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Spring Horniness...Alas!  

HereIAmAgain1956 64F  
6 posts
3/20/2020 1:27 pm
Spring Horniness...Alas!

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jerryp4_5 70M  
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3/22/2020 3:05 pm

We met for drinks at a noisy restaurant on Dirksen Parkway. She wore a beautiful sexy red dress that showed off her beautiful and abundant cleavage. It was hard to hear each other because of a noisy party going on a few tables away so I moved closer. She responded by sliding over right next to me in the booth. We chatted about inane stuff and I really just remember her eyes and lips. They were so alive an sexy. She was laughing and flirting with me. I felt comfortable enough with her that I slid my hand down along her thigh. She flinched ever so slightly, paused her conversation and gave me a big smile. As she regained her composure she restarted her story. Her eyes never left me and she slowly spread her legs apart. I took the clue and let my hand find her pussy. As I rubbed it through her panties I could feel a wetness starting. My mind started trying to imagine the delights that were there and I got very hard.
She drained her glass of wine and asked if we should order another round. "Or would you like to leave and go somewhere and we can eat each other," she boldly said. I said that sounded like a great idea. "Let me pay the bill and we can go to my hotel room." That sounds like a plan," she said.
Luckily I had a hotel room very close by. We left the noisy crowd behind and stepped outside. The cool night air felt great but she shivered and grabbed my arm. "Is your car nearby?", she whispered in my ear. I directed her to it and held the door for her. She got in and I bent down and kissed her on the lips. She reached for my crotch. She found me hard on and rubbed it. " That room better be close, I want this now!" she said. I replied, "Don't worry it is and its all yours"
I walked around and go into the driver seat and started the car. She opened her coat and flashed me a gorgeous breast and said "And this is yours tonight".
We were kissing like crazy going up in the elevator. Good thing we were alone in it because we were acting like senior prom teenagers.
The elevator door opened and she ran down the hallway giggling. "Which room is yours", she screamed and laughed. I got the card out and opened the door, "this one". She ran back to me and we fell into the room. I had left a desk light on and it cast a sexy glow. She threw her coat off, kick off her heels and fell back into the kingsize bed. With a big smile on her beautiful face she spread her arms and legs out, and motioned me over. I didn't need anymore invitation. I was out of my coat, shoes, pants and shirt before I hit the bed. She rolled me onto my back and crouched over me and reached into my boxers. Drawing my cock out she bent over and inhaled it. It was fully erect and she sucked it like a demon. I reached my hand around her and began fingering her pussy. It was wet and as I played with her clit she began to buck her hips. I thought we were both going to squirt all over our clothes so I stopped. I placed my hands on wither side of her face and she looked up at me. I said, "I want you naked". She smiled, stood up and while never letting her glaze leave me, undid some buttons and let her dress drop to the floor. I stepped behind her and undid her bra. It dropped and I reach around and cupped each tit with my hands. I leaned forward and smelled her neck . I lightly kissed it. Our haste and excitement left the room and we slowed things down. I explored her lovely breasts while continuing to kiss her neck. Slowly she turned around in my arms and our eyes met. She kissed me with the most passion I've experienced in a long time. Her arms were around my neck and we stood in that embrace letting our tongues meet.
I didn't want it to stop but she had better plans. letting go of my neck she knelt down and concentrated on sucking my cock again. "Ooh, baby" I said. You are so good, you're going to make me cum. BAcking off for a second, she said, "go ahead, I won't lose a drop". She sucked me back in and started to quickly deep throat my entire lenghth. It felt so good I knew I wouldn't last long and just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. Within a minute I began cumming and she slurped up every drop. I opened my eyes and looked down. She pulled back and I realized she had been watching my face through it all.
Her smile continued as she got up off her knees. "I think you really needed that. Now I need the return favor." She let her panties slip to the floor and laid back down on the bed with her legs over the edge. She spread them and reached down and spread her labia. "Can you oblige me, sir" she coquettishly said.
Without a word l fell between her legs and buried my face into her shaved pussy.
My tongue went straight to her clit and I circled it around and then slowly sucked on it. "Ooooh, I can tell you know what you're doing", she purred.
I worked that pussy until she was thrusting her hips up into my face. All the while my hands had cupped her breasts and played with her erect nipples. I had her pinned with my arms and kept licking her until she screamed and squirted into my mouth. I lapped her sweet juices and she continued to buck.
Eventually she calmed down and said, "I guess I needed THAT!". I got up off my knees and laid down next her. She seemed to be glowing in the dim light. We embrassed for a long while. But our hands started exploring each other eventually. We both rolled onto our sides facing each other licking and kissing different parts of our faces and chests. My mouth found her right breast and clamped on to the nipple. I licked, sucked, inhaled and gently clamped it with just my lips. She was firmly stroking my dick. After a short bit of this I began to get hard again. "Oh goody", she said, "Lets fuck". I loved her frankness and character. She smiled and giggled and got on all fours waving her sweet ass in my face. "C'mon, lets doggy", she instructed. I got behind and rammed it in. "If that's how you want it, you're going to get it", I laughed. I slowly increased the speed and rhythm. Being sure to plunge my full length with every stroke. Before long she started panting and pushing back with her ass on every stroke. I decided to change position, the knees weren't what they used to me. I backed out of her abruptly and quickly flipped her legs over as she rolled onto her back.
Still kneeling between them I slowly lowered my body onto her and my dick slip easily into her cunt. It felt so good. I immediately resumed the speed and rhythm we had going a split second ago. She wrapped her legs around my back and whispered in my ear, "fuck me hard". I didn't need any more encouragement. We went at it for a long time and I finally came again. She kept fucking and soon was moaning and making sexy grunts and sounds.
WE laid there side by side for quite awhile. Only getting up for glasses of water.
"When will you be back in town again she said".
"Not soon enough", I replied.
"No really, when? I need fucking like this regularly".
I said that I came to Springfield every month to see clients. I tried to explain that the market wasn't big enough for more frequent visits but I could see her disappointment.
"I have a hot market I need you to call on right here" she said pointing to her pussy.
I said, "Keep it warm and I'll try to convince my boss I need to do a followup trip soon. And next time I'll bring my tool bag".
"What kind of tools", she said with a sly smile.
I reached for her nipples and squeezed each one, "I have some clamps for these puppies".
"Oh, I can't wait" she said.

HereIAmAgain1956 replies on 3/23/2020 6:38 am:
Great Story! Made me wet. Most of it something I would do. I have never been one who takes cum in the mouth or on the face. I want it on my breasts.

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