let's a story telling game. Let's say 2 or more men who have peaked my interest have decided to get tested for COVID and come out negative and decide to come quarantine with me the remainder of the pandemic. They can work from home as I do and bring their computers over and at any hour of the day any one or more of us are working our jobs. I work he night shift. I am set in my big bedroom. I have a guest room where someone could set computers and a living room and the kitchen. We might even be able use the garage. I have 2 full baths and my own laundry. I like keep wine in the house. These men are at least oral friendly bi-sexual.
of us decide come together a day/night when none of us have work so we can get acquainted. We are sitting the furniture in the living room. i am serving wine while dressed in lingerie. I offer put my queen size elevated blow bed next the fire place. What happens next? Are you men unzipping your flies and bringing out yet flaccid cocks be display?
Someone keep the story going.
Pandemic Blahs, Living on Sexual Memories
Posted:Oct 12, 2020 1:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 2:1 am

HEllo ,

I don't know about you, but I am about done with this pandemic, but know cannot break the precautions I take. I miss sex. I miss men. I am living on memories on encounters past.

For some reason, I have been thinking a lot about2 gents I met back in 1999. Both were named Mike believe it or not. One Mike was from Indiana and he and I had communicated on here for some time 1998 and told me to get restaurant reservations for New Year's Eve as he was coming to spend the night and part of my birthday with me before we got with a huge snowstorm they had been predicting for days. My birthday was New Year's Day. I agreed and we had a good night. He brought a gift of one of those thermometers you hang the probe out your window so you can know the outside temperature. HE was into gadgets. He also had installed the new GPS app on his laptop and used it to find his way to me and home by plugging it into his lighter in the car. He also had weather radar and took off back to Indiana on New Year's Morning about 10am with the snowstorm 30 minutes behind him. We had a good time in bed also. He knew I loved to stroke cock and loved to watch cock cum, so he late me have the pleasure of that a few time. HE had a cock that could really shoot cum hard and fast and far! HE also made me cum several times. I am very clitoral. And, we also just palin fucked. I wonder if he sees this if he will remember.

The other Mike was from Iowa. He called and asked if he could down my weekend off for a long night and morning before he returned home. HE drove ambulance and lived on a farm. He had this big 10 inch cock that he let me stroke a lot during our hours together. We showered together when he first got there because I had just gotten off duty and he had driven for several hours. I had these nice plush terry robes and we each put one on and retreated to my living room couch for wine, movies, and kissing with lots of cock stroking. HE knew I liked to see a cock get hard from flacid and then leak precum so he obliged me more than once on the couch without ever cumming. HE also made sure he kept my pussy wet by fingering me at intervals while he kissed and nibbled and squeezed my breasts. We finally retreated to my bed and for a long time we lay there naked together him with that huge hard cock...he even let me measure it and it was a full 10 inches if not more. He could really leak precum and I liked to lick that for him and he liked paint my lips with it. He made cum a few times and then we thought we were ready let him try inter . HE knew I could not take of it but we went slow and he did cum and filled . We showered again and soon he was hard again and let stroke him until he was blowing cum over my hands and breasts. I had told him about this fantasy I had of having a well endowed man surprise by being in my office sitting in my chair naked flacid but having a hint of precum dripping from the tip of his penis......and getting my knees and taking him in my mouth make him hard. After we had showered the next morning I had gone the kitchen make us some coffee bring back bed and upon arriving at the bedroom he was not there and I head him say "in here". He was in my office in the chair naked with that long flacid cock draped over his balls and a drip of precum about fall. I knelt and caught it and sucked him hard. When he told he was going cum as he knew i don't like cum in my mouth, I quit, he grabbled his cock and as my open robe revealed my naked breasts he showered them in hot jizz. We then had some coffee in bed.

I often wonder about the 2 Mikes. If they recognize themselves please reach out . I lived in Riverton, IL when we had our fun.

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