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Creamy Filling  

HisWifeIssa 50M/46F  
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5/14/2020 7:59 am
Creamy Filling

HOOONNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I cry out. His hand is in between my thighs and operation “Get Dat Cream Filling” is on.

Honey’s technique is simply perfection. His right is cupping my pussy. His palm is moving in a slow circular motion. My pussy opens then closes, opens then closes. My wetness is leaving a few traces on his palm and he likes that. Honey moans deeply then changes his body positioning. Honey’s mouth is eager and warm. His tongue with the right amount of pressure begins to lick, suck and kiss my yum yum box. My body sinks deeper into our bed. My thighs open up wider. A pleasurable feeling comes over me. 2 fingers are exploring my pussy seeking that spot. He continues to lick, suck, kiss my clit and pussy. His fingers go deeper, massaging every area he feels along the way.

My wetness is all over. Honey, Yesssssss right there I whimper. I steady my hips and let him take charge. I feel his left pinky starting to slowly enter my ass. A rush of a little pain and excitement dances in my belly. Fuck he knows just how to eat my pussy. Honey is in a zone with one goal in mind, “Get Dat Cream Filling”.

In, out his fingers are moving. Slow and steady his pinky is move in my ass. Honey pauses for a bit and looks at my pussy. He smiles, Charleston Crew he says winking at me. My Chocolate pussy and Creamy wetness reminds him of that candy. Lol, lol… Oh HOOONNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Honey I am going to cum I whimper as I cup my breast and pinch my<b> nipples </font></b>a bit. He removes his pinky and fingers from inside me. His mouth is on auto. The combination of licking, kissing and sucking is… Ooooooooo shiiiiiit Honey I let out. His tongue stops and his mouth remains over my pussy. My clit is plump and throbbing. With each pump, my body tightens and contract. I quiver as he randomly flicks my clit as I cum. My cum is creamy and is pouring itself out of me. He begins to steadily flick my clit and finger fuck me. Making take this incredible feeling. This repetition is arousing me. My body becomes so stiff. My hands are in a fist, my thighs have clampdown around his head and I am now fucking his face and fingers.

I lay there panting, my breathing leveling off. Honey licks his lips and wipes his face. He lays beside me and I rollover meeting him.

Honey kisses my forehead and we are enjoying the moment.

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