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Having A Hippie Flashback Moment  

HollyChatsNJ 62T
2336 posts
12/26/2019 4:42 pm
Having A Hippie Flashback Moment

Where did the years go...

This evening thinking about the 1960's and 70's

Listening :
Norman Greenbaum "Spirit In The "
Tommy James & The Shondells "Chrimson & Clover"
Grateful Dead "Truckin"

and Janis with "Me and Bobby McGee"

Those Good 'Ol Days...

January 2020
Get ready for a blog...

"Those Were The Days"


Atlantic City, NJ

HollyChatsNJ 62T
2787 posts
12/26/2019 4:43 pm

Thanks for viewing...


Atlantic City, NJ

redrockrascal 61M
21609 posts
12/26/2019 4:55 pm

Good songs and there were hundreds more, and good times too.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/26/2019 6:43 pm:
Yes... So many great tunes.
At times thinking I don't wanna grow up. But we did

tnt6969694 66M
217 posts
12/26/2019 5:02 pm

Thanks for the memories - Saw most of them in concert as a kid - thanks

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/26/2019 6:44 pm:
Fond Fond memories

Damien3321 42M  
37 posts
12/26/2019 5:07 pm

Awesome pics!!!! Thx for sharing

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/26/2019 6:45 pm:
Thanks so much for checking out the post and your comment.

10168 posts
12/26/2019 5:18 pm

Yikes ! ! !

Is A*F*F dropping the word 'Sky' now ?

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/26/2019 6:46 pm:
I so agree.

bronzeartist 51M
71 posts
12/26/2019 6:58 pm

The Animals, Paul Revere and The Raiders, KICKS, Watching Sunday Night Ed Sullivan Show and seeing all your favorite bands. The BEATLES.. It is nice to put on an iTunes playlist and just remember the great memories. That is the great thing about summer tours and doing a Road trip to see your favorite bands. Tell me which bands you are going to see this summer. LIVE, ROCK HARD and BRUTAL. I love how music changes your moods and gives you energy. Come see me, Read my profile. Later Don

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/26/2019 7:17 pm:
Thanks so much for checking out my post along with leaving a comment...
Sorry to say me being a standard member I can
t check profiles, email and much much more.
I love to blog so life is good

tropiclw 67M  
4 posts
12/28/2019 4:43 am

those were the years that I think we all miss !!

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/28/2019 7:38 am:
I agree...
Thank you for checking out my post and leaving a comment.

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