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HisWifeIssa 50M/46F  
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5/14/2020 7:57 am
2:15 am

Covers over my heads, earbuds in my ears and I am comfortable on my side as my Honey is sound asleep behind . I am a bit restless and horny. I don’t want wake my husband for a quickie, it is 2:15 am and he needs be up at 4:30 am. Free porn videos it is. Que it up and browsing I go. After a few videos, I stumble across one of my favorites on named “Winter Night”. That is the caption the husband who filmed it gave it. His buddy from work comes over one Winter Night and fucks his wife.

Husky Black man has his face in between the legs of the lovely white wife. Her plump breast and brown bangs for some reason caught my attention. Their interaction between them is priceless. He is enjoying her from pussy mouth and all in between. He fills her up with his dick giving her strong slow strokes. I can hear them both moaning. Which is adding my arousal. I can feel my clit swelling along with my wetness beginning flow. I watch every frame. My arousal is getting strong. He pulls out of her and starts eat her out making her cum and she is in awe over how he is pleasing her body over and over again. In this 19 minutes video, she came about 5 times. They kiss often and slowly. He enjoys the slow stroking he is giving her. He is in sync with every responds and motion she shows him. I am moving my legs a bit. My breathing is getting faster,<b> nipples </font></b>are hard and my mouth is watering. He leans on his heels with his dick still in her he plays with her clit a bit. She wiggles and he begins again fill her up. I am feeling my vagina now warming and wetness flowing. My eye are glued each frame, ears at attention listening each sound that is made. Her husband lays next her she strokes his dick and the black co-worker goes back eating her telling her they taste good together. She responds to him by moaning and saying yes we do. She is cumming again. He holds her legs to his face, enjoying every drip. Her legs are stiff in the air, toes curled, back lift off the bed and her abs are contracting hard. Her cheeks are flushed and ponytail moves as her head moves side to side.

Mummm…Mummmm.. Mummm fuck… I am going to cum.. Fuck… Fuck… No hands… all scene and sounds… My body curls inward, I squeeze my thigh together, the pulsing begins and I am now shaking. My fucking abs are so hard, my clit is throbbing so damn hard. I am paralyzed by how my body is just overcome with this pleasurable sensation. I dig my foot into the bed, my eyes are closed and I open my body back up and toss the covers off of my head. The cool air and this sensation rush over my body. I toss my phone to the side earbuds come out and I lay there in heighten glow for what feels like forever. Slowly I come down dripping I roll over spent from cumming so hard. Smiling and tingeing all over. I move behind my Honey. My clit is still tingling as I adjust myself to spooning him, which helps me fall asleep.

I don’t masturbate, when I feel the need to get off and my Honey is not around or sleeping I truly Love No Hands moments.

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Enjoyingseasons 59M  
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5/17/2020 4:51 am

Sexy gal, “hot wife”

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