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My First Visit To Thailand .. changed my life
Posted:Jan 22, 2019 8:03 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2019 7:19 pm

When people learn that I live in Thailand, they automatically assume that I live either on a beautiful palm shaded beach, or on a bar stool in one of Bangkok’s infamous adult entertainment centres. Sadly, the reality of my life is far different from their assumption, and although I do enjoy my life here in a non-tourist suburb of Bangkok, it was my first visit to Thailand with my now ex-wife, that made me fall head-over-heels in love with its eclectic charms.

My first visit to Bangkok was in 1988, a planned one-night stop-over on route to Australia from our home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Harminder, or Mindy for short, and I had been married for about six months, and it had been our first real holiday together since tying the knot back in England. According to friend’s who’d travelled to Thailand before, Bangkok probably wouldn’t be the most appropriate city for a newly married couple to visit, but as it was only going to be a one-night stop-over, I hadn’t worried too much about my eye’s straying too far from my wife. Besides, ignoring a temper that could strike fear into Satan himself, with a slender body, short jet black hair, huge brown eyes, a beautiful face and firm small but heavily nippled breasts, Mindy was far and away the hottest I’d ever met, and so why would I ever be tempted by others?

After landing at Don Muang Airport we’d taken a taxi and checked into our hotel, The Tawana Ramada on Thanon Surawong Road, which by pure chance, had been directly across the street from what was then Bangkok’s most famous adult entertainment area, Patpong. After showering and changing into lighter clothes, as we’d eaten dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, we’d talked about what sights we’d like to see in Bangkok. On that list there’d been The Grand Palace, the Temple at Wat Po, the Crocodile Farm and the famous Floating Market. But, when Id rationalized that all of those attractions would be closed for the evening, and Mindy had suggested that as Patpong was so close, we really ought to check-it-out, I certainly hadn’t objected.

As we’d wandered hand-in-hand through the throngs of people, market stalls and bars on Patpong 1, the dramatic contrast with life in Riyadh could not have been more startling. The sight of neon signs, blasting music and bikini clad girls enticing us into their bars, had been electrifying for both of us, and as Mindy relaxed and began relishing the attention being lavished upon both of us, any fears that her her feminist ideals would be offended by the sight of so many girls working professionally for the pleasure of wealthier tourists,, had vanished. It was fun, and we’d laughed every step of the way, and as we’d turned onto Patpong 2, I’d decided that a few cold beers would certainly help our evening along.

Rififi Bar seemed quieter than most of the others, and as we’d taken stools at the bar and ordered two bottles of Klosters beer, Ken, the British owner, had introduced himself. As beautifully slender bikini clad girls had danced erotically on the platform only inches in front of us, Ken had given us a crash-course in how to avoid scams and fully enjoy a night in Patpong. He’d told us which bars and shows to avoid, and which to visit, and after explaining the etiquette of how customers, or more specifically couples like ourselves, should interact with the girls, Mindy had decided to put his advice to the test by buying a drink for the stunningly beautiful girl who’d been dancing at our end of the bar and outrageously flirting with both of us.

As the music changed and the dancers on the bar began rotating, Ken left us to talk with newly arriving guests and still dressed in her tiny blue bikini, dancer #33 arrived at our side and happily accepted her drink. After clinking our beers against her small glass of whisky and coke, and saying ‘cheers’, when she’d leaned in to thank me for her drink with a kiss, I’d gently backed away. But, as she’d then leaned towards Mindy, my wife clearly hadn’t been as shy, and as their lips had met and Mindy’s hand had slipped directly down onto the girl’s and beautifully formed bottom, I’d ordered two more beers for ourselves and hoped that my growing erection wouldn’t become too obvious to others. Sure, it hadn’t been a full-on tongue-dancing kiss between them, but as we’d chatted and laughed together it was clear that #33 wasn’t shy about flirting with a married couple, and that Mindy hadn’t been at all shy about about seductively caressing her beautiful form.

Three drinks later, when #33 had asked Mindy if we’d like to her bar fine, and take her back to our hotel room with us, my heart had almost stopped. But after casting me a quizzical glance, when Mindy had kissed the fully on the mouth and told her that we’d like to explore a little more of Bangkok, and then maybe, come back and meet her there later, I hadn’t been sure if Mindy had been teasing me, #33, or both of us. But, as I’d waited for our bill to arrive and watched Mindy slip a banknote deep into the front of #33’s bikini bottoms, I’d figured that the chances of us not sleeping alone that night, had dramatically increased.

Then, as we’d left Rififi Bar and walked deeper into Patpong 2, when with a gentle laugh I’d announced that #33 was really cute and sexy, as Mindy had stopped in her tracks I’d actually braced myself for a jealous outburst and a night ruining slap across my face. But, instead, Mindy had wrapped her arms around me and whilst kissing me seductively on my neck, had told me that if we didn’t find anybody else that both of us liked more, then we could come back and meet her later. It was at that exact moment in my life, that any doubts that I’d ever had about possibly marrying the wrong , had evaporated.

Our one night in Bangkok was turning into a carnival of wonders, and after visiting two more bars where we’d interacted with several beautiful girls, our conversation had developed from should we consider taking a girl back to our hotel room, to which of the girls would we most like to have sharing our bed. Mindy was certainly full or surprises that night, and as we’d wandered towards Patpong 3 where earlier in the evening a Canadian couple had told us we’d find another great Gogo Bar with some sexy male dancers, when Mindy suddenly declared that girl #33 had excited her the most, when I’d laughed and told her that I’d never suspect that she might be bisexual, she’d laughed and told me that she wasn’t bisexual, yet.

Patpong 3 was far darker and seedier than the neon bathed streets of Patpong 1 and 2, but when we’d finally found and entered the bar recommended by the Canadian couple, there’d been something strangely appealing about its darkness. After the host had guided us to a booth and taken our order for beers, as Mindy had leaned back into my arms I’d glanced around the room and seriously wondered if everybody in there, dancers and customers alike, had been gay? When the Canadian couple had told Mindy there’d be some sexy males dancers there that she might enjoy seeing, I’d assumed they’d meant a mix of dancers, males and females, but the only female in there that night, had been Mindy.

When I’d mentioned my observations to Mindy, she’d laughed, and told me that she also hadn’t realised that it would be all males, but when she’d asked if I’d thought we should leave and find a different bar, I’d smiled and told her no. Watching Mindy’s thighs twitching as she’d studied the dancing talent on display, most of whom had been naked and clearly unashamed of their bodies, had actually turned me on far more than I’d expected, and when she’d turned her head and asked if I’d like to invite one of the dancers to join us, without hesitation, I’d simply asked her which one she’d wanted the most.

Shortly after dawn the next morning, as the two make dancers had collected their scattered underwear and clothes from the floor of our hotel room, I’d motioned for them to be quiet. With Mindy laying naked and purring like a satisfied kitten on one of the rooms two king sized beds, I’d given each of the dancers the 500 Baht they’d been promised, placed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the handle, and then gently closed the door behind them. Snuggling in behind Mindy, when she’d stirred and asked what time it had been I’d shushed her, and with my fingers sliding gently between her thighs and relishing in the feel of the sticky aftermath from her sexual marathon with the two horny and energetic dancers, I’d kissed her neck and told her to go back to sleep.

Our onwards flight to Australia would leave at 9am, and I’d had absolutely no intention of being on it.

Thanks for reading .... George <3

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