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Places I've Lived...  

HollyChatsNJ 62T
2336 posts
12/21/2019 2:56 am
Places I've Lived...

My reasons for being on AdultFriendFinder,

I'm so into networking and chatting about good times from the past and where I live now or where I lived.

Think of sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch. Just talking about those good 'ol days...

January 2020, I'll be creating a new weekly blog...

"Those Were The days"

*Places we lived
* Stores no longer
* Cars we had
* Toys we grew up with
* Record store no longer

You get the idea...

Places I lived in this order.

Edison, NJ
Reston, VA
Point of Rocks, MD
Owings Mills, MD
Burke, VA
Atlantic City, NJ

Each place has it's good and bad. Guess just like anywhere else in the world.

I'm always in search of good people to know and for them to know me...

I love Networking - Get involved and lets chat.

Have a great day...


Atlantic City, NJ

HollyChatsNJ 62T
2787 posts
12/21/2019 2:57 am

Thanks for viewing...


Atlantic City, NJ

Cum_Happy 107M
2759 posts
12/21/2019 3:37 am

It's not so much where you have lived, but that you have lived and are still living to tell about it.

I am on AdultFriendFinder to live out my signature

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HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/21/2019 3:40 am:
Very good point...
Thanks so much for checking out my post and leaving a comment.

Damien3321 42M  
37 posts
12/21/2019 3:46 am

its fun to look back where weve been!

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/21/2019 3:51 am:
I'm with ya on that...
Thanks for checking out my blog along with your comment.

johnny_wuzhere 53M

12/21/2019 4:04 am

st louis
san antonio
cripple creek

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/21/2019 4:53 am:
Great list... Thank you!
Appreciate you checking out the post and leaving a comment.

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