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COVID Impact  

Horizon137 29M  
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3/19/2021 8:36 pm
COVID Impact

One question not mentioned on the featured article about me was how the pandemic affects things. In short, a germophobe living in constant fear of getting sick. On the other hand, I've been enjoying the downtime brought by the society-scale sick leave, and if this event means not needing a full-time "wage-slave" occupation to keep food and shelter, I absolutely won't complain.

Politically, my observations over the past whole year say that the COVID (Sars-Cov-2) is specifically against the status quo, so from an American standpoint, that means it won't support the Republican party if the Coronavirus were hypothetically running for office. Problem is, there seem to be a significant population (judging by any publicly available polling data) that many are adamantly resisting the radical changes demanded by the virus. While this is understandable as the changes require a massive upheaval to most peoples' -to- life, this resistance is a bad idea that I feel would best-case be equal to staying inside during your fire drill...and worst-case deserves a mass nomination of a Darwin Award - or as I like to it, a "Darwin Unit Citation". all for protecting sacred freedom, and while there's a quote from an old patriot about "those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither", I still think it is suicidally to attempt public and overt defiance of COVID-related safety measures (specifically, staying home at all costs, or if completely unavoidable,<b> wear </font></b>your mask and wash up fanatically - among the other entire CDC / WHO checklist).

In other words, my opinion says downplaying is for idiots, and all that does is aggravate my nervousness. Juxtaposed by locals who embark daily, and you can imagine why I am constantly worried.

I read a somewhat trendy statement of "We are fighting two pandemics: Coronavirus, and Stupidity." I feel that this is not entirely correct; Coronavirus is battling Stupidity, and we humans are merely the civilians caught in the crossfire. There are smart people there who are trying very hard to fight both these issues, but worried that it's still not good enough. We have to defeat Stupidity first; then can the virus finally rest. Until then, this flip-flopping state of lockdown is the "new normal".

What does this mean for me? And more to the point, what about this site and all the sex needs? Quarantine protocol dictates absolute physical isolation (the most -proof protection against all contagious infections), unless it is truly unavoidable (and even then, very reluctantly). That doesn't mean we can't online or get to know each other for when the time is right. After all, the "test of time" easily shows anyone who's serious. Those who can maintain steady communication for over a couple of weeks are definitely not your average spammer manure. Even without a pandemic, I've noticed it is grimly normal for most people I come into contact with to just "move on" within a matter of days - sometimes hours or even minutes.

COVID adds a layer of complication to the big picture, but given how I wasn't having much luck with my search even before there was a pandemic, I feel that for me personally, it's mostly a moot matter.

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