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The Contract
Posted:Jan 19, 2020 9:14 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2020 7:03 am

I suppose if I were say what my job is, it would be "live-in ." It isn't exactly accurate because what I do depends entirely on the contract that I enter into. *At this point,* I'm a live-in .

I was approached by a man who said he was in his mid 30's. He makes excellent and lives in a nice suburban home with his wife and eighteen year .

Normally, men like this want have a mistress on the side.

Yeah, I've basically been a professional homewrecker on multiple occasions. When you make the I do and have the best sex you can imagine, you stop caring about shit like other people's families.

This guy had a much different proposition. He wanted pleasure his entire household. I asked him clarify who all he meant. He wanted a freeuse contract for me pleasure him, his wife, his and even *their * on occasions.

I was surprised by that last part, but doing that was nothing new for . I was a curious girl when I was younger, and I've drank cum from more dogs than I can count at this point.

I was excited at the prospect. After all, the best part of this job is getting indulge the most fucked up parts of myself.

All that said, we worked out the price and I was set move in in weeks. The wait was awful. I would have went over there go ahead and get off but I do try remain as professional as humanly possible. I was *not* patient and I think I was averaging four orgasms a day until I arrived.

On the first day they showed my room. It was a bit overkill for a guest room in my opinion, but I appreciated the effort make comfortable.

I felt the vibe that they wanted fuck as much as I wanted fuck them but they let that first night just be introductions and letting get used the arrangement.

The following day was when the fun started. I woke up someone knocking on my door. I was horny as hell already from a dream I was having and I had a feeling I was about get release. Their immediately threw me onto the bed and flipped me onto my stomach. My face was pressed into the bed. He never even said a word.

I was wet and more than ready to take his young, hard coc He was an athlete so he had amazing stamina and strength. I couldn't keep quiet, I was moaning so loud neighbors could probably hear it. He hit so deep it was surreal. I kept hoping he would slow down a little but I figured he was trying get this done quick before going school.

I heard him breathing harder and then he pulled out of . He grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth. It twitched and twitched, pumping hot cum down my throat. The combination of it and my juices was intoxicating. When he finished he got dressed and left. I hadn't even had the chance to cum so I took care of myself shortly after.

I kept myself as busy as I could while I waited for someone, *anyone* to get home. I had hoped that after he returned from school the boy would want me again but he actually went to his room to do homewor Damn responsible students.

So I waited for the parents return from wor When they did, the husband started cooking dinner while the wife asked meet her upstairs.

It became obvious quickly that she was the more dominant partner in the bedroom. Right then she tied me their bed. She told always call her Miss in this room and I had no issues with it. I was ready for anything she could possibly dish out. *And she really did dish it out.*

She put clamps on my nipples, blindfolded , and spanked my pussy with a flogger until I was reflexively humping the air. It was a bit overwhelming going right into this but I had been so pent up. I fucking *needed* this kind of abuse.

Then I could feel her near my face. I could smell her juices flowing. She straddled my mouth, her hot wet cunt smothering me. I could hardly breathe.

I lapped it up as much as I could manage. I fantasized about her making me fall unconscious by restricting my air flow like this. I was soaked. Thank god for the towels on the bed. When my mouth was filled with cum for the second time today she moved off and kissed me to taste herself and finished me off with her fingers. I was a *very* good girl.

Then we went to dinner as if it had never happened. These guys were the most open family I had ever seen, the extent of which I learned later. Suffice to say, I thought I felt sexual tension between the mother and . Was he jealous of her? The father certainly wasn't, and it intrigued me.

After the lovely meal he asked his wife how it went. She said I was perfect and that tomorrow night *I would be his.*

I *loved* being talked about like I was their property.

The next morning I got another good wake-up fuck from the boy and waited, knowing I would fuck his father later. What I did not count on was his wife directing his every move. I love those sorts of dynamics where someone doms me by proxy. It was incredible how perfectly he obeyed her. I assume he did so as not to invite some sort of punishment.

That was only the tip of the iceberg. When he really had me to himself he showed me what filthy things he liked.

He had me dress up in a school girl outfit too small for me and had me pretend to be a . He liked being called "Mister" and pretending to take advantage of me. While he lacked his 's stamina, his filth made up for it. I live for men with dark desires like him.

On another night he called me in and his was there. I bit my lip and was trembling now. *This* was what I wanted most. I *needed* that knot in my cunt.

He had strip and bend over the bed. The beast started smelling me, my pheromones leading him on. He licked my pussy for a while, rapid full strokes of his tongue. Such a good, strong boy.

He occasionally tried mounting me but the husband would make him go back to licking. He was teasing me, and it was driving me insane. I wanted to beg him to let me be the canine slut I am but I agreed to not talking for this session.

I let out a whimper... and that was his queue to finally give me what I needed.

The mounted again and no he didn't stop him. I reached around to position his dick and it plunged inside .

He humped with abandon. The husband was jacking off now, watching . His disgusting fantasies were coming life by a degenerate, immoral . I wonder if his wife ever did this for him, or even knew that he wanted this from someone. Not that it matters...

I rubbed my clit while his huge doggie cock ravaged me all the way up until it swelled. That moment of knotting always feels like an eternity. I was airtight with his pink cock constantly spasming and pouring cum inside me. He told me to keep rubbing my clit. He wanted me to cum while being stuffed. I did what he wanted without hesitation.

When the knot finally pulled free, cum spurted out. I was told to scoop all of it out and lick it up off the bed. Then I sucked out the rest from the dog's still giant cock for maybe five minutes. My mouth started to hurt afterward.

Then he made me get on my knees and drink his load too. I was surprised at how much there was considering how often he seemed to cum, and it washed down the doggie jizz perfectly. I went to bed with a belly *full of cum.*

I was a very happy little beast-slut that night.

I thought bestiality would be the limit of the filth I experienced in this contract, but I was wrong.

When I was asked to come to the room again and saw the mother and together I felt some apprehension.

Sexuality is odd. I could *literally* fuck dogs until the sun came up, but the mere possibility of still gave pause. Yet made gush.

She told him not to worry she was going to show him he was her number one sweet boy in the whole world. She asked if I would help her please him as she took off his pants and showed off his fabulous coc I *almost* said no, but I was have him again and it overrode all my other mental faculties.

I was on my knees sucking him off while she kissed him deeply and tweaked his nipples. It honestly seemed a little romantic, much different than the poundings he would give me.

My mind was wandering how long these had been fucking and what her husband knew of it. Was the husband banging him too? Fuc I was turned on even more by what secrets they might be hiding from each other.

She told stop, and then just watch. I was allowed to with myself during. I watched him lie down on his back, and she hovered over him, grinding her pussy against him, teasing him while she kissed him more. It was a stark contrast between how wrong it was and how special it looked. I was warming up it more and more now.

She told him she loved him more than anything in the world. That he should be the man of the house instead. Then she sank down om his coc I was trying my hardest not cum yet, following their steady rhythm.

It was mesmerizing. It felt like discovering sex all over again somehow. I snapped back into focus when they started speeding up. I could tell he was getting close, I knew his body so well already. I'd fucked his youthful cock every day for weeks now.

She told him to cum in her and knock her up. That she wanted him to help start their own family together. I was over the edge even before they were, watching him fill her up as I tried to catch my breath.

We were silent for some time before she started kissing him again.


This was when I knew I finally found my people.

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