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So this is a quick update...
Publicado en:8 Noviembre 2020 2:45 pm
Última actualización en:10 Noviembre 2020 8:50 am
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Hello everyone

This is just a little update to inform that I am still alive (lol). I have been busy for the past weeks with…real life (I know, right? What gives?).
Anyhow, tomorrow will be two weeks since I joined “AdultFriendFinder”. I want to quick share my experiences so far with the site:

I must say I am very flattered that I got flirted, hot listed, and that my profile got checked. I am very happy to see as well that my blog posts got some views. For those who did all that, thank you. I am happy to know that I somehow can get your full attention (wink, wink).

I have to mention that I accepted a friend request. However, due to (again) the busy life that I have at the moment I have not gotten the time to interact with said friend. If you so happen to be said friend and you are reading this, I am so sorry! I will try to find a occasion to write a message, email and /or chat with you if you happens to be online.

Ok, that will be all for now. I hope you enjoy the new photos that I posted today.
Have a good day!
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On the Subject of My Introduction...(2 of 2)
Publicado en:18 Octubre 2020 6:00 am
Última actualización en:3 Noviembre 2020 4:38 pm
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My ideal person…is the one who is happy and fulfilled with her life whether I have the opportunity and pleasure in being involved with her or not. Like I mentioned before, would be nice if I can make friends, and in this specific regard, would be super duper really nice if I can spirituality/emotionally/physically have a serious relationship with the woman of my dreams. Alas, “expectation is the root of heartaches" (quoting Shakespeare here to back everything I have said so far). I honestly do not know if I will be able to make friends let alone have a girlfriend on this dating site. I guess depending how active am I and how my interaction with other users is, maybe I will have some friends, maybe I will not; maybe I will indeed have a girlfriend, maybe I will still be single. Either way, I wish to only dedicate my time on this site to solely have fun (Believe it or not, I am having fun writing these sections, uploading photos, etc.). So, let us see what the future holds; if I have friends and girlfriend, that is fine. If not, that is fine too.

One thing is for certain tough and is something that I preach truthfully: if I miraculously happen to be with someone, I am because I truly love that person for who she is (virtues, flaws, strengths, weaknesses, etc.), not because I wish her to be someone else. Additionally, I also preach that the person who I am with is another human being that has the same rights and freedoms of being with other people, doing other stuff, dressing in a provocative way (or other kind of way that is not of my business at all), going to other places and/or doing something else where I am absent; not interested in being a jealous/obsessive/dominant individual; it is not hot nor sexy (Side note: it is my understanding that the roles of “dominant” and “submissive” are most applied in the erotic practice of BDSM, and people who are doing such sexual activity have fully consented to each other. So, in that case, and if you happen to be a practitioner whether as a “dominant" and/or “submissive” individual, I guess is kind of hot and sexy; keyword here is formal consent between practitioners. Also, if you are one of those people that are fine being told what to do, wear, etc., on you every day live hopefully with your consent, I guess it is ok; ok I will stop rambling now).
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On the Subject of My Introduction...(1 of 2)
Publicado en:18 Octubre 2020 5:30 am
Última actualización en:8 Noviembre 2020 8:11 pm
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I am a 32-year-old man that wishes have a good time in this site. I do not expect establish a serious relationship; would be nice have friends, but like said, I do not have any expectations whatsoever.

I consider myself be an introvert; so, I want experiment if I can manage change an extrovert over time. You might ask, why are you using a dating adult site instead of or other “family-friendly” social media platform accomplish such goal? Well, the thing is I like porn (shocker), and women (shocker). Another reason to add is that I like to be naked; so, I feel satisfied when I am on a site that allows me post my birthday suit photos and/or videos to share with other people that may be comfortable in being unclothed as well; you probably would point right away “but hey buddy, there are nudist/naturism sites specific for that”, and I would answer, remember that I mentioned liking porn/watching people engaging in sex as well? For what I gather, a person who practices naturism has the philosophy of “nudity ≠ sex/eroticism”; so, unless I am mistaken about the concept, I do not consider myself a true naturist because I accept myself as a lustful human being who is willing give and receive everything related the delightful wonders of sexual pleasure.

That being said, I need point out again that my intentions are meet people and have a wonderful time. If you decide add me in your social circles, great; thank you for giving me the opportunity be your friend. If not, that is fine too; I totally respect your decision of not wanting to socialize with someone…(feel free to insert as many adjectives you so desire to describe me in this these brackets)…like me.

Deviant as I might be, I do care for the health, safety, and wellbeing of yours and mine. So, as much as I desire to meet you in person if we suddenly become friends, I much rather do so online giving the current circumstances that we are living at the moment. Unless you and I are willing to get tested (that is, paying for the extravagant PCR and trying to endure the not so comfortable procedure) to verify that we do not have the infamous COVID-19, then, why the hell not? Fine by me, let us do it! Otherwise, we just have to make do with the aforementioned virtual meeting and/or wait for the highly requested vaccine to be ready for distribution and use (that is, if said vaccine will be the absolute solution to eradicate this troublesome virus).

Furthermore, in the likely/remotely event that you and I are interested in doing what “friends with benefits” usually are able to do (with absolutely the consent of said people participating in such activity; wink, wink), again, as perverted and lustful of a man I consider myself to be, I truly advocate for the health, safety and wellbeing of yours and mine. My desire (if granted) is for you and I to experience and share sexual pleasure, not so much about giving and/or receiving STDs. So, yeah, being tested for that matter would be as important as well if we truly decide to engage in sexy action. And, of course we cannot forget that the practice of birth control is another important matter. I truly desire to feel your exquisite womanhood and perhaps you desire to feel my throbbing manhood to the fullest; just we need remember that intercourse with no contraceptives may lead an unwanted yet wonderful impregnation: so, on the subject of the possible desire to become a parent, the answer is a no for the time being (I shall write a blog discussing more about this later on).

Anyways, hopefully I did not disturb you with this introduction (If I did, I am so sorry). It took me a long time to write it; I am not gifted in the realm of words and letters, but I felt that it was a good exercise for my brain to organize ideas and stuff (probably will get better if I am still at it). Speaking of exercise, I might use this platform to additionally post photos of my progress in cardio and resistance training (Me love working out). You know, my goals as a are to have a lot of muscle and have a single digit body fat percentage. Let us see if my genetics, my willpower eat efficiently, and my commitment train harder than last time can aid me reach those goals. My guess is that I probably get half way (or less) if I continue being natural; not sure if I will be able use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) continue developing as they might be illegal use in my country.

And another thing (I almost finish this section, I swear), I discovered that I like dancing…naked. Probably in the future I will be motivated broadcast this activity for your entertainment and delight (if not interested at all, sorry, I am doing it anyways); just still on gathering source materials and practicing in how perform sensual/erotic dances and/or other types. Do women like men twerking? Asking for a friend (lol).

I created my on Friday October 9th, 2020; so, let us see how goes.
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