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If It’s the Thought that Counts, then I Should Probably Be in Jail  

Hirshnoc 39M
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6/29/2019 11:08 pm
If It’s the Thought that Counts, then I Should Probably Be in Jail

I recently stumbled upon a T-Shirt on Amazon that said this, and thought it was clever, so bought it.

There were a lot of designs, but I thought this was the best: https://www.amazon.com/Thought-That-Counts-Should-Shirt/dp/B07SRDQCYW/

If you think about it, it’s really the truth. We think bad things, fantasize, sexualize, even imagine harming people in our head, but thought can have a lot more impact than we realize.

Back in 2005, I was listening to the radio and came upon a broadcast in which a man was attempting to ‘heal’ an open wound on a woman’s leg. As this ‘healing’ session went on, and I listened more and more as a skeptic, she kept saying ‘I see a white light on it,’ and ‘it’s closing a little bit.’ In the end, she claimed he had sealed it up a very small amount, but he did this over the phone, broadcast live. I was like what?

I listened more, and then the two got in an argument. Yes, the ‘healer’ and the ‘healee’ for lack of a better term got into an argument. The healer started by saying this is a technique anyone could learn, and his dream was to have ‘a healer in every household.’ She came back and said, paraphrasing, okay well if that’s your dream, why do you charge people $50 a session to see you? And shit hit the fan. He obviously depended on his income to support himself and his family, but her point was that if he wanted it readily available, why put up a paywall?

A few months after I met my future ex-wife, I developed mono. She was a carrier, but had never had it. Her past boyfriend did. She continued to show deep affection for me despite my protests that this was horrible and you don’t want to come near me. I was alternating between chills and overheating, and my spleen was so engorged I could barely breathe. After seeing the<b> campus </font></b>doctor, I realized I could not live with this pain. I had a sore throat, headache, clogged sinuses, tender stomach area. No. Couldn’t continue.

I called up the energy healer, and spoke to him...directly! He had dropped his price to $25, I guess as a response to the $50 backlash, and I felt it was a good deal for something I was skeptical about, so we gave it a try. He asked me what my eye and hair color was. He let me know to tell him when I felt relaxed, or peaceful. I didn’t notice any change, but I told him anyway given I was pretty relaxed lying on my bed and talking to someone after suffering alone.

I don’t know what he did or how he did it, but he asked me to swallow several times. I did it once, twice, thee times....still painful. No change. Sixth time. Nothing. Seventh. Holy shit!!! The pain had gone from a 10 to a 4.

I didn’t know how this was possible. I had several more sessions with him...hearing my own sinuses getting ‘cleared out’ was mind-blowing, but I was never bed-ridden again for the remainder of the affliction. Recovery time was supposed to be about a month, it took me just 10 days.

I decided to look into this myself. He had written a book, so I tore into it. The process to ‘heal,’ someone, near, far, anywhere...was simple. Imagine a white light coming from the sky, into your head and out your hand, into the afflicted area.

I did this on friends, family, some with ridiculous success, some with absolutely none. I don’t practice this all the time, but when I think about it, I can still send a tingle through both of my hands. Am I a natural born healer? Well, isn’t everybody?

When it didn’t work, I realized it was because I was in my head too much. Having an inner dialogue, wanting it to work, it just didn’t work like that. You needed compassion, an almost parental compassion for the act itself, not the person mind you, but since emotional can’t be forced, you actually have to want to do it.

THIS is the power of thought. We learned in ‘What the bleep do we know’ that someone once changed the molecular structure of water by yelling at it, and that plants who are talked or sung to tend to grow bigger and are generally healthier.

So what the hell? One more incident before I get to my point—I was reading a book on astral projection, by Robert A. Monroe, something I haven’t tried yet but am somewhat terrified to try, given what I might find on the other side. His process had a lot to do with thought. Although he discovered it by actually separating with his body by total randomness (he just looked down one night at his body in his room and realized it was him sleeping there), the entire separation process is initiated by the ‘vibrational stage’ (your whole body vibrates). Once you become good at it, you just think of the vibrations and they come. Wait. Where have I heard this before?

He goes on to say that in the spirit world...a whole other blog post it would take me months to explain...thought and action take place concurrently. You need only think of someone, alive or dead, to be instantly taken to them. You want to remote view your wife at work? Just think of her. You want to visit a deceased relative? Well just think of them and you’ll be taken to wherever in the ‘spirit world ‘ they happen to be. Because time doesn’t really exist there, you can see them whenever. There is no ‘they have moved on,’ or ‘they have incarnated back on earth’ at this time because time doesn’t follow the same rules there.

Have I lost you yet? Good. Maybe you’ll look this stuff up. Point is, we have some very powerful things in this world. Nuclear bombs yes, but sex and power are often used as motivating factors in almost every storyline, from Shakespeare to Spike Lee. Either the protagonist wants sex, or power. But the most powerful weapon we have is actually thought. And it’s not a violent weapon. Instead, it’s our defense, our offense, our tool, our ability, our power to create, to imagine.

The stuff in this article may be all pseudoscience. But consider this: consciousness, in its very essence, continues to exist even after total loss of brain activity. There are thousands of accounts of individuals who experienced OBEs and reported back accurate information with no measurable brain activity. What IF...consciousness...was something universally shared, among those living, dead, in the physical and the supposed astral realm, by beings across the universe, and the life we live is merely the pertinent parts of universal consciousness that we filter through our biological brains. We grow, we learn, but in service to what? I think the goal of life is self-improvement. And we are here because we asked to be. We were given the tools to live out one of many possible scenarios under the given circumstances, and it’s up to us to either harness our gifts, or squander them. I think most of us do both.

Lastly, I often wonder how the universe was created. The Big Bang? Most likely? A thought. But how could sentience exist before time was time? Well as I said, time does not exist in the spirit world. Whomever created us decided, for what reason, we needed a carnal experience above and beyond what limitations they had to offer ‘out there.’ But how did ‘our there’ come into being? I think that without something, there’s nothing. Because this is a universal paradox and contradiction, the universe settled on nothing becoming something and eventually contracting back in on itself into nothing. This expand/contract pattern goes on for...well I guess to infinity.

A lot to think about. So now I go back to my original statement. If it’s the THOUGHT that counts...which it is...then I should probably be in jail. We used to incarcerate people whose line of thinking deviated way outside the norm. Taking about death, spirits, healing without medicine, these things and ideas make people uncomfortable, especially religious types. And they are pushed aside because we want to be so laser-focused on the ‘here-now,’ whatever is physically in front of us.

Given I’m writing this on this site, to whomever reads this: there is obviously more to life than carnal pleasures. Yes, they are amazing and feel great, but the physical world IS addictive. Myself I am addicted to others touching me, especially massages or...well, other things that sometimes come after massages, lol. But we can’t get too attached. What we think in this world comes first before action, but if we act on impulse, and go with he flow, do what we believe is right, you just might end up finding someone totally right for you. Someone who can satisfy you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Who thinks the world—no, the Universe of you. After all, if we all came from the same explosion, the same matter, it’s just your energies finding each other again. And even if you were to read his or her thoughts, you wouldn’t have to worry about what others ‘think,’ because you’d just go with it, no thought required. And when the time comes for you to meet whomever sent us here in the first place, we won’t have to worry that our thoughts, which can easily be read, should really be damning evidence that we think terrible things. We do, but we don’t. Its the thought that counts.

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